Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh


When discussing the best brands in the country, the first thing that comes to mind is the names of heavy-looking sports bikes, but if we say in detail what aspects we are talking about as the best bikes or the best brands, we will see that many brands do not exist even on our idea.In this sense, we must first and foremost assess a brand’s acceptability to all aspects of people. So, let’s know about Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh. Then there’s the problem of matching a brand’s models to everyone, or the issue of design variation, because motorcycles with a sporty or heavy appearance are usually manufactured by combining the price with a look that does not fit everyone, and everyone cannot buy the bikes even if they wanted to.The third topic mentioned in the case of the finest brands is the price of motorcycles or models, because if one model is significantly more expensive than the other models, which appear to be extremely discordant, then the price balance is not maintained.

Above all, the following general concerns must be studied and discussed: bike pricing to suit the demands, preferences, and budget, as well as the necessary and good after-sales service.Many of us discuss this topic and identify the greatest brand based on direct sales volume, but if the after sales service purchasers do not receive adequately, the brand cannot maintain its place at the forefront for a long time, as we witnessed in the 1980s and 1990s.Below are some of the data and information we have from MotorcycleValley searches, customer comments, our call center, and all of the brands we can rank in the top 10, according to the requirements stated above.

Some interesting facts about Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh.

01. The most popular bikes in bangladesh include Yamaha MT 15 V2.

02. Best 150cc Bike Models Bajaj Pulsar NS160, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Hero Xtreme 160R etc.

03. Most Popular Bikes in Bangladesh Yamaha MT 15, Yamaha FZS V3, Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS etc.

04. BAJAJ-The Giant Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh.

05. The government has finally decided not to allow motorcycles beyond 165cc engine capacity before 2024, prolonging the wait for bikers to ride high capacity two-wheelers for three more years.

List of Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh

02Suzuki 2013 
03HondaDecember 04, 2012
04TVS 2007
06Bajaj 1972 
07Lifan 1992 
08Runner 12th October 2004
09H Power1995
10keeway 1999

One of the crazes of the time and the mania of young bikers may be considered to revolve around this one brand, and many may argue that Yamaha should be at the top of any list of the finest bike brands. It is worth noting that if the most popular bike brands are listed, the name of Yamaha may appear at the top because one of the topics in the list of the best brands is the motorcycle available to everyone, and there is only one Yamaha bike in the commuter segment, which is in the 125cc segment. Even yet, by arranging items in high cc, Yamaha has been able to establish itself as a luxury brand with significant customer confidence, and there are very few models in their lengthy voyage in Bangladesh that have not been welcomed by all. First, there’s the Japanese brand, and second, Yamaha has to be one of the top sports bike manufacturers in the country. Yamaha, a well-known Japanese brand, sells 14 different models.

Suzuki is one of the few Japanese brands to have entered the Bangladesh market after the country’s independence. When all two-stroke bikes were prohibited in the 1990s, and other bike makers began doing business with Indian brands, Suzuki took over the business from Bangladesh. Suzuki returned to Bangladesh roughly 10-15 years later, as if Suzuki had brought the potential to compete with any other brand in the Bangladeshi market with better bikes and different models than before. However, it is better to say that Suzuki will be much higher on the list of popular bike brands. Suzuki is present in Bangladesh with a total of 27 models, including the well-known Suzuki Gixxer.

Honda is a brand that the people of Bangladesh are familiar with. Despite the fact that the company in Bangladesh has been slowing for some years, Honda has released a line of products ranging from the top sports category bikes to high-end commuter bikes. Honda is the most popular brand among Bangladeshis for two reasons: its longevity and the Japanese brand. All contemporary Honda models on the market have these characteristics, and the most intriguing thing is that Honda is more genuine than any other brand in terms of customer support and after-sales care, which is ideal for a bike user. Honda presently sells around 20 vehicles in Bangladesh.

Another Indian company TVS has established itself in the Bangladesh motorbike market by combining the remarkable and numerous commuter bikes. Mentioning only the bikes in the commuter segment would be unfair to this brand because almost all of the 160cc semi-sports bikes that have recently entered the market with all the latest features have unique designs that will appeal to most bike lovers at a glance. For these reasons, we rank TVS third in the list of best brands. TVS, a well-known Indian company, is currently promoting 23 models.

Hero is one of the greatest Indian brands in Bangladesh, and this brand is known for providing the best quality bikes to clients at reasonable prices. Although there have been some service issues in the past, the current service and commodities in the sports category have elevated Hero to the finest motorbike brand in Bangladesh. To put it bluntly, some people in Bangladesh believe that it is impossible to provide a good product at a low price, but Hero has intervened very well in this matter and proven such an idea wrong by providing many famous models of exceptional performance to the root level buyers at very low prices. Hero operates 24 models in the Bangladesh market.

The best-selling motorbike brand in the Bangladeshi market is Uttara Motors’ imported Indian brand “Bajaj,” which has been doing business in Bangladesh for a long time and produces the majority of the best models in the commuter segment. Over time, the quality of Bajaj bikes, the outstanding mix of engine performance, mileage, reasonable pricing, matching design, bike durability, and so on, have propelled Bajaj to an unrivaled position among Bangladeshi brands. Bajaj, a well-known brand in Bangladesh, now offers 12 different bike types.

Lifan will rank first among the greatest Chinese brands in Bangladesh. Considering Bangladesh’s bike customers, Lifan has organized their product stock in such a way that when a buyer visits Lifan’s showroom to purchase a bike, he must select one of two models. At the same time, it is worth noting that the majority of Lifan’s bikes are in the sports category, with each bike starting at 150cc and encompassing on-road – off-road, sports, cruiser, and scooter in total. Lifan presently sells 12 motorcycles.

Runner has all the stages and models of bikes in Bangladesh with all categories as an indigenous brand and inexpensive rates over time with which Runner has established itself as a trusted bike brand for buyers of all levels. Runner’s lengthy run has entirely debunked bikers’ concerns about the durability of their products. Runner is currently working with 17 models.

H Power, a well-known motorbike brand in Bangladesh, is quietly working in the Bangladeshi motorcycle market. It is worth noting that, while not every H Power brand bike is well-known among city dwellers, the Loncin GP 150 bike was well-known and is no longer available on the market. It is believed that if you are seeking for a bike with decent mileage at a reasonable price for general usage, the bike in the commuter class of H Power should be your first choice. H Power now operates with 9 models in total.

The Keeway brand has quickly developed a strong position in the minds of commuter bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Despite the brand’s ups and downs and transfers over time, its remarkable design with exceptional build quality, low prices, engine performance, and mileage distinguishes Keeway from any other model or brand in Bangladesh. Needless to say, Keeway has introduced a whole new range of cruiser motorcycles to the Bangladeshi motorcycle market, ranging from commuters to sports and even spectacularly designed cruiser bikes. Keeway currently has 7 models on the market in Bangladesh.

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