Top 10 Clothing and Fashion Brands in Bangladesh


Fashion changes every day and changing fashion has a lot of impact on our culture and society, because, fashion companies’ methods of production, material choices, and labor practices all have a direct connection with society and the surrounding environment. Fashion brands always set the trends as they stand out from their competitors based on their values and beliefs. A person’s sense of self and how they want to be perceived by others can be influenced by the way that fashion brands frequently represent a particular style or image that they identify with.

Most fashion brands are successful by adopting the right strategy and utilizing resources effectively. Bangladesh has many brands that have various designs and materials to ensure that their products attract the right audiences and generate more sales. The culture of consumerism that encourages people to buy new things all the time in order to stay up with trends and project a certain image is something that fashion brands can contribute to.

List of Top 10 Clothing and Fashion Brands in Bangladesh

1. Aarong

In an effort to help rural artisans escape destitution, this ethical brand was founded in 1978. With over 100 fashion and lifestyle product lines, 26 retail shops spread across Bangladesh, and 65,000 artisans receiving fair terms of trade, Aarong now supports 65,000 artisans. This iconic brand, which revolutionized the retail sector by setting high standards for quality and creativity while fusing the old and the new, never fails to appeal to customers both domestically and internationally.

It is the top lifestyle retailer in Bangladesh. Operating under BRAC, a nonprofit organization Aarong employs rural artisans for producing their fashion products. Their fashion products range from pajamas, fotua to antic items. Aarong has a total of twenty-one outlets in various districts of Bangladesh. It was founded by Ayesha Abed who was the wife of Sir Fazle Abed, the founder of BRAC.

2. Cats Eye

Cats Eye is the pioneer lifestyle brand that sells men’s fashion items. CATS EYE started out as a tiny store in Green Super Market in 1980, selling almost anything from candies to ornaments. The shop’s original owners, Mr. Sayeed Siddiqui Rumi, and Mrs. Ashrafun Siddiqui Dora kept a tiny portion of it for their own-designed shirts. The eager young men of Dhaka gave them a positive reaction. Mrs. Ashrafun Siddiqui made the decision to only offer designer clothing for men as a result.

It is a brand that has set the fashion trends by connecting with the customers. Located in Elephant Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh, the brand sells products that are trendy and fashionable. Recently, it has launched female dresses and jewelry.

3. Richman

Richman is one of the popular brands in Bangladesh for men’s clothing. It is one of the leading designer lifestyle brands in Bangladesh. This lifestyle brand is known for showcasing designs that are preppy with a twist and celebrating the essence of classic, cool style. It has a significant geographic footprint in Bangladesh and offers a wide range of well-known fashion accessories for males of all ages. People can also order their clothes from Richman online. Being one of the competitive brands, it has products that are high in price. But the quality of Richman’s clothes is worth the price. The mother company, Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd. has provided premium styling, quality, and value to customers under the LUBNAN, RICHMAN, and iNFINITY Mega Mall brands since its start.

4. Yellow

Yellow is a retail brand of BEXIMCO, a famous company for a wide range of products in Bangladesh. Yellow began its journey in 2004 and currently operates 19 stores throughout Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as a 24/7 online business. They have been providing top-notch patterns at incredible prices since their inception. For men, women, and children, they offer a broad selection of fashionable apparel, fragrances, and accessories. They also sell textiles for home décor, avant-garde ceramic items, paintings, books, and many other things. Young people can buy fashionable clothes from Yellow with unique designs and fabrics, having a good number of stores across Bangladesh and Pakistan, interested customers can buy clothes from Yellow both online and offline.

5. Ecstasy

Founded in 1997, Ecstasy is a brand that is famous for being one of the fashion houses in Bangladesh. Ecstasy has rapidly grown from starting out as a single-shop chain in 1997 to becoming one of the nation’s most prominent fashion stores. Ecstasy is one of the popular fashion brands among youth who aspire to wear trendy clothes on various occasions. Both men’s and women’s clothes are offered by Ecstasy. And if people find it difficult to travel to the outlets, they can place orders online.

6. Dorjibari

One of the renowned clothing brands in Bangladesh is Dorjibari. Located in Sadarghat, Dorjibari sells clothes that are environmentally friendly. Ensuring better quality service creates a fusion of eastern and western cultures among teenagers. So the clothes Dorjibari sells are not only for teenagers but also men, women, and children. Having more than 30 showrooms in Bangladesh, it reinvents the modern approach to fashion in Bangladesh.

7. Smartex

Smartex is one of the clothing brands in Bangladesh that sell clothes at an affordable rate. They sell clothes for men, women, and children with impressive designs. Although it has showrooms in Dhaka, people can still buy from Smartex online. They sell clothes that are trendy and comfortable. Smartex ensures that it provides the best service to its customers with the good quality at an affordable price.

8. KayKraft

Another renowned clothing brand in Bangladesh is KayKraft which sells amazing clothes for men, women, and children. A retailer that targets the young population in Dhaka. KayKraft does not only sell clothes, but also handloom-based products as well as home textiles that have gained popularity among the middle-class professionals and students. They have been in the handloom-based handmade fashion wear industry for over 27 years. Kay Kraft’s dimensions and visions have multiplied as a result of discoveries of unused resources, skills, and potentials during its effective fast development of fame, operations, and infrastructure.

9. Le Reve

All-time fashionable clothes are offered by Le Reve, one of the top renowned brands in Bangladesh. The brand sells clothes that are fashionable for men, women, and children. With a mix of colors, styles, and silhouettes, the brand produces clothes that can be worn for every occasion. Customers can explore and buy in a relaxed and pleasing environment at all of their shops at Le Reve. The use of room is meticulously planned to create a genuinely international retail atmosphere.

10. Easy Fashion

One of the well-known fashion brands in Bangladesh that provide clothes for all classes of people. Clothes that are fashionable for young people are sold by Easy Fashion. Their prime focus of easy fashion is the youth and become a part of their lives, not just by selling the brands which rest under their hood but also by writing a part of their daily life stories. It is one of the popular brands for young people who want to purchase clothes at an affordable price.

Fashion has always a lot of influence on how the culture of a country changes. And fashion brands set the trends by selling clothes that are appealing to men, women, and children. Undoubtedly, the top 10 fashion brands of Bangladesh cater to the taste of all classes of people.

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