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University is a place for high level education & research. It’s also a place to unleash your true form and earn academic excellence. University mainly focuses on forming your academic skills rather than the professional and extra-curricular skills  you are required to climb high in your career life. But, it offers many opportunities and has a great environment to learn those skills, you just have know what those really are. This article will cover that for you.

The University brings out all abilities, including incapability.

Anton Chekhov

At University, make sure you focus on developing these following qualities to stay on the track-

1. Positive Attitude:

If you don’t like something, that doesn’t mean it has no use to others. If one person says something bad about something, that doesn’t mean all the person will do the same. If someone says no one win it before, that doesn’t mean no one can do it now. Positivity creates the possibility to achieve unknown. Cause, everything falls flat in front of these types of positive attitude. Negativity or negative thinking always holds a person back and never let him/her become successful in life. University life filled with full of opportunity, if you don’t pour your mind with the positive attitude you will be dragged down by negativity.

2. Open-Minded:

Your ideas, thoughts or solutions are not always the ultimate and final decision to take. There could be a better alternative or judgements. Open-Minded means to be open to new ideas, thoughts or discussion. You should always welcome others to share their view and start a constructive discussion in order to find a better result. It helps you to make a better and friendly environment to share new and innovative ideas.

3. Communication skills:

Communication skill is one of the most important quality a university student must develop in his/her university life. Cause, It’s crucial for higher success in professional life. Communication doesn’t only mean talking to the subordinates or doing some mail. From your dress code to your way of welcoming your subordinates, bosses and clark; way of using social media and other e-communication systems; everything include in communication. At university, you should focus more on learning formal communication.

4. Presentation:

You might have the next big idea to change the world, but if you can’t present properly & express to your audience your idea might not see a good future. These days, you have to present your ideas, project, works in front of your managers or colleagues. This presentation skill requires a combination of MS Office (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) and common sense. You can develop your presentation skills from a business or career club.

5. Public speaking:

Public speaking and presentation are slightly different than one another. Presentation is a bit formal than public speaking and focuses only on the topic with structured data and information. Public speaking is more like an informal presentation what focuses on audience engagement and motivation. Here you have to convince a large number of audience to believe what you are saying. A Public speaker is more like a speech entertainer. And this skill needs a lot of practices. A debate club can be helpful to become a public speaker.

6. Good listener:

Everyone likes to talk, but they love a good listener. No one likes a person who immediately starts talking without listen to the full story. A good listener understand the message & comes up with a better solution and suggestion. Debating & MUN can help you with it. In debate & MUN, you have to be a good listener, otherwise you will not able to win over your opponent.

7. Self-confidence:

Self-confidence can make your life easy & helps you to handle any situation smartly. Confidence grows when you start working and stop thinking too much. To shine in life, you have to have self-confidence on your abilities. And you might not know your abilities since you engage in different extracurricular activities. Your university offers lots of opportunities to engage in it, start grabbing them today.

8. Self-Learner:

You are your best teacher. At university, they will not teach you everything. They will only guide you toward better knowledge. You can practice self-learning techniques to learn new things. Self-learning is more like seeking knowledge all by yourself and grab them. Self-Learning requires understanding the basics, exploring the information from various sources, and identify the pattern of your learning (mean how you learn best). These days online is the best source of practicing self-learning.

9. Time Management Skill:

Priority based time management skill is crucial for your regular life as well as professional life. You might have multiple works in a day, and if you miss managing one task, other might fall apart. To improve this skill you have to pay attention to the small staff and prioritize which task is needed to be done first. You can use to-do list for tracking your day to day work for better time management.

10. Social Worker:

Society raises you, taught you sometimes may hurt you. But it’s always your duty & responsibility to give some good things back to your society. At university, you should engage yourself in a social club. Social work will help you to understand the real life problems and the true picture of your society. It enables you to understand how we can improve it together. It also helps you to build a network of good people.

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