How to introduce yourself properly in Job Interview

How to Introduce Yourself?

In every job interview or viva, it is the very first common question which is asked, is to introduce yourself. But it’s a matter of sorrow that most of the candidates get nervous, fumbled and failed to answer this question properly. In you viva, while facing this question, you can answer it in an appropriate way using some techniques. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks that will definitely help you to deal with this question in your next job interview or viva.

Ways to introduce yourself properly:

Be a good listener

Here it is meant that to listen to others carefully. In your interview, you may be asked to tell something about yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you keep going on and on and do not let others any chance to ask you another question.

On the other hand, every time it is not necessary that you would be asked to tell something about yourself first and you may be asked for this question later. The interview board can ask you any type of question at the beginning of your interview.

So, it is not allowed that you enter the interview room and start telling about yourself without caring what you have been actually asked for. However, it is very important to give an ear to others to answer correctly.

Be concentrated on what are you saying

It is also very important to be focused. When the interviewer asks you to tell something about yourself it does not mean that he/she wants to know something about your family, hobbies, what you like or not or anything about your personal life. All they actually want to know about your professional life such as your educational background or your work experiences.

Just give them a relevant answer that simply represents your skills, capabilities and also creates a good impression. Because a good impression really matters.

Avoid using complex sentences

We probably think if we use more critical words or complex sentences then it shows our high level of skills. But it is really not to use critical words or complex sentences to represent your stage of capabilities. Because the more you use complex sentences or critical words you may end up with some grammatical mistakes or pronunciation mistakes.

You can define your skill power using simple sentences too. So, it is better to avoid using this complexity.

The KISS approach

Keep It Short & Simple. There are several numbers of people who really into talking. They just keep going on and on. But it is needed to be stopped. Because the interviewers have some more questions to ask for you and you cannot keep talking about yourself, family or other personal details.

That is not necessary. They actually don’t need to know your biography. Just confidently highlight 3 or 4 points that would really show your skills to the interviewers.


Put some pigments or colors on what you actually have. It is not good enough to say, “I am hardworking, disciplined, punctual”. Or something like that the name of the qualities or skills that you have. These are found in all over the resume and commonly used by all. So, what you need to do is to put some colors on these positivities. Just highlight these words using some examples that what you have already done as a hard worker, punctual, problem solver or the other qualities that you have.

Contributor: Anika Tasnim | Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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