Manage Your Daily Life Stresses

Stress is inevitable and comes from fear, it often walks in and out of our life on a regular basis. It has the power to walk all over on us if we do not have proper answers to deal with. It contains good or bad effects, good stress helps us to work on time, on the other hand, bad stress spoils our work. So we have to have a proper way to deal with it unless it will make us suffer in the long run and may affect our future as well. So here we present the 10 way to manage your daily life stress.

How to Manage Your Daily Life Stress?

1.Plan your day:

Before starting any work, u can have a schedule which is a pre-necessary, then follow up the schedule you made, try to fulfill it, in case u don’t, then cut out the work you have already done and stay focused on your next work to do. Thus, u can find an inspiration that will help you to get rid of your stress.

2. Avoid bad habits, exercise regularly and have a healthy life:

Avoiding bad habits, keeping body and mind fresh , can help you to become more of  you, in order to keep body and mind fresh, you should do some exercise like morning walk, to be fit you have to eat healthy food, get some sound sleep, it might be the best tonic for avoiding stress, which will help you to be fresh and jolly.

3.Ensure proper rest:

You can have a break while doing work, because your brain cell needs rest too. Taking rest,  you can have a fresh mind that will help you to do your work plainly. Besides this, you can listen to music which you would like and they will soothe your mood avoiding stress.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously:

You shouldn’t take yourself seriously because sometimes something happened which is beyond our understanding, in this situation, have these words in your mind, its just a staircase u failed, there are others waiting for your stepping, that is how u can do humor work, and avoid stress.

5. Let the past go and move on:

Past is a part of your life, not a priority. let go past and take experience form it and be grateful for past as it has made you stronger than ever. Take inspiration from that experience and move forward with even faster than before. That might help you to avoid stress.

6. Be confident:

Some said self-help is the best help. So help yourself, overcome your weaknesses make them your strength. And think if u cannot, then, no one will ever, but if there is one who can do it, it’s you be the one and be a better version of you.

7. Out loud and share:

Sometimes we face some situation like nothing to do, so what you can do is, out loud as much as u can and let out your frustration and then talk to someone your close, perhaps you will see a different angle.

8. Keep a stress diary:

Some people might be introvert who cannot share their stress with anyone, for them keeping a stress diary can be helpful, they can let out their say in writing, and get himself free form stress.

9. Have some positive self-talk:

There is no way of talking negativity, because our brain works on the image if we say the word no then there will be no image, so hold yourself on the pitch waiting for next opportunity and keep saying yourself that it’s easy, and it’s you can do it.

10. Manage your time properly:

Give respect to time, because in order to be free from stress, you have to a good clock wiser, so do now, do not keep your work for the next, let yourself allow to enjoy the momentum.

Contributor: Sanzida Ferdous |Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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