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Partex Star Group stands as one of Bangladesh’s largest family-run conglomerates, boasting a diverse portfolio spanning over 70 companies. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur M. A. Hashem in 1962, the company initially began with commodity trading and has since evolved to encompass an extensive array of sectors. Partex Star Group’s divisions, Partex Holdings, and Partex Star Group, have been strategically structured to efficiently manage their numerous subsidiaries.

This dynamic conglomerate has made its mark in various industries, including metals, real estate, furnishings, agriculture, plastics, and food and beverages. The scope of Partex’s influence extends even further, encompassing textiles, cotton, sugar, paper, jute, transportation, energy, cables, aircraft, PVC, telephony, logistics, fishing, education, services, IT, and the denim fabric industry, among others. This impressive range of business sectors highlights the company’s commitment to diversification and adaptability. Partex Star Group’s substantial presence underscores its unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, as it continues to thrive in both traditional and cutting-edge industries. As a beacon of success in Bangladesh, it remains a leading name in the realm of family-run businesses, symbolizing growth, resilience, and unparalleled expertise.

The City Bank and United Commercial Bank Limited, are two additional prominent private banks in Bangladesh that M. A. Hashem established (UCB).

Revenue: 800 million USD
Founder: M. A. Hashem
Founded: 1962
Headquarters: DhakaBangladesh Number of employees: Over 70,000
Type of business: Privately held company

Background and History of Partex Star Group

Partex Star Group, a prominent player in Bangladesh’s private sector, boasts a diversified portfolio of over 70 units, delivering exceptional value to its wide-ranging clientele. Its remarkable journey began in 1959 with modest involvement in the tobacco trade. Under the astute leadership of its founding chairman, Mr. M.A. Hashem, Partex has since evolved to span multiple sectors, including IT, food, beverages, steel containers, edible oil, wooden boards, furniture, and tobacco. A pivotal moment in the company’s history occurred when Chairman Mr. Hashem established M/S Hashem Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. in Chittagong to address the burgeoning demand for food and essential supplies in the 1970s. This strategic move from import to import substitution laid the foundation for Partex Star Group’s substantial investments in the industrial sector, propelling it into the realm of multimillion-dollar enterprises.

The bedrock of Partex Star Group’s triumph lies in its dedicated workforce and visionary board of directors, all under the unwavering guidance of its chairman. This commitment, combined with a market-centric corporate strategy, has fostered growth and success. Today, the group encompasses nearly 70 family-owned private limited companies, each contributing significantly to its thriving ecosystem. With an unceasing quest for innovation and expansion, this dynamic organization remains at the forefront of industry development.

Top Brands of Partex Star Group

1. Danish

Denmark adopts a holistic approach towards dairy and agro-processed food and beverages, recognizing the profound impact of hygienic, top-quality products on people’s well-being. Their commitment to industry leadership is unwavering, consistently delivering excellence to customers. Central to their ethos is the profound understanding that customers are the linchpin of success. Client satisfaction is the ultimate yardstick for meeting their diverse needs. Denmark’s dedication to providing the finest products not only upholds its dominance in the market but also underscores the pivotal role of customers in shaping their ongoing success, creating a synergy between exceptional offerings and the vital connection with their clientele.

2. Partex Boards

Over six decades, Partex Boards has maintained a legacy of continuous process enhancement in the manufacturing of its board products. This unwavering commitment has endowed their products with exceptional quality, affordability, and eco-friendly characteristics. Notably, these boards not only offer cost-effective solutions but also contribute to the preservation of timber and wood resources. This enduring dedication to improvement not only ensures the product’s excellence but also reflects Partex Boards’ pivotal role in promoting sustainability and responsible resource management.

3. Partex Doors

Partex Doors stands as the premier door brand in Bangladesh, renowned for its robust, secure, and enduring products. Offering a diverse array of doors tailored for both residential and industrial use, Partex Doors has consistently delivered top-notch quality without compromising affordability. In response to evolving customer preferences for online shopping experiences, they recently launched an innovative Android mobile app with augmented reality capabilities. This forward-thinking software addresses the growing demand for digital platforms that facilitate product discovery and seamless purchases, underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

4. Partex Furniture

Partex Furniture, a trailblazing furniture manufacturer, has redefined the landscape of the furniture market in Bangladesh. From its inception, a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of Partex Furniture’s approach. As a leader in the industry, they’ve consistently prioritized meeting the evolving demands of their clientele. Their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and service has not only set them apart but has also significantly shaped and elevated the standards of the furniture market in Bangladesh, cementing their reputation as a trusted and pioneering furniture producer.

Why Partex Star Group Split?

Partex Star Group, a venerable conglomerate in Bangladesh, has undergone a strategic transformation to enhance its management processes. To streamline its operations, the enterprise has been divided into two distinct sections. Sultana Hashem, the wife of the company’s founder, M.A. Hashem, oversees Partex Group, while the remaining portions of the business fall under Partex Holdings, retained by M.A. Hashem and their three other sons. Aziz Al Kaiser, the eldest son and vice chairman of the current Partex Group, emphasized that the process of separation commenced in 2006 and has now reached completion. This restructuring was not borne out of familial discord; instead, it was a proactive move to optimize the group’s management procedures. The split was executed harmoniously, as confirmed by the youngest son and director of Partex Holdings, Rubel Aziz.

Partex’s journey began humbly in 1959, primarily involved in tobacco trading under the astute leadership of Hashem. Over time, it has evolved to encompass a diverse portfolio of over 25 units, spanning industries from tobacco to food, water, soft drinks, steel containers, edible oil, furniture, yarn, and even the IT sector. This remarkable conglomerate has become a prominent employer, with a workforce exceeding 10,000 individuals. Partex Group, in its new avatar, possesses ownership of several key enterprises, including Star Particle Board Mills, Danish Condensed Milk, Danish Food Products, Danish Milk Bangladesh, Danish Distribution Network, Partex Furniture Industries, Corvee Maritime, Ferrotechnic Ltd, Rubel Steel Mills, Partex Ltd, Partex Builders, Partex Agro Ltd, Partex Housing, and Partex Laminates.

On the other hand, Partex Holdings, under the stewardship of Hashem, oversees a substantial portfolio that includes Amber Cotton Mills, Amber Pulp and Paper Mills, Partex Beverage, Partex Plastics, Partex Real Estate, Star Vegetable Oil Mills, Star Coconut Mills, Dhakacom Ltd (ISP), Fotoroma, Partex Spinning, and Danim and Hashem Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. This separation of business segments and the group’s diverse interests underline the dynamism of the Partex Star Group and its continuous pursuit of growth and excellence. In the broader context of Bangladesh’s economy, small, medium, and large family-owned businesses play a pivotal role. These enterprises collectively dominate the landscape of the nation’s $100 billion economy, which has been steadily expanding at a commendable rate of over 5% annually since 1995.

Under the visionary leadership of Hashem, Partex embarked on its journey in 1959 with modest beginnings in the tobacco trading industry. Today, the company’s influence extends across approximately 25 businesses, including forays into cutting-edge sectors like information technology, alongside its enduring presence in food, water, soft drinks, steel cans, edible oil, and tobacco. As Partex Group and Partex Holdings chart distinct paths within the conglomerate, they reflect the strategic acumen and adaptability that have been the cornerstones of the Partex Star Group’s success over the past six decades. This enduring legacy serves as a testament to the company’s resilience, unwavering commitment to innovation, and the importance of evolving with the times in the ever-changing business landscape of Bangladesh.

Products of Partex Star Group

Products of Partex Star Groups are Food and beverages, Steel, Real Estate, Furniture, Plastics, Paper, Power and energy, Jute, Agribusiness, Shipyards, Shipping, Cotton, Textile, Construction, IT, Cables, Aviation, PVC, Ceramics, Telecommunication, Oil, Logistics

Sister Concerns of Partex Star Group

These are the list of Companies in Partex Star Group

  1. Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Ltd.
  2. Danish Milk Bangladesh Ltd
  3. Partex Furniture
  4. Partex Builders Limited
  5. Partex Laminates Limited
  6. Partex PVC Industries Limited
  7. Partex Agro Limited
  8. Corvee Maritime Co. Limited
  9. Partex Limited
  10. Partex Housing Limited
  11. Danish Foods Limited
  12. Danish Distribution Network Limited
  13. Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited
  14. Danish Dairy Farm Limited
  15. Partex Paper Mills Limited
  16. Partex Board Mills Limited
  17. Partex Sugar Mills Limited
  18. Amber Cotton Mills Limited (UNIT-1)
  19. Amber Cotton Mills Limited (UNIT-2)
  20. Partex Rotor Spinning Mills Limited
  21. Partex Denim Limited
  22. Partex Denim Mills Limited
  23. Partex Energy Limited
  24. Partex Holdings
  25. Dhakacom Limited
  26. Partex Properties Limited
  27. Partex Beverage Limited
  28. Partex Plastics Limited
  29. Partex Foundry Limited
  30. Partex Jute Mills Ltd
  31. Partex Shipyards Limited
  32. Star Particle Board Mills Ltd
  33. Russell Steel Mills Ltd
  34. Rubel Steel Mills Ltd
  35. Partex Real Estate
  36. Hashem Corporation
  37. Ferrotechnic Ltd.
  38. Corvee Maritime Co. Ltd
  39. Amber Pulp & Paper Mills Limited
  40. Sky Telecommunication Ltd : Partex Mobile / Zelta Mobile
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