Top 10 YOUTUBE Channels that Can Make You Smart


Youtube is the 2nd most popular site on the internet. The 1st one is obviously the Gaint Google. You can find so much information available on youtube these days. People can get an entire package of different education from youtube. PBS- Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta launched a video on “Is youtube making us smarter?”

He surveys the creatively educational field on YouTube and found that the learning’s there on youtube is quite useful. If someone wants to learn it from a proper source or channel and apply this knowledge in life he/she can change life quite easily.

youtube statistics 2nd largest social media network

Based on a recent survey there are top 10 youtube channel that can help people for being smart, these listed below,

10 YOUTUBE Channels that Can Make You Smart

01. Vsauce

Vsauce is a YouTube channel created by  Michael Stevens. Since debuting 2010, Vsauce has gained more than 10 million followers. Creator and host Michael Stevens fields seemingly rhetorical questions — like “What if everyone jumped at once?” or the above“What if the Sun disappeared?” — and answers them with wonder and thought-provoking detail.

Genre: scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as gaming, technology, popular culture, and other general interest subjects.

Subscribers: 15.5 million and growing | Total views: 1.8 billion and still on rise

Chanel link:


AsapSCIENCE is a YouTube channel created by Canadian YouTubers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. People can learn and be entertained by the neatest aspects of science and life. With weekly videos covering biology, chemistry, physics, and more.

Answers to the World’s Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors, and Unexplained subjects like- “What really happens in our brain when it’s high on alcohol or marijuana?” “Which Came First – The Chicken Or The Egg?” “The Science of Cheating.”

Genre: Education, Science.

Subscribers 8,900,000 and growing | Views 1,327,227,652 and still in rise

Channel link:

    03. TED

    No Youtube list is complete without mentioning TED Talks. TED is devoted to express ideas, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED-(Technology, Entertainment, Design) looks for engaging, charismatic speakers whose talks explain new ideas that are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to a broad, worldwide audience.” By subscribing to them on YouTube you can be the first person to spread an awesome idea amongst your group of friends or family members.

    Common is linked to the TED tagline: “Every talk contains ideas worth spreading“.

    Viewers: 1819613626 and growing | Subscribers : 16.9 million and still in rise

    Channel link :

    04. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee is a technology-focused video and broadcast channel, whose name is a concatenation of MKB (Brownlee’s initials) and HD (for high-definition ), hosted by Marques Keith Brownlee. This channel is the most popular tech youtube channel. It’s intriguing and inspiring to see people like Marques cultivating their skills and growing an audience from a hobby, and arriving at a place where his work rivals that of any kind of media network.

    Subscribers: 10 million and growing | Total views 1.8 billion and still in rise

    Chanel link:

    05. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy is a Canadian unboxing and technology YouTube channel produced by Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. Hilsenteger is the channel’s host and McCann is the videographer. Unbox Therapy allows viewers to experience the pleasure of opening the newest technological items and not having to spend money on purchasing those items.

    Subscribers: 16 million and growing | Total views: 3 billion and still in rise

    Channel link:

    Youtube and other social media
    Source: HSCM

    06. Veritasium

    The man behind this great channel Veritasium is Dr. Derek Muller, a physicist who produce video series on some of the most amazing scientific phenomena behind very simple things in the world.

    Subscribers: 10.2 million and growing | Total views 2.5 billion and still in rise

    Channel link:

    07. Minute Physics

    Minute Physics is an educational YouTube channel created by Henry Reich in 2011, use whiteboard animation, accomplishes a lot with a little. These videos consist simply of a narrator using a marker pen on a plain piece of paper to quickly sketch out explanations of principles of physics and other scientific topics. These unique video presentations make often different concepts easier to grasp. Many students make use of this channel for physics, which can only be a good indicator of its quality.

    Genre: Education, Science, Physics, Philosophy

    Subscribers: 4.96 million and growing | Total views: 439 million still in rise

    Channel link:

      08. SciShow

      SciShow is a series of science-related videos on YouTube hosted by Hank Green and Michael Aranda.SciShow is a full editorial, production, and operations staff. SciShow produces video series on chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, entomology, botany, meteorology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, anthropology, and computer science. The videos on SciShow have a vast variety of different topics, such as nutrition and “science superlatives” it features entertaining exchanges of scientific facts among many of the shows’ staffers and is directed at a mature audience.

      Subscribers: 5.8 million and growing | Total views: 1 billion and still in rise

      Channel link:

      09. Khan Academy

      Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization created by Salman Khan in 2008 with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students with short lesson videos also include supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators. All resources are available for free to users. Khan Academy’s website uses to provide a personalized learning experience, mainly built on the videos which are hosted on YouTube. The website is meant to be used as a supplement to its videos because it includes other features such as progress tracking, practice exercises, and teaching tools.

      Subscribers: 5.6 million | Total views: 1.7 billion

      Channel  link:

      10. Smarter Every Day

      Smarter Every Day is a YouTube channel that produces video series by Wilson Sandlin, an American engineer, and science communicator. Smarter Every DayHow does this work?” is one question that curious people never stop asking, regardless of age or experience. “How does this work?” is a question that curious people never stop asking and thinking regardless of age or experience. And on the  YouTube channel “Smarter Every Day,” videos which are used science to explore what makes things operate the way they do, what holds them together, and what happens when they fall apart — or are blown up.

      Genre: Educational

      Subscribers: 7.57  million and growing | Total views: 683 million still rising

      Channel  link:

      Source :Wikipedia ,, Engineering 9,Youtube channels ,websites etc

      Contributor: Shusmita Podder| Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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