5 Strong Qualities of an Efficient Executive


Executive is a post that a lot of students after completing graduation, plan to apply. This is a job that most of the organizations need & that’s why get supported by. Every department calls for executives for smooth & relentless functioning. They are the people who work like the live wire! Disseminate all the required information to the employees, preparing structure & framework of tasks, preparing strength & weakness analysis are some of their duties. While the job opportunity is high at the same time, not all can cut it as a good executive or effective one. Let’s have a close look at the five most sought for qualities of an efficient executive.

1. Tidy attire with fresh look

It says “The First Impression is the last impression” & it is nothing but right! We will always remember how we met someone. It is the look, behavior & overall sincerity that creates an impact, if the look is good then it creates a positive effect. For an executive it is a must have quality. In a day, for the task purpose, it’s the executive that maintains liaisons with relevant all other departments. In such situation, a fresh look with tidy attire creates an instant plus point but this has to be supported by skilled performance.

2. Well versed with PDA

Today technology has redefined the working pattern. The office environment is not an exception rather is highly influenced by the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with super fast internet facilities that have upgraded the speed of processing work assignments. An executive must be proactive in this regard. H/she should be very much well adjusted & kind of trainer for others in the office to get advantage of this development.

3. In sync with the working pattern of the department

Each department has its own culture & system for work which only insiders know well. It is imperative for an executive to identify it, for example – how the departmental head instructs, how other seniors & junior employees want the jobs done are some prime issues that the executive must understand & get used to. The quicker it is learned the more successful h/she is likely to become.

4. Aware about future events

The post or job of executive is something that it is essential to know about the happenings & future events with proper & update schedule. Many employees in the office rely totally upon the executive for being aware of the future events & projects. Though this information is also being made available through official mails, still executive is preferred over other sources.

5. Eloquence:  

As we have come to know how other employees in an office trust & rely on executive for information, it calls for a set of finite conversations. So there should be ample amount of charm & clarity in the way of communication to others for an executive. For example, conversation over telephone & explaining any work order to all in meetings being directed to are some of the regular job duties of an executive, so it is crucial to master the art of conversation & other ways of communication like writing e-mails & minutes in meetings.

These are some most wanted traits sought for in an executive. Sometimes the journey to the job life starts with this post, if successfully performed then the career ladder takes it to high level of position. The smart & prompt activities & decisions of an executive lead to the glory for an organization. The successful executives are the most trustworthy ones who work as people’s persons.

Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Business Administration
Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Email: abdullah@easternuni.edu.bd 

  1. Certainly joined in a company as an Executive- HR & Admin and this article I gotta found very useful to me. Thank you.

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