10 Most Common Interview Mistakes You May Do Often


Hey! In the future, you may apply for a job or internship. To get hired, you must first go through the primary selection and interview process. As, y our interview is your ticket to the job of your dreams you must be careful and prepared for it.  Unfortunately, nearly all of us make some of the most typical interview errors. Some of them are just absurd and not acceptable. Surprisingly, it is quite easy to prevent these mistakes while still being selected. For example, you must go to bed and wake up early. You should do some research about the firm for which you are interviewing. So, let’s follow the article and learn more about these.

10 Most Common Interview Mistakes

1. Arriving late

Being Late is one of the worst things that can happen to us all if we are not careful enough. You have to maintain your time for your interview and cannot get late. Because of arriving late, the interview board will think of you as an indisciplined and unorganized person who doesn’t care much about time. On the day of the interview, you lose time, you actually lose everything.

2. Being Lethargic

This one is hard to define but it is an interview killer. Don’t express yourself in any way throughout the interview process (while replying to their questions) that you are not proactive. Always Express that you are energetic and efficient. If the interview board thinks that you have enough confidence and basics for the post you might end up getting the job or favor.

3. Being unprepared

It’s very bad to be unprepared. Never be a fool in this information age. Always take good preparation before facing the interview. If you are unable to answer some basic questions regarding their company or the industry pattern, you will be rejected immediately. Preparation will help you to demonstrate your interest in them and the job you are looking for. You will also perform better in the interview when you are well-prepared.

4. Negative body language

Your body will always demonstrate something about you while you interact with others. Your Body language is very important on the day of the job interview. If the interviewer sees any unusual body movement such as hands moving, legs crossed, or frequent shoulder or eye movement, they will definitely mark you negatively. You can Learn some positive body language from the internet or youtube before facing an interview.

5. Not making eye contact

Meeting the interviewer’s gaze is essential to making a good impression. If you can’t look your interviewer in the eye it can seem as if you’re lacking in confidence, or even hiding something. Otherwise, it is considered a bad manner if you talk to someone looking in another direction. We understand that this might be more challenging for people that are shy, but it’s important to make that connection. Practice before you sit for the interview.

6. Dressing inappropriately

When you interview for a job, it’s imperative to look professional and polished. You must have everything clean and well-ironed. You don’t need anything too costly for the job interview. Your dresses just needed to look fresh, neat, and clean but not too old. For that, you should keep at least two formal dress matching contrast in your collection. The suit isn’t mandatory but you can take it with you if the office is air-conditioned.

7. Leaving your cell phone on

We may live in a wired, always-available society, but a ringing phone is not appropriate for an interview. Always remember to Turn it off before you enter for the interview. For safety, you can put it into silent or do not disturb mode the day before. Also, check if you have any unusual Alarm turned on.

8. Complaining about your former job

Always remember, you can never talk trash about your former job. The last thing your prospective employer wants to hear is that you are a winner. It doesn’t matter how bad your previous place of employment was, The interviewer wants to hear that you have done your best in your capacity for the company. So, Try to keep a positive spin on things.

9. Talking a lot

Don’t talk too much. Just answer what the interviewer asks you, but not too less. You will get a negative impression if you talk too much or talk too little. Never answer anything within YES or No. Always add some 2 or 3 sentences with it. Please, be careful about that.

10. Not Asking Any Questions

Ask questions at the end of the interview. Show them the interest in the job and the company. Ask them relative questions about the job, like “what types of challenges you might face if you join?” “What is their thought about the interview you have just given?” etc.

Well, Just avoid these mistakes and rock the interview, Next time.

Contributor: Kolins Chakma | Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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