Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh


When evaluating the best motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, it’s crucial to consider a variety of factors beyond just the aesthetics of heavy-looking sports bikes. The true measure of excellence lies in a brand’s ability to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the population. To determine the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, we take into account several essential aspects. Firstly, a brand’s appeal should extend to a broad spectrum of consumers. The accessibility of the brand to people from various backgrounds is paramount. Secondly, it’s imperative that a brand offers a wide range of models to accommodate different riders. Whether it’s sporty or heavy-duty designs, the selection must be versatile to meet everyone’s demands.

The third aspect to consider is pricing. Maintaining a balance in pricing among different models is essential. If a brand’s motorcycles exhibit significant price disparities, it can lead to a lack of harmony and accessibility. Above all, we emphasize the importance of aligning bike pricing with the preferences and budgets of consumers. Additionally, a reliable and efficient after-sales service is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction. Our assessment of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh is based on data from MotorcycleValley, customer feedback, call center interactions, and a comprehensive evaluation of brands that meet the criteria outlined above. These factors collectively determine the finest motorcycle brands in the country.

Interesting facts about Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh.

01. The most popular bikes in bangladesh include Yamaha MT 15 V2.

02. Best 150cc Bike Models Bajaj Pulsar NS160, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Hero Xtreme 160R etc.

03. Most Popular Bikes in Bangladesh Yamaha MT 15, Yamaha FZS V3, Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS etc.

04. BAJAJ-The Giant Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh.

05. The government has finally decided not to allow motorcycles beyond 165cc engine capacity before 2024, prolonging the wait for bikers to ride high capacity two-wheelers for three more years.

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List of Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh

02Suzuki 2013 
03HondaDecember 04, 2012
04TVS 2007
06Bajaj 1972 
07Lifan 1992 
08Runner 12th October 2004
09H Power1995
10keeway 1999

Renowned for igniting the passion of young bikers, Yamaha stands as a prime contender among the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. Widely acclaimed by enthusiasts, Yamaha’s excellence often dominates discussions on leading motorcycle manufacturers. While Yamaha’s commuter segment in Bangladesh is represented by a single 125cc model, its strategic focus on higher cc motorcycles positions it in the realm of luxury bikes, earning the trust of numerous customers. Throughout its journey in Bangladesh, Yamaha has introduced models warmly embraced by the biking community.

Benefiting from its Japanese legacy, Yamaha boasts a strong reputation for quality and reliability. It has become a prominent name in manufacturing sports bikes within the country. With a diverse portfolio comprising 14 distinct models, Yamaha continually captivates motorbike enthusiasts, securing its place as a top-tier motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. This SEO-friendly insight highlights Yamaha’s popularity and diversified portfolio, cementing its status among the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh.

Establishing its presence in the Bangladesh motorcycle market since the country’s independence, Suzuki, a distinguished Japanese brand, has solidified its standing among the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. Suzuki’s arrival in the 1990s, amid a ban on two-stroke motorcycles, marked a pivotal moment, filling a significant gap left by other manufacturers. After a hiatus, Suzuki triumphantly re-entered the Bangladeshi market, introducing an enhanced lineup of motorcycles with unique offerings.

Suzuki has garnered a substantial position among popular motorcycle brands, showcasing an extensive portfolio of 27 distinct models, notably the acclaimed Suzuki Gixxer. This resurgence emphasizes Suzuki’s dedication to providing diverse, high-quality options catering to the preferences of Bangladeshi motorcycle enthusiasts. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Suzuki’s legacy and its commitment to offering an array of quality models underscore its significant presence and appeal in the Bangladeshi market.

In the realm of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Honda stands as an enduring and deeply ingrained name in the hearts of the Bangladeshi people. Despite a period of gradual deceleration in the Bangladeshi market, Honda has persevered by offering a comprehensive range of products, spanning from top-tier sports bikes to high-quality commuter motorcycles. Honda’s continued popularity in Bangladesh can be attributed to two key factors. Firstly, its longstanding presence in the market has nurtured a strong sense of trust and reliability among consumers. Secondly, its Japanese heritage enhances its appeal, as Japanese products are synonymous with quality and precision.

What truly distinguishes Honda is its unwavering commitment to customer support and after-sales care, making it the preferred choice for motorbike users. Presently, Honda boasts a diverse selection of around 20 distinct models in Bangladesh. Despite market fluctuations, Honda’s legacy as a trusted and authentic choice for motorcycle enthusiasts in Bangladesh remains steadfastly intact. Honda’s reputation as one of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh is firmly rooted in its history, quality, and unwavering commitment to its customers.

As one of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, TVS, an eminent Indian motorcycle manufacturer, has firmly established itself in the Bangladeshi market with an impressive range of commuter bikes. However, TVS’s appeal transcends the commuter segment, showcasing a striking lineup of 160cc semi-sports bikes distinguished by innovative features and captivating designs that resonate deeply with motorcycle enthusiasts. These attributes rightfully position TVS as the third-ranked brand among the best motorcycle manufacturers. Its extensive portfolio of 23 diverse models underscores TVS’s commitment to meeting the varied tastes and preferences of Bangladeshi riders.

TVS has excelled in striking a balance between practical commuter bikes and thrilling semi-sports models, propelling it into a respected position within the motorcycle market in Bangladesh. With a range that harmonizes quality, innovation, and style, TVS consistently captures the admiration of motorbike enthusiasts in the country. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, TVS’s diverse portfolio and innovative designs solidify its standing as a favored choice among Bangladeshi riders.

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Hero, an illustrious Indian motorcycle brand, has firmly established itself as one of the leading names among the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. Recognized for its commitment to delivering high-quality motorcycles at budget-friendly price points, Hero stands as the foremost choice in the Bangladeshi motorcycle market, particularly in the sports category. While past service issues may have arisen, Hero’s current offerings, both in services and products within the sports category, have propelled the brand to the zenith of motorcycle excellence in Bangladesh. Hero has effectively debunked the belief that providing a superior product at an affordable price is unattainable. Not only has the brand dispelled this notion, but it has also introduced a range of celebrated models that deliver outstanding performance to entry-level buyers at exceptionally competitive prices.

With an extensive portfolio comprising 24 distinct models in the Bangladesh market, Hero’s unwavering dedication to providing value, performance, and affordability reaffirms its position as the preferred motorcycle brand for discerning Bangladeshi riders. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Hero’s exceptional offerings continue to resonate with those seeking both quality and affordability in their motorcycles.

Uttara Motors’ Bajaj, the Indian brand imported to Bangladesh, holds the top position as the best-selling motorcycle brand in the dynamic Bangladeshi market. Bajaj has established a strong and enduring presence in Bangladesh, particularly excelling in the commuter segment with a majority of sought-after models. Over the years, Bajaj has consistently enhanced its reputation by offering an impressive blend of exceptional engine performance, great mileage, competitive pricing, appealing designs, remarkable durability, and more.

These attributes have propelled Bajaj to an unparalleled level of dominance among Bangladeshi motorcycle brands, showcasing its unwavering commitment to providing riders with a superior riding experience. A well-known and respected brand in Bangladesh, Bajaj features a diverse lineup of 12 distinct bike types. Its ongoing success serves as a testament to its dedication in delivering motorcycles that meet the diverse needs and preferences of Bangladeshi consumers, solidifying its position as the foremost motorcycle brand in the country among the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh.

As one of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Lifan stands out as a prominent Chinese brand highly favored by many riders in the country. Tailoring its product range to accommodate the diverse preferences of Bangladeshi motorcycle enthusiasts, Lifan streamlined its offerings to present buyers with a choice between two distinctive models available in Lifan showrooms. Lifan’s distinctive feature lies in its robust presence in the sports category, with most bikes boasting engine capacities starting at 150cc. This diverse range includes on-road, off-road, sports, cruiser, and scooter models, catering to a broad spectrum of riding preferences.

Presently, Lifan offers an impressive lineup of 12 motorcycles in the Bangladeshi market. Its strategic approach of providing a varied selection of motorcycles aligns with the evolving needs of Bangladeshi riders, firmly establishing Lifan as the leading Chinese motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Lifan’s commitment to diversifying its range to cater to various riding styles reflects its prominence and appeal among Bangladeshi riders seeking quality and diversity in their motorcycles.

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Runner, an indigenous brand in Bangladesh, has emerged as a significant name among the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, offering a comprehensive range across all bike categories, catering to diverse rider needs. Recognized for its budget-friendly options, Runner has gained trust across all levels of the motorcycle market. Notably, Runner’s commendable achievement lies in its unwavering commitment to quality and durability, dispelling any concerns about the longevity and reliability of its products.

Presently, Runner presents a diverse lineup comprising 17 distinct models, showcasing its commitment to providing varied choices to Bangladeshi riders. Runner’s sustained presence and ongoing growth in the market affirm its position as a dependable and inclusive motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Runner’s commitment to quality, diversity, and accessibility reinforces its significance among Bangladeshi riders seeking reliable and diverse motorcycle options.

H Power, a renowned motorcycle brand in Bangladesh and part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in the country, operates discreetly yet steadily within the Bangladeshi motorcycle market, leaving a notable impression. While not every H Power model enjoys widespread urban recognition, the Loncin GP 150 bike had previously gained significant popularity, although it’s currently not available in the market. H Power offers a selection of bikes known for their impressive mileage and affordability, making them an appealing choice for general usage, especially in the commuter class.

With a total of nine distinct models on offer, H Power showcases its dedication to providing a variety of options to meet the diverse needs of Bangladeshi riders. Despite its understated presence, H Power stands as a reliable choice for those seeking cost-effective and dependable motorcycles in Bangladesh. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, H Power’s emphasis on affordability and reliability resonates with riders looking for practical and budget-friendly commuting options.

Keeway, rapidly ascending within the Bangladeshi motorcycle market and part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in the country, has garnered a devoted following, particularly among commuter bike enthusiasts. Despite experiencing fluctuations and changes over time, Keeway has carved a niche for itself due to its unique design, exceptional build quality, competitive pricing, strong engine performance, and impressive mileage. Keeway’s distinct proposition distinguishes it from other models and brands in Bangladesh. Notably, Keeway has expanded by introducing an enticing range of cruiser motorcycles to the Bangladeshi market, spanning from commuters to sports bikes, and attractively designed cruiser models.

Currently, Keeway offers a compelling lineup of seven distinct models in the Bangladeshi market, solidifying its position as a brand that harmonizes style, performance, and affordability, catering to the diverse preferences of Bangladeshi riders. As part of the top 10 motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, Keeway’s unique characteristics and diversified range resonate with riders seeking a blend of style, performance, and cost-effectiveness in their motorcycles.

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