Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh | Top Group & FMCG Companies

For the last 2 decades, Bangladesh’s economy has grown by 6% annually and the Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh like BEXIMCO, PRAN-RFL, SQUARE, BASHUNDHARA, and AKIJ, are contributing remarkably. It’s surprising to the world but Bangladesh is pulling its economy up with a 109.1 million labor force who are working in thousands of companies in Bangladesh delicately, and these Top 10 Groups of Companies powering up the manufacturing industries by leading from the front. Some of the groups of companies are already being established as multinational companies around the world and they are representing Bangladesh to the World. In the 2018-2019 financial year, the per capita income of Bangladesh hits record growth. It has achieved 7.9% highest ever GDP growth rate in the history of Bangladesh. All of these were possible for rapid industrial growth and open business opportunities in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 Groups of Companies That Are The Pride of Bangladesh

Here, we have showcased the list of the Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh. These groups of companies are pushing Bangladesh’s economy to a new level creating more employment and business opportunities along with other industries and business sectors. Top Groups of Companies and Top Companies are two different parameters used in ranking. Groups of Companies are the Company with sister concerns around them from different areas of business while Company does business in a single area. To know about the Top 10 Companies in Bangladesh, Click Here!

GDPIncrease $317.465 billion (2019)[4]Increase $860.916 billion (PPP, 2020 est.)
GDP rank39th (nominal, 2019),29th (PPP, 2019)
GDP growth8.0% (2018) 7.9% (2019)2.0% (2020e) 9.5% (2021e)
GDP per capitaIncrease $2,068 (nominal, 2020 est.) Increase $5,453 (PPP, 2020 est.)
GDP per capita rank143rd (nominal, 2019)137th (PPP, 2019)
GDP by sectorDecrease agriculture: 14.23%Increase industry: 33.66%Decrease services: 52.11%(FY18)
Source: Wikipedia

List of Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh


Talking about the Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh, we had to Position BEXIMCO Group to the Top. It is the largest and most diversified industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. It is also one of the Most Well Known Multinational Company in Bangladesh that founded in 1970 by two brothers – Ahmed Sohail Faisur Rahman and ASF Rahman. Since 1970, BEXIMCO Group is proudly presenting Bangladesh to the world through modern textile, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and information technology. It is the first Bangladeshi company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Writing about the Top 10 Groups of Companies we have found that it has over 60,000 people working for BEXIMCO worldwide and BEXIMCO holds one of the largest vertically integrated textile and Garment Companies in South Asia. Today BEXIMCO exports its products to 103 countries. It is also the largest exporter of pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh where BEXIMCO’s pharmaceutical alone exports products to 45 countries.

BEXIMCO sister concerns are – Beximco Jute Division, Beximco Pharma, Beximco Synthetics Ltd, Bangladesh Export Import Co. Ltd. – (Textiles & Apparel, IT, Marine Foods, Real Estate Divisions), Shinepukur Ceramics, Beximco Petroleum Ltd, Beximco Power Company Ltd, Beximco Engineering Limited, Bangladesh Online, IFIC Bank, Yellow, The Independent, Independent Television, Real VU, Beximco Computers Ltd, Dhaka Dynamites, Bextrade Limited, Beximco Securities Limited, Beximco Communications Ltd. (DTH), Westin Hotels (Bangladesh), Shinepukur Cricket Club.

Authorized Capital: 10,000 Million BDT (BEI) | 15,000 Million BDT (Pharma)
Paid Up Capital: 8,763.19 Million BDT (BEI) | 4056.55 Million BDT (Pharma)

Career at BEXIMCO Pharma:

Contact BEXIMCO Group:
19 Dhanmondi R/A
Road No. 7, Dhaka 1205
Phone: +880-2-58611001-7, +880-2-58613888, +880-2-58614601


Bashundhara Group has become one of the largest conglomerates industries in Bangladesh over the years. It was founded by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan in 1987. In the beginning, it started its operation as a real estate company venture under the name of East-West Property Development Limited (EWPD). EWPD was a successful project then. After its first successful project, Bashundhara started to expand its business and invested in various new promising fields, including the manufacturing industry, and trading. Among Top 10 Groups of Companies Bashundhara Group operates over 20 major concerns and continues to invest in new fields. From Bangladesh Government, Bashundhara Group has managed to get permission to set up a specialized economic zone in Karanigang, Dhaka.

Bashundhara Group’s major concerns are – East-West Property Development, Bashundhara Cement Industries Limited, East West Media Group, Social Islami Bank Limited, Bashundhara Kings, Rangpur Riders, Meghna Cement Mills Ltd, (a member of the Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association), and Bashundhara City– (Bengali:বসুন্ধরা সিটি) – the second-largest shopping mall in Bangladesh.

Authorized Capital: 5000 Million BDT (Paper Mill)
Paid Up Capital: 1737 Million BDT (Paper Mill)

Contact BASHUNDHARA Group:
Plot # 125/A, Block# A, Bashundhara R/A,
Road No – 2 Baridhara,
Phone: +880 2 8432008-17
Phone: +880 2 8432196


Samson H Chowdhury and his 3 friends founded Square Group in 1958 as a private firm. It went public in 1991 and is currently holding a strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry. Among Top 10 Groups of Companies, Square Group is now on its way to becoming a high-performance global player for Bangladesh. It has 28000 people working in different business units. Square expanded its business in consumer products, toiletries, health products, textiles, agro vet products, textile, agro vet products, information technology, and a few more. Its yearly turnover is now more than 616 million USD.

Authorized Capital: 10,000 Million BDT (Pharma) |3000 Million BDT (Text)
Paid Up Capital: 8,442.39 Million BDT (Pharma) |1972.52 Million BDT (Text)

Career at SQUARE Pharma:

Contact SQUARE Group:
SQUARE Centre 48, Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-02-9859007, +88-02-8833047-56
Fax: +88-02-8834941, +88-02-8828768


PRAN stands for “Program for Rural Advancement Nationally“. PRAN started its journey in 1981 as a processor of fruits and vegetables to develop the rural economy and agro-based products in Bangladesh. PRAN was established in 1981 by retired Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury and today it is one of the largest food product corporations in Bangladesh among Top 10 Groups of Companies that export to 138 countries. RFL, the market leader in Cast Iron, PVC, and Plastic Itempreviously, stands for ‘Rangpur Foundry Limited’ which started its operation in 1980 with cast iron production. The first shipment was worth 3 million USD.

In 2017 PRAN’s exports had reached over $231 million. The biggest markets for them are India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia & Oman. PRAN-RFL has more than 80 thousand direct employees and 200 thousand indirect employees running their full operations around the country. The Products of the PRAN-RFL groups are Lift & Generator, Culinary, Biscuit & Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Juice, Rice, Snacks, Textile, Toiletries, Spice, Electronics, Furniture, Foundry, Bike, Stationery, Poly Bag, Hanger, Water Tank, PVC.

Authorized Capital: 500 Million BDT (PRAN) | 200 Million BDT (RFL)
Paid Up Capital: 80 Million BDT (PRAN) | 100 Million BDT (RFL)

Career at PRAN:
Career at RFL:

Contact PRAN-RFL Group:
PRAN-RFL Center 
105 Middle Badda, 
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-2-8835546, 880-2-8835547 Fax: 880-2-8820256

 5. ACI GROUP   

ACI the “Advance Chemical Industries” is one of the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh, founded by Mr. M Anis Ud Dawla in 1968. In East Pakistan, ACI was established as the subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries or ICI. ACI is doing business in three sectors – Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands, Automobile, and Agribusiness. It has over 8,384 employees around the country running its operation. In 2016, ACI marketed around 5000 products in 10 Countries across 3 Continents. In the list of Top 10 Groups of Companies, we have positioned ACI Number 5.

ACI’s sister concerns are – ACI Consumer Brands, ACI Fertilizer, ACI Formulations Ltd, ACI Agrochemicals, Apex Leather-crafts Limited, ACI Salt Limited, ACI Pure Flour Limited, ACI Foods Limited, Premiaflex Plastics Limited, Creative Communication Limited, ACI Motors Limited (Yamaha), ACI Logistics Limited (Shwapno), ACI HealthCare Limited, ACI consultants, ACI Pharmaceuticals, ACI Electronics Ltd.

Authorized Capital: 1500 Million BDT
Paid Up Capital: 573.73 Million BDT

Career at ACI Group:

Contact ACI Group:
ACI Centre 245, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh.
Phone: (+8802) 8878603: Fax: (+8802) 8878619, 8878626.


In the List of Top 10 Groups of Companies, Abul Khair Group is the first billion-dollar selling company in Bangladesh, Abul Khair Group is operating its business as an industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh since 1953. It has developed its production facilities for steel, ceramics, cement, cigarettes, and food products mainly. It was a Cottage Industry in 1953, it started its journey as tobacco marketing. And today is one of the nation’s fast-growing business conglomerates, engaged in manufacturing & marketing many diversified fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Such as Beverage, Juice, snacks, Branded Tea, Cement, Ceramic, Ready Mix Concrete, Tobacco, and Cigarettes- “from Seed to Smoke” Matches, Biris (Hand-Rolled Tobacco Smoking product), Shipping line and logistics operations, and General Trading Operations. The Abul Khair Group provides employment to approximately 38,000 people in different business units.

Abul Khair Group’s sister concerns are – Abul Khair Condensed Milk Industries Ltd, Abul Khair Tea Limited, Shah Dairy Products Ltd, Abul Khair Steels Ltd, Abul Khair Condensed Milk and Beverage Industries, Smark Coconut Oil Products Ltd, Shah Dairy Foods Ltd, A.K Properties Limited, A.K Corporation Ltd, Abul Khair Tobacco Company Ltd.

Contact ABUL KHAIR Group:
House # 75 (New) Raod # 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Phone Number: 9115972, 8115468


City Group started its business as a mustard oil company venture under the name City Oil Mills in 1972. It has 40 major concerns in Bangladesh. Fazlur Rahman was the man behind the City Group. It was awarded Worlds Prestigious UK based Superbrand Award 2009. City Group has rebranded itself recently. We have positioned City Group Number 7 in our list of Top 10 Groups of Companies.

City Group’s business includes consumer goods, foods, steel, printing & packaging, shipping, power and energy, shares and securities, insurance, media, and healthcare. The total workforce of the city group is about 10000 working for different business units.

Major Concerns of City Group – City Oil Mills, City Re-rolling Mills, City Vegetable Oil Mills Ltd, City Fibers Ltd, Hasan Plastic Industries Ltd, Hasan Flour Mills Ltd, Hasan Printing & Packaging Ltd, Hasan Containers Ltd, City Navigations Ltd, City PET Industries Ltd, Shampa Oil Mills Ltd, City Dal Mills Ltd, Farzana Oil Refineries Ltd, VOTT Oil Refineries Ltd, City Feed Products Ltd, Deepa Food Products Ltd, City Seed Crushing Industries Ltd, City Salt Industries Ltd, City Sugar Industries Ltd, C.S.I Power & Energy Ltd, Rahman Synthetics Ltd, Hamida Plastic Industries Ltd, Shampa Flour Mills Ltd, Hasan Securities Ltd, City Bran Oil Ltd, Dhaka Insurance Ltd, Somoy Media Ltd, Asgar Ali Hospital Ltd, New Sagurnal Tea Co. Ltd. (Juri, Moulovibazar), Nahar Tea Estate (Sreemongal, Moulovibazar), Chandpur Belgaon Tea estate (Banskhali, Chittagram).

Authorized Capital: 1200 Million BDT (Dhaka Insurance)
Paid Up Capital: 401.25 Million BDT (Dhaka Insurance)

Career at City Group:

Contact CITY Group:
City House,
Plot # NW (J) 06, Road # 51, Gulshan – 02,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-02-9852363 +88-02-9852367


NAVANA was founded in 1964 by Mr. Jahurul Islam. But the real journey was started in 1953 with a construction company named Bengal Development Corporation. Among Top 10 Groups of Companies, NAVANA was the largest business group in Bangladesh at that time. It has expanded its business quite rapidly than any other Top 10 Groups of Companies in this list. NAVANA is now doing business in more than 15 sectors including, renewable energy and security & protection. NAVANA Group is now handled by Mr. Shafiul Islam Kamal the Chairman of NAVANA Group. It has 5,500 employees in 27 different business units.

NAVANA Industries:  Automobile, Industrial Equipment, Battery, Real Estate Construction, Electrical and Electronics, Furniture, Food, Medical Equipment, Petroleum Products, International Freight Forwarding, Oil & Gas, Plastic, Renewable Energy, Security & Protection.

NAVANA’s sister concerns are – NAVANA Automobiles Limited (Mahindra and Toyota), NAVANA Batteries Limited, NAVANA Real Estate Ltd, NAVANA Construction Ltd, NAVANA Textiles Ltd, Biponon Limited, NAVANA Distributions Ltd, NAVANA Electronics Ltd, NAVANA Taxi Cab Co. Ltd, NAVANA Renewable Energy Ltd, NAVANA Logistics Limited, NAVANA Petroleum Limited, NAVANA Engineering Limited, NAVANA CNG Limited, NAVANA LPG Limited, NAVANA Welding Electrode Limited, NAVANA Furniture Limited, NAVANA Foods Limited (franchise holder Gloria Jean’s Coffees), Navana Engineering.

Authorized Capital: 1000 Million BDT (Real Estate) | 1500 Million BDT (CNG)
Paid Up Capital: 300 Million BDT (Real Estate) |685 Million BDT (CNG)

Career at NAVANA
NAVANA Petroleum:
NAVANA Engineering:
NAVANA Real-estate:
NAVANA Logistics:

Contact NAVANA Group:
Navana Toyota 3S Center, 
205-207 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka – 1208. 
Phone: +88-02-9892911, +88-02-9893048
Fax: +88-02-9885002


PARTEX started in 1959 with tobacco trading in Bangladesh. Among Top 10 Groups of Companies, PARTEX been always a pioneer in their fields. Brands Like, Partex Board, Danish, Mum were some remarkable products. PARTEX GROUP was founded by a well-known industrialist MA Hashem. This conglomerate runs its business with different brands in foods and beverages, steel, real estate, furniture, agribusiness, plastics, and etc. sectors. PARTEX has around 40 concerns these days.

Major Concerns of PARTEX Group are – Partex Cables Limited, Star Particle Board Mills Limited, Partex Furniture, Partex Builders Limited, Star Gypsum Board Mills Limited, Partex Laminates Limited, Partex Impregnation Limited, Partex PVC Industries Limited, Partex Agro Limited, Partex Limited, Partex Housing Limited, Danish Condensed Milk (BD) Ltd, Danish Foods Limited, Danish Distribution Network Limited, Danish Milk Bangladesh Limited.

Career at PARTEX Group:

Contact PARTEX Group:
House # 37, Road # 1, Block # I, Banani,
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

10. Akij Group 

Akij Group has become the biggest local taxpayer in Bangladesh and contributes to 2% nation’s entire budget among Top 10 Groups of Companies in Bangladesh. Akij Group was established in 1940 by Sheikh Akijuddin. He used to do Jute Trading Business, before moving to other business. They are also one of the biggest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. Their business covers textiles, tobacco, food & beverage, cement, ceramics, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, etc.

Major concerns of Akij Group are – Akij Plastics Limited, Akij Cables limited, Abrar Tours and Travels, Ad-din Foundation, Akij Automotive Industry, Akij Biri Factory Ltd,  Akij Cement Company Ltd,  Akij Ceramics Company Ltd, Akij Computer Ltd, Akij Corporation Limited, Akij Food & Beverage Ltd, Akij Foundation School & College, Akij Gas Company Ltd, Akij Gas Station Ltd, Akij Hotel and Resorts, Akij Institute of Technology, Akij Jute Mills Ltd, Akij Match Factory Ltd, Akij Motors, Akij Particle Board Mills Ltd, Akij Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Akij Printing & Packaging Ltd, Akij Real Estate Ltd, Akij Securities Ltd, Akij Textile Mills Ltd, Akij Wildlife Farm Limited, Akij Zarda Factory Ltd, Dhaka Tobacco Industries, S.A.F Industries Ltd, Akij Foundation School and College (Uttara, Manikganj, and Mohammadpur), Akij Rice Mill Industry, Akij Flour Mill Industry, Akij Ceramics Ltd, Akij BIAX Films Limited, Akij BAKERS Limited.

Career at Akij Group:

Head Office :
198, Akij House, Bir Uttam Mir Showkat Sarak, Tegaon Sarak, Tejgaon, Dhaka – 1208
Phone:  08000016609

Contributor: Sunzida Ferdous| Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

Note: These are not Official Ranking From Any Established Authority. Business Haunt Picked Them Randomly and Placed on the Base of Popularity and Internet Source.

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