Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh


The motorcycle helmet market in Bangladesh has experienced substantial growth, driven by a rising number of motorcyclists and increased awareness of road safety. Helmets are crucial safety equipment for riders, offering protection against head injuries in accidents. Numerous esteemed helmet brands have made a significant impact in Bangladesh, providing top-quality helmets with advanced safety features and appealing designs. Discover the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh, emphasizing safety as the foremost consideration. Opt for helmets meeting national safety standards set by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). International safety certifications like DOT (Department of Transportation) and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) further validate the helmets’ quality.

When choosing a helmet, factors such as size, fit, ventilation, weight, and extra features like anti-fog visors are vital considerations. An appropriately fitted helmet should snugly cover the entire head without discomfort or hindering the rider’s vision. Helmets have a limited lifespan due to wear and tear, requiring replacement after an accident or upon signs of damage. Investing in a certified and reliable helmet isn’t just a legal requirement but a crucial step for road safety. These top 10 helmet brands in Bangladesh are trusted for consistently delivering high-quality helmets with advanced safety features, catering to various riding needs—from daily commuters to adventure enthusiasts. Prioritize safety and make an informed choice when selecting your helmet for every ride.

Interesting facts about Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh

01. BELL Star is available in the Bangladesh helmet market. BELL Star price in BD is 32,500.00Tk.

02. AXOR BATMEN is available in the Bangladesh helmet market. AXOR BATMEN price in BD is 6,500.00Tk.

03. AXOR Apex Sea Devil price in BD is 6,000.00Tk

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List of Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh

01vega helmets 1994 
02Studds Helmets1983
03Steelbird Helmets1964
04LS2 Helmets2016 
05MT Helmets1968
06HJC Helmets1971
07Axxis Helmets2010 
08RYO Helmets2013 
09Zeus Helmets1988
10Bilmola Helmets2008

Vega stands as a reputable and prominent brand in Bangladesh’s motorcycle helmet market, having established a strong presence since its inception in 1994. The company is renowned for its unwavering dedication to manufacturing top-quality helmets that prioritize safety and comfort. Vega’s diverse product line offers a range of helmet types including full-face, open-face, and flip-up models, catering to various riding styles and preferences.

What distinguishes Vega is its steadfast commitment to safety, evident in their advanced features designed for rider protection. Vega helmets are equipped with multi-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liners for improved impact absorption. The inclusion of scratch-resistant visors and well-designed ventilation systems in their helmets enhances durability and ensures prolonged clarity, offering rider comfort during extended journeys. This focus on both safety and design has earned Vega a significant following among motorcyclists in Bangladesh. Vega helmets are not only protective but also showcase style and endurance, making them the preferred choice for riders valuing safety alongside aesthetics and performance within the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

Studds, a globally recognized and prestigious helmet brand, has firmly established its presence in Bangladesh, dating back to its founding in 1983. Renowned for crafting reliable and cost-effective helmets, Studds has gained widespread acclaim in the country for its sturdy construction and strict adherence to international safety standards. The brand’s commitment to safety and quality has solidified its position as a trusted choice among riders.

Studds‘ remarkable characteristic lies in its extensive range of helmets, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Offering an array of styles including full-face, open-face, and motocross helmets, Studds ensures that riders can find helmets that perfectly match their specific needs and riding styles. Blending tradition with innovation, Studds leverages decades of expertise to deliver helmets that not only provide protection but also offer exceptional value. With a legacy of excellence, Studds remains a preferred option for Bangladeshi motorcyclists seeking helmets that combine durability and affordability without compromising on safety within the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

Established in 1964, Steelbird has become a resilient and notable force within the Bangladeshi helmet industry. With over 50 years of experience, the company boasts an extensive background in creating high-quality helmets. Steelbird stands out due to its technological advancements and innovative designs. Safety and comfort are at the core of their product line, evident in features such as effective ventilation systems, anti-scratch visors for improved visibility and durability, and removable inner liners for easy maintenance.

Steelbird distinguishes itself by addressing diverse rider preferences, offering a wide range of helmet designs that showcase various colors and graphics. This not only emphasizes safety but also allows riders to express their unique style while riding in Bangladesh. The brand’s enduring legacy and commitment to innovation have positioned it as a significant player in the Bangladeshi helmet market. Catering to the demands of riders seeking safety, comfort, and style in their riding gear, Steelbird consistently meets the expectations of motorcycle enthusiasts among the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

LS2, a globally recognized helmet brand, has made significant strides in the Bangladeshi market by consistently delivering top-tier helmets. The brand is renowned for its commitment to critical elements such as aerodynamics, ventilation, and safety. LS2 helmets are constructed with robust polycarbonate shells, ensuring reliable protection against impacts while maintaining a lightweight, comfortable fit for riders. Ensuring rider comfort is a top priority for LS2, evident in their helmets’ multiple ventilation points that facilitate optimal airflow, minimizing heat build-up during rides.

LS2 emphasizes user well-being by integrating hypoallergenic liners in their helmets, reducing the risk of skin irritations and enhancing overall comfort while riding. The brand offers an extensive range of helmets suited for various riding styles, including sports, touring, and adventure riding, catering to diverse motorcycling enthusiasts in Bangladesh. LS2’s versatile product line resonates with riders seeking exceptional quality, safety, and performance in their headgear among the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

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MT Helmets, recognized as MT-Metropole, is a distinguished Spanish helmet brand that has established a devoted following in Bangladesh. Renowned for their striking designs and a well-balanced fusion of safety and affordability, MT Helmets cater effectively to safety-conscious motorcyclists. Their helmets are constructed from a thoughtful blend of fiberglass and polycarbonate materials, ensuring both durability and impact resistance, reflecting the brand’s dedication to rider safety.

Beyond safety, MT Helmets appeal to riders with a sense of style. Offering a wide array of graphics and colors, the brand caters to the preferences of fashion-forward motorcyclists. In Bangladesh, MT Helmets have resonated with riders by seamlessly combining aesthetics, safety, and affordability, earning their trust and admiration. Within the Bangladeshi market, MT Helmets are acknowledged among the Top 10 Helmet Brands for their ability to provide a compelling package that harmonizes style, safety, and affordability.

HJC, a renowned premium helmet brand with a strong global presence, is notably available in the Bangladeshi market. The brand has gained prominence for its steadfast focus on safety and unwavering commitment to quality, positioning itself as a symbol of excellence in the realm of helmets. HJC prioritizes rider safety as a cornerstone of its philosophy, subjecting its helmets to rigorous tests that exceed international safety standards. This dedication ensures that riders receive helmets offering top-tier protection, instilling confidence for every journey.

In addition to safety, HJC helmets feature innovative designs and advanced elements. These include aerodynamic shapes for improved performance, adaptable ventilation systems for enhanced comfort, and anti-fog shields for clear visibility in challenging weather. HJC caters to a diverse range of riding styles, offering a comprehensive selection of helmets suited for various preferences and needs. The brand’s lineup includes helmets designed for racing enthusiasts, touring riders, and those embracing off-road adventures. With HJC, riders in Bangladesh can confidently select helmets that align with their unique riding experiences and preferences, solidifying HJC’s place among the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

Axxis, an up-and-coming helmet brand, has rapidly gained traction in Bangladesh due to its wide selection of meticulously designed helmets engineered to offer top-notch safety and comfort on the roads. Key to Axxis’s philosophy is an unyielding dedication to utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods, ensuring that each helmet meets stringent international safety standards. Safety remains the brand’s primary focus, with stringent quality checks ensuring not just compliance but an elevated level of protection. This commitment fosters a strong sense of confidence among riders, prioritizing their safety above all else.

In addition to safety, Axxis boasts a diverse design range. Their collection includes helmets in both solid, sleek colors and vibrant, captivating graphics, catering to the varied tastes of riders. This diverse range allows motorcyclists to choose helmets that reflect their individual style and preferences. As Axxis continues to gain prominence in Bangladesh, it has swiftly become a trusted option for riders seeking helmets that seamlessly blend safety, comfort, and style in line with the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

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RYO Helmets has carved a distinct place in the Bangladeshi market as a budget-friendly brand prioritizing paramount safety. Despite their affordable pricing, RYO Helmets strictly adheres to stringent safety standards, affirming their unwavering commitment to rider protection. Crafted with quality materials and undergoing rigorous testing, these helmets surpass mandatory safety certifications, ensuring rider safety without compromising affordability.

Diversity in design is central to RYO Helmets’ approach, offering various designs and color options to cater to riders who prioritize both affordability and style. With RYO Helmets, riders can find options that fit their budget and resonate with their style preferences. In the realm where safety is a non-negotiable aspect, RYO Helmets stands out as a dependable choice for riders seeking affordable and reliable helmet options. As its popularity rises in Bangladesh, RYO Helmets remains steadfast in delivering budget-friendly safety and rider contentment, aligning with the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh.

Zeus Helmets has established a prominent standing in the realm of motorcycle head protection, revered for delivering a blend of superior construction, advanced safety features, and unyielding comfort. Committed to meeting international safety standards, Zeus Helmets reassures riders prioritizing safety on the road. The brand’s success hinges on a steadfast commitment to safety, crafting helmets that surpass global safety benchmarks, providing riders with unwavering confidence in their gear.

Catering to diverse rider preferences, Zeus Helmets offers a broad portfolio featuring full-face, modular, and open-face helmets. This variety ensures that riders find headgear tailored to their individual needs and riding styles. For riders seeking more than just protection, Zeus Helmets stands as a reliable ally, championing safety, comfort, and style. In a landscape where quality reigns supreme, this brand distinguishes itself as an exemplar of excellence, safeguarding riders while embracing the thrill of the ride. Zeus Helmets is a standout choice within the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh, epitomizing a balance of protection and riding pleasure.

Bilmola, a prominent Bangladeshi helmet brand, has made significant strides within the local market by curating helmets that embody a seamless combination of quality, safety, and meticulous attention to detail. Embracing the distinctive riding conditions in Bangladesh, Bilmola’s helmets have gained acclaim for their steadfast performance on the roads. Understanding the specific challenges faced by local motorcyclists, the brand has tailored its offerings to cater to their precise needs.

Featuring a diverse spectrum of helmets, Bilmola ensures there’s a suitable option for every rider’s preference. Whether it’s the comprehensive protection of a full-face helmet or the freedom of an open-face design, Bilmola strives to present choices that cater to the varied demands of riders. Positioned as a notable contender in the Bangladeshi helmet market, Bilmola’s commitment to quality and attention to local riding conditions reflect Bangladesh’s growing influence in motorcycle safety gear. Bilmola stands as an integral part of the Top 10 Helmet Brands in Bangladesh, embodying a dedication to meeting riders’ safety and performance needs.

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