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Contrary to standard belief the word ‘personality’ does not refer to being moody, brooding and heavy. Personality is actually our typical pattern of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting. Its what we tend to do consistently across the board. It would be hard to define personality in one attribute, as personalities are a combination of various traits. Even though everyone’s personality is exclusive and delightful in their own way, there can always be space for improvement. It never hurts to be more likable. So, here are some tips that may assist you with a fascinating personality.

How to Build a Strong Personality-

1. Be Yourself

Having the boldness to be yourself, is one in all the foremost engaging personality traits an individual can have. Do not place on an act and try to be somebody you’re not, cause people to know once you are faking it. Just get comfy in your own skin, as your personality can solely bloom when you begin being yourself and letting folks see who you really are.

2. Raise More Queries & Have Interaction

Another very attractive personality trait is making others feel important. Do not be just centered on yourself and keep rambling about your life. When talking to individuals show some genuine interest in them. Ask them questions too instead of simply answering theirs.

3. Be More Fascinating

If you are thinking why you do not have engaging conversations with folks, that is most likely as a result of you would possibly be boring. Interesting people have things to speak about, concepts to share. If you think that you can be fascinated by staying in the bubble you have created for yourself, you are dead wrong!

By attempting additional things, meeting new folks, going places and educating yourself, you can be more fascinating. Cause you will have stories to tell concerning your travels, concerning the new people you have befriended or the things you learned there.

4. Be a Better Listener

This may come as a surprise to several people. “Better listener”?! What does that even mean! It means that taking a step back and actually attempting to understand the person you are talking to. Most of the time we’re not truly paying attention to understand but paying attention to reply. This is often what causes us to not only be unlikable but also keeps us from creating any real connection with the person we’re talking to.

5. Have Integrity

Integrity is something that is seen through your actions. Having a set of morals that are reflected through your actions is critical for people to find you trustworthy.

Integrity isn’t simply a personality trait however also a foundation of being a decent person.

6. Treat Individuals With Respect

Well well, what a surprise! Being a douchebag isn’t a decent personality trait? who knew! All jokes aside, respecting others as human beings is a trait that we all should have. We are all totally different and each and every one of us might have different tastes, opinions, and ideas. Even if we do not agree with them, we should at least respect them.

Personality is a tricky subject. Some people may like you just how you’re, and then there are some people might not like you no matter how good you do! But at the end of the day, all we should tend to do is try and improve ourselves and keep moving forward.

Contributor: Ila |Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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