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Bangladesh’s economic growth owes much to the pivotal role of its entrepreneurs. These dynamic individuals are the driving force behind innovation, investments, and the creation of job opportunities, contributing significantly to the nation’s prosperity. Let’s delve into the “Top 10 Businessmen in Bangladesh,” representing diverse sectors from textiles, manufacturing, agriculture, to technology, finance, and services. These visionaries adeptly navigate challenges and opportunities, showcasing remarkable resilience and adaptability in the ever-changing global landscape. Many Bangladeshi businessmen are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, boldly taking calculated risks to establish and expand their enterprises. They’ve transformed small-scale ventures into vast conglomerates that not only generate wealth but also foster job growth, infrastructure development, and community welfare. Beyond their commercial endeavors, these businessmen are engaged in corporate social responsibility initiatives, championing causes like education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability. Their philanthropic efforts reflect a commitment to a more inclusive and equitable Bangladesh.

Moreover, these entrepreneurs play a crucial role in international trade, forging partnerships and collaborations to boost Bangladesh’s global presence. Their active participation in trade exhibitions, investment forums, and bilateral agreements underscores their dedication to exploring new markets and growth opportunities. In a burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape, these Bangladeshi businessmen inspire aspiring entrepreneurs by exemplifying innovation, leadership, and responsible business practices. Their determination, economic impact, and contributions to social progress firmly establish them as influential figures shaping the future of Bangladesh. Explore the full list of the Top 10 Businessmen in Bangladesh for a closer look at their remarkable achievements.

Interesting facts about the Top 10 Businessman in Bangladesh

01. A visionary and entrepreneur par excellence, Sayem Sobhan is the dynamic force at the helm of the Bashundhara Group, headquartered in Bangladesh.

02. Romo Rouf Chowdhury has been re-elected as Chairman of Bank Asia Limited at the Board of Directors’ meeting held on 30 April. Chowdhury is one of the sponsor shareholders as well as sponsor directors of Bank Asia, according to a press release.

03. MOOSA BIN SHAMSHER claims to be an international arms dealer who made billions of dollars trading arms in the 1970s and 1980s. He claims that he accumulated $10 billion from trading in tanks, fighter jets, ICBMs, and power brokerages.

04. Salman Rahman’s name has been associated with multiple stockmarket scams in Bangladesh and much of his $1.3bn wealth is considered controversially achieved.

05. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Md.-Abul-Hashem. Md. Abul Hashem. Chairman & Managing Director. Hasib-Bin-Hashem. Hasib Bin Hashem. Deputy Managing Director.

06. Mostafa Kamal, Chairman and Managing Director of the Group. She is also a Director of Bangladesh National Insurance Company Ltd.

07. Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury Chairman. Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury eldest son of the late Samson H Chowdhury, Founder and Chairman of Square Pharmaceuticals PLC.

08. M. Anis Ud Dowla, the Chairman of ACI Group, is one of the most successful personalities in Bangladesh’s business circle. Mr. Dowla has maintained a high profile and has provided leadership to the business community in different capacities.

09. Chairman. Syed Manzur Elahi, is an Alumni of Dhaka University, having a Masters in Economics. He is the Founding Chairman of Apex Footwear Ltd., Apex Tannery Ltd., Pioneer Insurance Co.

10. Akij Group was established in the 1940s by industrialist Sheikh Akijuddin as a jute trading business, before moving into cigarettes and other areas of business.

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List of Top 10 Businessman in Bangladesh

S.NOBusinessmen in BangladeshBirth Date
01SAYEM SOBHAN ANVIRJanuary 31, 1981
02Mr. Romo Rouf Chowdhury 2 January 1978
03MOOSA BIN SHAMSHEROctober 15, 1945
04Salman F. RahmanMay 23, 1951
05Md. Abul Hashem1953 
06Mostafa Kamal02 February 1955
07Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury 
08Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla1 March 1937
09Syed Manzur ElahiFebruary 26, 1942
10SK. Nasir Uddin



Sayem Sobhan Anvir holds the esteemed position of Managing Director within the Bashundhara Group, an influential conglomerate encompassing a diverse portfolio of over 20 prominent industrial and commercial enterprises in Bangladesh. Renowned for his leadership, Anvir guides the group’s strategic initiatives across multiple sectors.The enterprises under the Bashundhara Group’s umbrella exhibit a commanding presence in various industries, including real estate, construction materials, heavy steel fabrication, engineering services, paper production, renewable energy, media, maritime logistics, information technology, extensive excavation, and dredging activities, food and beverage, vocational and health education, utility services, and global trade.

With a visionary approach, Sayem Sobhan Anvir has been instrumental in shaping the group’s trajectory in alignment with contemporary market trends and societal needs. The Bashundhara Group’s substantial impact on Bangladesh’s economic landscape is reflected in its contributions to key sectors that drive growth and development. Under Anvir’s stewardship, the group has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices, enhancing its position as a driving force in the nation’s progress.

02. Mr. Romo Rouf Chowdhury

Mr. Romo Rouf Chowdhury

 Mr. Romo Rouf Chowdhury is a prominent figure as both a Sponsor Shareholder and Sponsor Director of Bank Asia Ltd, showcasing his influential role in the organization. Prior to assuming the position of Chairman, he served as one of the Vice-Chairmen within the bank’s hierarchy. Armed with an Engineering degree from Durham University in the United Kingdom, he brings with him over three decades of industrial experience, solidifying his standing as a seasoned professional.With a wealth of expertise under his belt, Mr. Chowdhury has distinguished himself as an accomplished entrepreneur, contributing significantly to the business landscape. Notably, he is recognized for his leadership in the Rancon Group, where he currently holds the Chairman’s mantle.

The Rancon Group boasts an impressive portfolio, encompassing more than 30 subsidiary companies that operate in diverse sectors. Among these subsidiaries are Rancon Motorbikes Ltd., Rancon Motors Ltd., Rangs Ltd., Rangs Properties Ltd., Rancon Automobiles Ltd., Rancon Oceana Ltd., Rancon Sea Fishing Ltd., and Rancon Electronics Ltd.As a dynamic and successful young entrepreneur, Mr. Romo Rouf Chowdhury’s impact reverberates not only through his role in Bank Asia Ltd but also through his leadership in the Rancon Group. His multifaceted experience and commitment to the business realm have solidified his position as a driving force in Bangladesh’s economic growth and development. It’s advisable to verify the most up-to-date information from reliable sources, as circumstances can change.



Moosa Bin Shamsher, born on October 15, 1945, is a prominent Bangladeshi business tycoon renowned for his role as the chairman and CEO of DATCO Group. Often hailed as the pioneer of the Manpower Export industry in Bangladesh, Moosa Bin Shamsher has left an indelible mark on the nation’s business landscape. However, his reputation also includes involvement in the international weapons trade during the 1970s and 1980s, which has garnered considerable attention.From a young age, Moosa ventured into the realm of commerce, capitalizing on the newfound independence of Bangladesh. He established the inaugural enterprise of the DATCO Group, marking the commencement of a successful entrepreneurial journey. In 2007, an audit report from a well-known Malta-based CA firm revealed that Moosa had amassed a substantial fortune of around $10 billion.

This wealth was predominantly derived from international arms trading, encompassing the sale of tanks, fighter planes, and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Additionally, his prowess extended to power brokerage endeavors that extended beyond the borders of Bangladesh.Moosa Bin Shamsher’s life story reflects his dynamic role in shaping Bangladesh’s business sector and his significant impact on the global arms industry. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his involvement in complex trade activities, has solidified his legacy as a multifaceted figure in the annals of both business and international commerce.

04. Salman F. Rahman

Salman F. Rahman

Salman F. Rahman stands as a living testament to the notion that some individuals are destined for greatness. With a lineage that boasts a father who held esteemed positions like Pakistan’s Home Minister and Education Minister, and a brother who co-proprietor of the Beximco Group, his background is steeped in influence and achievement.Side by side with his brother, Salman F. Rahman has dedicated nearly five decades to the advancement of both his company and his nation, Bangladesh. His strategic leadership has propelled the Beximco Group to unparalleled heights within the corporate sphere. Yet, his ambition doesn’t rest on past laurels; instead, he continuously explores fresh horizons across the group’s diverse sectors, spanning pharmaceuticals, ceramics, textiles, media, and property development.

While business triumphs are significant, they’re only a segment of a well-rounded life. Salman F. Rahman’s awareness of this reality is evident through his unwavering commitment to combating poverty, championing human rights, and supporting other noble causes.Within the Beximco Group, Rahman has championed a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility, a testament to his broad vision. This philosophy has propelled the group beyond being Bangladesh’s largest private sector entity. By actively engaging in regional and national affairs, the Beximco Group has metamorphosed into an agent of positive transformation.For most individuals, leading a highly prosperous corporation and reaping the rewards of power, respect, and admiration would suffice. However, Salman F. Rahman transcends the ordinary. His remarkable journey, marked by achievements and benevolence, underscores the truth that he was destined for greatness.

05. Md. Abul Hashem

Md. Abul Hashem

Md. Abul Hashem is a prominent figure in the business landscape of Bangladesh, serving as the Chairman and Managing Director of Sajeeb Group. With a vision driven by innovation and growth, he has propelled the group to remarkable heights. Under his leadership, Sajeeb Group has emerged as a dynamic conglomerate with diversified interests spanning various sectors. Guided by his entrepreneurial spirit, Md. Abul Hashem has led the expansion of Sajeeb Group into sectors such as food and beverage, agro-processing, and consumer goods. His strategic acumen and dedication have played a pivotal role in the group’s success in delivering quality products to consumers both domestically and internationally. With a strong focus on modernization and technology adoption, Hashem has ensured that Sajeeb Group remains at the forefront of industry trends. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the group’s commitment to maintaining high standards in all aspects of its operations.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Md. Abul Hashem is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts. He has contributed to various social initiatives that aim to uplift the lives of underprivileged communities and promote sustainable development. Md. Abul Hashem’s journey as the Chairman and Managing Director of Sajeeb Group stands as a testament to his dedication, leadership, and commitment to creating a positive impact on both the business landscape and the wider society in Bangladesh. His contributions continue to shape the growth trajectory of Sajeeb Group and inspire others in the business community.

06. Mostafa Kamal

Mostafa Kamal

Mostafa Kamal is a prominent figure in the business landscape of Bangladesh, holding the esteemed positions of Chairman and Managing Director of Meghna Group. With a visionary approach and unparalleled dedication, he has played a pivotal role in steering the group towards remarkable success. Under his leadership, Meghna Group has emerged as one of the country’s largest and most influential conglomerates.Having made his mark in various industries, Mostafa Kamal’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping Meghna Group’s diverse portfolio. The group’s activities span across sectors such as textiles, cement, consumer goods, and more. His strategic acumen and forward-thinking approach have led to the expansion of the group’s business interests and its establishment as a key player in the Bangladeshi business arena.

Mostafa Kamal’s contributions extend beyond business expansion. He is committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives that contribute positively to society. His efforts towards education, healthcare, and community development showcase his dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive future for Bangladesh.As a respected leader, Mostafa Kamal’s innovative thinking and perseverance have garnered recognition both within the country and internationally. His leadership style and accomplishments have made him an inspiring figure for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders in Bangladesh. However, it’s important to verify the most up-to-date information from reliable sources, as circumstances can change over time.

07. Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury

Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury

Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury, the eldest son of the late Samson H Chowdhury, the Founder Chairman of Square Pharmaceuticals PLC, is a distinguished figure in the business landscape of Bangladesh. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rajshahi and a Masters in Business Administration from Trinity University, USA, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his endeavors. With a remarkable journey spanning over 35 years, he has left an indelible mark in sectors like pharmaceuticals, hospitals, textiles, toiletries, media, and communication.

Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury’s leadership and influence extend across various ventures. Notably, he serves as a Sponsor Director and Chairman of Square Textiles Limited, a listed company, and holds similar positions in 29 other private limited companies, including Square Hospitals Ltd., Square Toiletries Ltd., Square Formulations Ltd., Square Fashions Ltd., Square Food & Beverages Ltd., Square Securities Management Ltd., Sabazpur Tea Company Ltd., and Maasranga Television, all operating under the umbrella of the Square Group.His diverse and impactful role in these sectors underscores his commitment to innovation, growth, and excellence. Mr. Samuel S Chowdhury’s leadership and strategic insights continue to shape the success and expansion of the Square Group. His multi-faceted contributions have solidified his position as a dynamic leader and an influential force in Bangladesh’s corporate landscape. However, it’s recommended to verify the latest information from reliable sources as circumstances may change over time.

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08. Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla

Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla

Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla, the esteemed Chairman of ACI Group, stands as a shining exemplar within the realm of Bangladesh’s business landscape. His resounding success has cemented his reputation as a leading figure in the country’s business circles, coupled with his enduring leadership contributions to the wider business community.With a notable career trajectory, Mr. Dowla spent 27 years within the British Oxygen Group of the UK, holding pivotal roles across Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kenya. During this tenure, he steered Bangladesh Oxygen Ltd. as its Managing Director for 12 years. Transitioning to a new phase in 1987, he assumed the role of Group Managing Director for three ICI companies in Bangladesh. Mr. Dowla’s extensive exposure to British multinational dynamics spanning over 32 years significantly influenced his approach at ACI. He successfully transposed multinational culture and management practices, underscoring a commitment to quality, productivity, and exceptional customer service.

Throughout his journey, Mr. Dowla’s leadership has encompassed diverse domains. He served as the President of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Dhaka, in several terms, including 1977, 1978, 1995, and 2010. His substantial contributions extend to the realm of Industrial Relations in Bangladesh. Notably, he held consecutive terms as the President of the Bangladesh Employers’ Federation, spanning 1975-1976, 1976-1977, 1991-1992, 1992-1993, 2003-2004, and 2004-2005. Mr. Dowla also holds the esteemed position of President within the Bangladesh Seed Association.His extensive engagements include chairing Pioneer Insurance Company Limited and serving as a Director of the Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh. Further, he lends his expertise as a Board of Trustees member at the Independent University of Bangladesh and fulfills the role of President for the Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed Companies.Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla’s journey is emblematic of an individual whose multifaceted leadership and resolute commitment have left indelible marks across various sectors, fostering growth and excellence within Bangladesh’s business landscape.

09. Syed Manzur Elahi

Syed Manzur Elahi

Syed Manzur Elahi, an alumnus of Dhaka University, holds a Master’s degree in Economics. He stands as the distinguished Founding Chairman of several significant entities, including Apex Footwear Ltd., Apex Tannery Ltd., Pioneer Insurance Co. Ltd., and Mutual Trust Bank Ltd., all categorized as “A” on the Main Board of the Stock Exchanges. He has also founded Apex Enterprises Ltd., Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd., Blue Ocean Footwear Ltd., and Quantum Consumer Solutions Ltd. Adding to his influential portfolio, he chairs Apex Pharma Ltd., Apex Investments Ltd., Manusher Jonno Foundation, and Bangladesh Freedom Foundation. His contributions extend to serving on the boards of International Publications Ltd., which publishes the Financial Express, and the Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd. (CRAB). He is a trustee of the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh.

Past leadership roles include being Chairman of the Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB), Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd., and East West University Foundation (EWUF). He has also held the position of Vice Chairman of the Bangladesh Association of Publicly Listed Companies (BAPLC) and directorships in institutions such as Bangladesh Bank, Sonali Bank, and Bangladesh Krishi Bank. His remarkable journey has included presidencies of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), the Bangladesh Employers’ Association (BEA), and the Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA). He has held honorary consulship for Belgium in Bangladesh.Acknowledged for his contributions, Manzur Elahi has received awards like the Business Executive Award and Business Person of the Year. His achievements span global recognition and respect for his leadership and professional acumen. Notably, he has served twice in the Cabinet of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and played crucial roles as an Adviser to Caretaker Governments in 1996 and 2001. His philanthropic endeavors further illuminate his distinguished profile, underlining his multifaceted impact on trade, industry, governance, and societal well-being.

10 . SK. Nasir Uddin

SK. Nasir Uddin

SK. Nasir Uddin is a prominent business leader and the Chairman of Akij Group, a diversified conglomerate with a significant presence in various sectors of Bangladesh’s economy. With a vision to contribute to the country’s economic development, he has played a pivotal role in shaping Akij Group into a powerhouse of industries.Under his dynamic leadership, Akij Group has expanded its operations into multiple sectors, including textiles, tobacco, food and beverage, ceramics, real estate, and more. SK. Nasir Uddin’s strategic acumen and commitment to quality have been instrumental in the group’s growth and success. He is known for his emphasis on innovation and modernization, ensuring that the group remains competitive and relevant in today’s dynamic business environment.

SK. Nasir Uddin’s influence extends beyond business. He is actively engaged in various social initiatives that aim to uplift communities and promote sustainable development. His commitment to corporate social responsibility reflects his belief in giving back to society and creating a positive impact on people’s lives.As a visionary leader, SK. Nasir Uddin’s journey as the Chairman of Akij Group exemplifies his dedication to excellence, entrepreneurship, and nation-building. His contributions continue to shape the group’s trajectory, and his legacy inspires others in the business community to strive for innovation, growth, and positive social change.

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