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With more than 70 companies, Partex Star Group is one of the biggest family-run businesses in Bangladesh. The sectors covered by this company include metals, real estate, furnishings, agriculture, plastics, and food and drinks. M. A. Hashem, an entrepreneur, launched it in 1962 with commodity dealing. Currently, it controls more than 70 companies in industries ranging from IT to consumer products, furniture, and tobacco. To better handle its subsidiaries, Partex Holdings and Partex Star Group, it has divided into two divisions. Food and beverage, plastics, fabrics, cotton, sugar, paper, jute, transportation, furnishings, agriculture, energy, cables, aircraft, PVC, telephony, logistics, fishing, education, services, IT, denim fabric industry, and many other industries are all represented by Partex’s businesses.

The City Bank and United Commercial Bank Limited, two additional prominent private banks in Bangladesh that M. A. Hashem established (UCB).

Revenue: 800 million USD
Founder: M. A. Hashem
Founded: 1962
Headquarters: DhakaBangladesh Number of employees: Over 70,000
Type of business: Privately held company

Background and History of Partex Star Group

Partex Star Group, which owns and operates more than 70 units and provides value to all consumers and clients, is one of the major private sector manufacturing and service-based businesses in Bangladesh. The company had a modest beginning in tobacco trade in 1959, but the wise business judgment of  founding chairman, Mr. M.A. Hashem, Partex now have involved in the IT industry, food, water, soft drinks, steel containers, edible oil, wooden boards, furniture, and tobacco. The Chairman Mr. Hashem created M/S Hashem Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. in Chittagong to handle the significant import demand for food and other supplies required to meet the needs of a fledgling country in the 70s. The next natural step from importing to import substitution was the stepping stone into the industrial sector, from which has grown into the Partex Star Group’s current multimillion dollar, varied investment.  The foundation of Partex Star Group success has been a devoted work force and board of directors, led by the chairman, and supported by a corporate strategy focused on the market. Almost 70 family-owned private limited firms with a significant turnover are now part of the group. This dynamic organization is constantly looking for new methods to develop and grow.

Top Brands of Partex Star Group

1. Danish

Danish approaches all dairy and agro-processed food and beverage items comprehensively, taking into account the many ways that providing hygienic and high-quality food products can improve people’s lives. In order to maintain its dominance in the industry, Denmark offers the greatest products to its customers.  Also, it regards customers as being crucial to success.  This is the main criterion for satisfying client needs.

2. Partex Boards

For the past 60 years, Partex Boards has been manufacturing its board products through continual process improvement. It gives the product exceptional qualities, is inexpensive, and has eco-friendly attributes while also assisting in the conservation of timber and wood resources.

3. Partex Doors

It is the leading door brand in Bangladesh. Partex Doors are built strong, secure, durable, as well as long lasting. There are a range of doors for homes and industries. They have been always known for quality and budgeted to the customers. A recent Android mobile app with augmented reality was released.  This software was created in response to a growing customer desire for online platforms for product discovery and purchases.

4. Partex Furniture

As leading furniture producer Partex Furniture  redefined the furniture market of Bangladesh. Since its start, Partex Furniture has always put a priority on meeting the demands of customers.

Why Partex Star Group Split?

In order to streamline management processes, Partex Star Group has divided its enterprise into two sections. Partex Group is owned by Sultana Hashem, the wife of MA Hashem, the company’s founder.  The remaining portions of the business under Partex Holdings have been retained by MA Hashem and their three other sons. The eldest son and vice chairman of the current Partex Group, Aziz Al Kaiser, told The Daily Star, “We started the break-up process in 2006 and it is now complete. Mid-40s man Kaiser claimed there was no family strife among them.The split was implemented to improve management procedures. The divide was carried out amicably, according to the youngest son and director of Partex Holdings, Rubel Aziz.

With a modest start in 1959, Partex began with tobacco trading and prudent entrepreneurship under the leadership of Hashem. It now owns over 25 units — from tobacco to food, water, soft drinks, steel containers, edible oil, furniture, yarn and the IT sector. The group employs over 10,000 people. The new Partex Group owns Star Particle Board Mills, Danish Condensed Milk, Danish Food Products, Danish Milk Bangladesh, Danish Distribution Network, Partex Furniture Industries, Corvee Maritime, Ferrotechnic Ltd, Rubel Steel Mills, Partex Ltd, Partex Builders, Partex Agro Ltd, Partex Housing, and Partex Laminates. Partex Holdings, under Hashem, owns Amber Cotton Mills, Amber Pulp and Paper Mills, Partex Beverage, Partex Plastics, Partex Real Estate, Star Vegetable Oil Mills, Star Coconut Mills, Dhakacom Ltd (ISP), Fotoroma, Partex Spinning, and Danim and Hashem Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. Small, medium and large family owned businesses dominate over Bangladesh’s $100 billion economy, which has been growing at over 5 percent a year since 1995. 

Under Hashem’s direction, Partex got off to a modest 1959 start with tobacco trading and respsble business practices. It currently owns about 25 businesses, including those in the IT industry, food, water, soft drinks, steel cans, edible oil, and tobacco.
The company has over 10,000 employees.
Danish Milk Bangladesh, Danish Food Products, Danish Condensed Milk, Danish Distribution Network, Partex Furniture Industries, Corvee Maritime, Ferrotechnic Ltd, Rubel Steel Mills, Partex Ltd,Partex Builders, Partex Agro Ltd, Partex Housing, and Partex Laminates are all owned by the new Partex Group.

Hashem is the owner of Partex Holdings, which includes Star Vegetable Oil Mills, Star Coconut Mills, Dhakacom Ltd (ISP), Fotoroma, Partex Spinning, Amber Cotton Mills, Amber Pulp and Paper Mills, Partex Beverage, Partex Plastics, and Partex Real Estate.

Small, medium, and large family-owned enterprises account for the majority of Bangladesh’s $100 billion economy, which has been expanding at a rate of more than 5% annually since 1995. Danim and Hashem Company (Pvt) Ltd. (Source: Daily Star)

Products of Partex Star Group

Products of Partex Star Groups are Food & Beverages, Steel, Real Estate, Furniture, Plastics, Paper, Power & Energy, Jute, Agribusiness, Shipyards, Shipping, Cotton, Textile, Construction, IT, Cables, Aviation, PVC, Ceramics, Telecommunication, Oil, Logisti

Sister Concerns of Partex Star Group

These are the list of Companies in Partex Star Group

  1. Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Ltd.
  2. Danish Milk Bangladesh Ltd
  3. Partex Furniture
  4. Partex Builders Limited
  5. Partex Laminates Limited
  6. Partex PVC Industries Limited
  7. Partex Agro Limited
  8. Corvee Maritime Co. Limited
  9. Partex Limited
  10. Partex Housing Limited
  11. Danish Foods Limited
  12. Danish Distribution Network Limited
  13. Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited
  14. Danish Dairy Farm Limited
  15. Partex Paper Mills Limited
  16. Partex Board Mills Limited
  17. Partex Sugar Mills Limited
  18. Amber Cotton Mills Limited (UNIT-1)
  19. Amber Cotton Mills Limited (UNIT-2)
  20. Partex Rotor Spinning Mills Limited
  21. Partex Denim Limited
  22. Partex Denim Mills Limited
  23. Partex Energy Limited
  24. Partex Holdings
  25. Dhakacom Limited
  26. Partex Properties Limited
  27. Partex Beverage Limited
  28. Partex Plastics Limited
  29. Partex Foundry Limited
  30. Partex Jute Mills Ltd
  31. Partex Shipyards Limited
  32. Star Particle Board Mills Ltd
  33. Russell Steel Mills Ltd
  34. Rubel Steel Mills Ltd
  35. Partex Real Estate
  36. Hashem Corporation
  37. Ferrotechnic Ltd.
  38. Corvee Maritime Co. Ltd
  39. Amber Pulp & Paper Mills Limited
  40. Sky Telecommunication Ltd : Partex Mobile / Zelta Mobile
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