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Programming and coding can be considered as one of the major raw forces of today’s tech-driven digital world. All kinds of software applications or tools are filled with programming languages ​​that programmers code. As technology and innovation are the game-maker now, the demand for coding and programming skills is constantly growing.

Now that you have decided to learn to code or want to know how to easily be a programmer, let’s skip the part on why you should learn programming and coding. Learning to code is a consistent approach. And of course, the academic process of learning anything is the best and biggest path. But still, many of us want to learn coding in a non-institutional way. Thanks to the developers, there are some really good apps and platforms by which you can learn coding in a personalized process. Here we have showcased some of the best programming and coding apps that will help you to learn coding right on your desktop or smartphone.


10 Best Apps for Learning Coding:



SoloLearn is one of the greatest apps to learn code for free. This coding platform offers a very dynamic app for both Android and iOS. Also, users can learn coding on its web platform app. Again, it has a series of dedicated apps for specific programming languages. SoloLearn’s offline mode makes it possible to learn code anytime and anywhere. There are more than 900 courses with some 2056 lessons on SoloLearn. And a wide array of programming languages including C, C++, C# Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Swift, Ruby, Kotlin, etc. are available.

SoloLearn has three learning modes on it — Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. So whether you have any prior knowledge about coding or not, you can learn from any stage here. In any course, the chapters are divided into lessons with different quizzes each. And, there’s a separate quiz part at the end of each chapter that learners have to pass to go to the next. Moreover, it has an entire section called the code playground with a lot of quizzes and activities to practice coding. SoloLearn also provides monthly and yearly subscription plans for premium features like certification.

Programming Hub

It’s a highly rated simple and fun learning coding app available for Android, iOS, and web platforms. It has taken code learning in a whole new way with its interactive features. Programming Hub offers courses in over 20 programming languages. And all its courses are designed in bite-sized lessons and with concept-based illustrations. Thus, users can easily learn multiple languages including JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Python, R Programming, SQL, Jquery, and more. Although the courses are online, it has offline practice mode only for the courses of Java, HTML, and CSS. Along with coding, there are courses on app development, AI, edge computing, digital marketing, SEO, ethical hacking, and more.

Programming Hub was developed together with experts from Google. It has very well-designed courses along with a collection of 5000 programs (code examples). There’s also a strong built-in compiler for practice anytime. Programming Hub provides verifiable and shareable e-certificate after completing any of the courses. Both free and premium versions of Programming Hub are available.


Mimo is another great app to learn code for free. It’s a well-structured coding and programming app available for Android and iOS devices. Even, it is more likely a tech teaching app with fun and interactive features. Mimo has a goal-oriented approach to provide users with practical knowledge. With its “Learn to Code” curriculum, you’ll dive into coding with HTML, CSS, Swift, Kotlin, C++, C#, PHP, and JavaScript. And, the “Data Science with Python” curriculum will enable you to analyze data with Python and SQL. When going through the code classes, you will build websites, apps, or games by writing real codes. All of its courses consist of bite-sized lessons and exercises. So, it is perfect for beginners who have no prior coding knowledge and also suitable and interesting for advanced coders. According to its developers, you just need to spend five minutes per day to learn the basics of any programming language. Also, you can evaluate how much you have learned by solving coding challenges. Along with the learning process, you will collect achievements and badges to keep track. Users can also earn certificates of the courses they have completed. Mimo is nominated as the Best Self-Improvement App of 2018 on Google Play.


Udacity is one of the largest digital skill teaching platforms. It is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) based online education provider. This popular e-learning platform offers computer science classes for a long while. And of course, they have one of the most intensive programming and coding courses. Here, you can find a wide range of programming courses with JavaScript, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, Kotlin, and many more. The curriculums of Udacity are designed with top-level industry experts. Thus, the courses are organized in a way that provides career-oriented expertise. You will also receive a certificate for the course you have completed. Udacity offers many of its courses for free. And to get more extensive learning you can go for its premium courses. Premium courses come with features like professionals’ feedback and allow you to connect with other coders. Currently, the mobile app version of Udacity isn’t available as it was dragged off in 2019. You can take Udacity courses anytime from their web platform as before.


Grasshopper is a JavaScript learning app designed by developers from Google. It is a free coding app for beginners available for Android and iOS devices. Grasshopper is a great choice if you wish to start your coding journey with JavaScript. It will teach you to write real JavaScript coding with fun and quick games. It will take you through interactive visual puzzles to develop problem-solving skills and solidify coding concepts. As you go through progressively challenging levels, your programming skills will increase to advance coding. Every time you learn new skills, you will unlock achievements within the app. Also, there is real-time feedback to guide the learners anytime.


Enki is a very advanced coding and tech learning app. Along with the beginners, this award-winning app is best for intermediate and expert developers. Here you’ll find very rich courses on the topics like Python,  SQL, Data Science, Data Analysis, JavaScript, React, Blockchain, CSS, HTML, Git, Computer Science, Regex, TypeScript, Docker, Golang, MongoDB, Linux, Spreadsheets, Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, etc. All the topics are designed with a well-structured curriculum. With its progressive learning method, you will learn new skills as well as test on with interactive quizzes. Besides, there are daily workouts during learning that will help you evaluate and monitor your progress. Enki is free for Android and iOS devices. Also, the premium version of Enki is available with more content and extensive features.

Programming Hero

Now you will build your own game while learning to code with Programming Hero. It is another highly rated, free coding & programming app for Android and iOS. The gamification method of this app can make learning to code easier and more fun. Starting from popular programming languages for web development, you can master other digital areas like Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP, and Database with it. You will be able to apply programming concepts immediately after learning by building simple games. You can also practice offline with its code playground and build any project (webpages) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Besides, the app offers more than 100 coding problems with solutions and explanations. Though some common languages like C, C++, and Ruby aren’t currently available, the app is expected to add these soon. Programming Hero won the Best Tech Code Startup competition in November 2019 in Silicon Valley, California, USA.


Encode is here for beginners because everyone can learn to code. This is a JavaScript-based code learning app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is designed to teach coding with JavaScript, Python, JS, HTML, and CSS right from the start. Despite the limited course selection, it provides one of the most in-depth coding curriculums. Still, the lessons are bite-sized and efficiently present coding concepts with real code examples. Along the way, you will find interactive coding challenges that help you level up your coding skills. Thus, the app no doubt will take you to advanced level web development. Encode supports offline mode so that you can practice anytime. Along with its free version, there is Encode Plus, a premium plan with more lessons and challenges.

Code Hub

Code Hub is a simple, easy-to-use code learning app with quick and efficient approaches. This free and lightweight coding app is available only for Android devices. The app consists of 50 lessons across 4 chapters and covers Web Fundamentals, HTML, and CSS. Thus, it is a good choice for those who want to learn to code for web development. Moreover, the curriculum of each course here is designed step by step and for all types of learners. So whether you are a beginner, designer, or developer, it will be useful in your coding adventure. The courses of Code Hub also include examples and provide videos for easy understanding. There exists a floating button within the app for asking questions. If you have any doubt while learning, you can leave a message instantly using it. 

Khan Academy

We are going to wrap up our list with one of the most popular online education platforms, Khan Academy. This non-profit educational organization provides lessons in the form of video tutorials. They also offer practice exercises and all their materials are entirely free. Khan Academy has over 6000 videos about Computer Science and Programming. There are very in-depth courses with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. You can find both intro and advanced level courses about Games & Visualizations, Making Webpages, Drawing & Animation, Querying, and Managing Data. Khan Academy also supports’s Hour of Code and offers coding lessons on its website. Along with the web platform and Youtube channel, you can start your code learning journey with Khan Academy’s Android & iOS mobile app. 

To learn coding is a matter of passion, practice, and patience. All these apps will be a great help as long as you are motivated about programming and coding.



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