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Bangladesh’s corporate landscape is undergoing a significant transformation driven by women taking the lead. These pioneering female corporate leaders are breaking barriers and making substantial progress across various industries. Discover the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh, showcasing how gender should never impede success in the business realm. Their exceptional leadership, unwavering determination, and innovative thinking are reshaping the nation’s economy. These top female corporate leaders in Bangladesh spearhead financial institutions, conglomerates, and tech companies, propelling growth, sustainability, and social responsibility. Their achievements serve as a guiding light for aspiring women professionals, encouraging them to pursue leadership roles and contribute to the country’s progress.

Championing gender diversity, these leaders bring forth increased creativity, resilience, and adaptability in Bangladesh’s corporate sector. Their influence demonstrates how diverse top leadership fosters inclusive decision-making, fostering positive societal change. Their contributions play a pivotal role in creating a more equitable and brighter future for Bangladesh, ensuring that opportunities are equally available to all, irrespective of gender. Discover the impact and inspiration of the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Interesting facts about Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh

01. Selina Qadar is one of the pioneers of women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. She focused on one of the primary industries of the country – agriculture. 

02. Data from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) shows that in 2020, the number of female-owned SMEs in Bangladesh was 2.8 million, which is around 24.6% of the total number of SMEs in the country.

03. With a net worth of $2.5 billion, Oprah Winfrey is the most famous woman entrepreneur in media and entertainment.

04. Sarah – better known as Madam C.J. Walker – was the first woman entrepreneur in history.

05. The incumbent first lady is Rebecca Sultana. The title should not be confused with the husband or wife of the prime minister of Bangladesh.

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Leading Female Executives: Top 10 Women in Bangladesh’s Corporate World

Ms. Simeen Rahman, the Group CEO of Transcom, spearheads three pivotal objectives: driving substantial growth across existing industries, global expansion through Eskayef Pharmaceuticals, and prioritizing technological advancements for future development. As the Managing Director & CEO of Eskayef Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company spanning 29 countries, she’s notably recognized for pioneering the partnership with Novo Nordisk for modern pen-fill insulin manufacturing. Ms. Rahman also holds these key roles at Transcom Consumer Products Ltd, the first snacks franchise of PepsiCo globally, and Transcom Distribution Co. Ltd, Bangladesh’s largest distribution company. Her active oversight extends across various concerns within the Transcom Group, showcasing her multifaceted leadership.

An elected member of the Executive Committee at the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dhaka, Ms. Rahman stands as one of Bangladesh’s Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders, showcasing a remarkable trajectory in steering diverse enterprises toward growth, innovation, and global prominence. Her multifaceted leadership, innovative partnerships, and commitment to technological advancements underline her pivotal role in shaping Bangladesh’s corporate landscape. Explore the impactful journey of Ms. Simeen Rahman among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury ACII (UK), a Chartered Insurer, holds the esteemed position of Managing Director & CEO at Green Delta Insurance Company Limited (GDIC). Notably, GDIC stands as the sole non-life insurer in Bangladesh with equity investment from IFC World Bank and has secured the prestigious AAA rating consecutively for three years. As the first female MD and CEO in the financial sector, she is dedicated to adding value across all spheres of her endeavors. Recognized as a Local SDG Pioneer 2016 by The UN Global Compact, Ms. Chowdhury is celebrated for her exceptional contributions in advancing Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Noteworthy initiatives under her leadership include Nibedita, South Asia’s pioneering comprehensive insurance scheme for women.

Ms. Chowdhury actively engages in prominent national and international roles, making substantial contributions not only to the insurance industry but also to broader spheres. Her influential leadership and commitment to gender empowerment highlight her significant impact in reshaping Bangladesh’s corporate landscape. Discover the impactful journey of Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Humaira Azam, a trailblazer in Bangladesh’s commercial banking sector, made history as the first female Managing Director & CEO of Trust Bank Limited in over 50 years, breaking the gender barrier. With an illustrious career spanning three decades, she held pivotal roles in major banks, contributing significantly to their growth and success. Her notable contributions earned prestigious accolades such as the “Woman of Inspiration Award 2020” and the “Top Women Bankers Award.” As a visionary leader, Humaira Azam steered Trust Bank through strategic planning, risk management, and policy implementation, shaping the bank’s trajectory. Her outstanding achievements secured her place among the 300 most influential women in Islamic business and finance.

Humaira Azam’s journey is not just a personal triumph but an inspiration, paving the way for more women to aspire to leadership roles in the banking sector. Her leadership not only shattered ceilings but also elevated the status of women in Bangladesh’s finance realm, emphasizing the value of gender diversity and inclusivity in the industry. Explore the impactful journey of Humaira Azam among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Ayesha Aziz Khan, our esteemed Managing Director and CEO, assumed her position on our Board on 22nd July 2016, bringing extensive expertise in Bangladesh’s power sector, particularly in financial management for power generation companies. With a robust career background, she has steered financial management for various power projects, having held key roles such as Director of Finance Management and Finance Director at Summit Power Limited. Moreover, she served as the Group Finance Director of Summit Corporation Limited. Ms. Khan also holds non-executive director roles across multiple companies within the Summit Group, showcasing her multifaceted leadership. Her memberships in prestigious business chambers and her academic background, with degrees in Economics and Business from University College London and an MBA from Columbia University, underscore her comprehensive qualifications.

Recognized for her significant contributions in the power sector, Ayesha Aziz Khan stands as one of Bangladesh’s Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders, exemplifying exceptional leadership and expertise. Her impactful presence and extensive experience play a pivotal role in steering the country’s corporate landscape and the power industry. Explore the journey of Ayesha Aziz Khan among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

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Zara Jabeen Mahbub, a seasoned professional with over 26 years of diverse experience, over half spent in C-suite roles, stands as a transformative leader in the United States and Bangladesh. Her expertise encompasses an array of areas, including communications, media relations, public relations, regulatory affairs, marketing, branding, service quality, call center management, business development, and technical coding. Her leadership style is marked by fostering innovation, creativity, and strategic growth across an array of industries, spanning from banking and ready-made garments to software development and fashion modeling.

Zara’s academic background includes a BBA from North South University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, underscoring her comprehensive qualifications. As the CEO of Dun & Bradstreet Data & Analytics Private Limited and Chair of Toru Innovation Hub, she spearheads impactful solutions for social and economic inclusion. Additionally, in her role as the Chief Innovation Officer at Naveed’s Comedy Club, Bangladesh’s premier Stand-Up Comedy Club, she showcases her versatile leadership. Recognized among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh, Zara Jabeen Mahbub’s multifaceted expertise and innovative leadership transcend industries, driving significant impact in diverse sectors and shaping the corporate landscape. Explore the remarkable journey of Zara Jabeen Mahbub among Bangladesh’s Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders.

Eshita Sharmin, appointed as the CEO of, is focused on expanding market outreach beyond the capital city, having previously served as the Managing Director of the company. As one of the few female leaders in Bangladesh’s MNC sector, Eshita is a pivotal founding member of, instrumental in the platform’s marketing endeavors since its inception in 2012. Her leadership has steered to numerous accolades, securing awards like the Best Employer Brand Award and Brand Leadership Award in 2018. Eshita’s expertise spans product development, branding, media planning, PR, and communication, backed by over 14 years of rich experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Management. She holds a dual major in Marketing and Human Resource Management from North South University.

Recognized among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh, Eshita Sharmin’s leadership at has been instrumental in driving the company’s success and recognition in the industry. Her multifaceted experience and strategic vision have contributed significantly to the company’s growth and recognition, making her an influential figure in Bangladesh’s corporate landscape. Explore the impactful journey of Eshita Sharmin among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Farhana A. Rahman is an eminent figure among successful women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh’s IT industry, renowned for her visionary approach that has significantly impacted talent development and employment opportunities in the IT sector. With an illustrious 14-year career, she has garnered multiple prestigious accolades, demonstrating her commitment to socio-economic development beyond mere profit generation. As the founder of UY Systems Ltd, Farhana has been instrumental in driving growth in the software industry. Notably, UY Systems’ VAT management software ranks among the top five companies listed by NBR, reflecting their prominence in VAT management solutions. The company has also developed various software solutions catering to global clients.

Recognized among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh, Farhana A. Rahman’s contributions to the IT sector echo her commitment to fostering socio-economic growth aligned with the nation’s Digital Bangladesh vision. Her innovative leadership and impactful business initiatives are pivotal in shaping Bangladesh’s IT landscape, showcasing her significant influence and transformative role in the industry. Explore the influential journey of Farhana A. Rahman among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

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Ms. Shusmita Anis, a Bachelor’s degree holder in Fine Arts with a specialization in Graphics Design from San Jose, California, USA, boasts a career marked by exceptional achievements and leadership roles. She assumed the Directorship at ACI Limited in 2003, currently holding a position on the company’s Board and actively engaging on the Audit Committee. Since 2012, she has served as the Managing Director of ACI Formulations Limited, showcasing visionary leadership pivotal to the company’s success. Her influential presence spans various sectors within the ACI Group, holding Director positions in companies like ACI Logistics Limited, ACI Foods Limited, ACI Motors Limited, and numerous other subsidiaries. Her diverse portfolio and active involvement highlight her prominence in the realms of business and management.

Recognized among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh, Ms. Shusmita Anis is a significant figure contributing notably to the growth and success of the ACI Group. Her strategic leadership and multifaceted roles solidify her key position in Bangladesh’s business landscape. Explore the impactful journey of Ms. Shusmita Anis among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Tamara Hasan Abed, currently serving as the Managing Director of BRAC Enterprises and previously the Senior Director since August 1, 2019, possesses a rich background spanning two decades in investment banking, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise. She spearheads 13 social enterprises, notably Aarong and BRAC Dairy. As a trailblazer in predominantly male-dominated industries, Tamara’s leadership serves as an inspiration for women aiming to excel in these sectors. Her commitment lies in fostering value-based business models that integrate social good, sustainability, and inclusive growth. Tamara Abed’s journey, from her corporate finance tenure at Peregrine Capital Ltd to her entrepreneurial ventures, reflects her remarkable trajectory. Joining Aarong as General Manager in 2002, she played a pivotal role in driving its growth and expansion.

Tamara Hasan Abed’s global recognition includes being honored as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and an Asia 21 Young Leader. Recognized among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh, her impactful leadership and dedication to value-based business models highlight her influential role in shaping Bangladesh’s corporate landscape. Explore the impactful journey of Tamara Hasan Abed among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

Ms. Rupali Chowdhury, holding an MBA from IBA, University of Dhaka, and graduating with honors in Chemistry from the University of Chittagong, commenced her career as a Brand Manager at Ciba Geigy (Bangladesh) Limited. Her journey at Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited began in 1990, where she advanced from the role of Planning Manager through various departments, eventually becoming the Managing Director in 2008. In addition to her role as the Chairman and Managing Director at Jenson & Nicholson (Bangladesh) Limited, she holds directorial positions at Berger Becker Bangladesh Limited and Berger Fosroc Limited.

Ms. Rupali is a significant figure as the President of FICCI and a Member of the UNICEF Bangladesh Advisory Board. Her leadership as the President of the Bangladesh Paints Manufacturers Association and service as an Independent Director for Linde Bangladesh Limited and Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited solidify her prominent role among the Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh. Rupali Chowdhury’s expansive leadership and diverse contributions underscore her impactful role in shaping the corporate landscape. Discover the influential journey of Ms. Rupali Chowdhury among the esteemed Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh.

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