Top 10 TV Brands in Bangladesh


Today, television is an integral component of our daily lives. We are unable to live without watching television. In Bangladesh, a large number of individuals buy TVs every day because they consider them to be an important and essential device.But do you know which television manufacturers are most well-known in Bangladesh? If you honestly don’t know, don’t worry. We’ll expose you to the top 10 TV brands in Bangladesh in this article.New brands are becoming more popular with time, while some established ones are slipping in the market. However, some brands have managed to maintain their dominance for decades on end.Each brand is introducing new models that were created with modern facilities. There are numerous brands to be found in Bangladesh’s current market. So, the question of which brand I should purchase is perpetually raised.

List of Top 10 TV brands in Bangladesh

01. Panasonic

When it comes to dependability or durability, certain brands always rank first. Panasonic is one. Your mind will be completely blown by the OLED technology and the fail-safe contrast.If you’re seeking a regular TV set for your house with unmatched picture quality and excellent sound quality, this brand can be the ideal option for you.

02. Walton

A worldwide corporation called Walton produces appliances, electronics, and cars. This business has its headquarters in Bangladesh.Along with Bangladesh, Walton Television is currently growing in popularity in a number of other nations. Their Smart TVs will leave you speechless. They have clever operating systems and improved menus. In Bangladesh, Walton is the sole company offering 4K UHD TVs at affordable prices.

03. Sony

Sony is a Japanese company with a strong presence in music, movies, and financial services in addition to producing electronic goods. Every Sony TV is intelligent. This brand is well-known for its cutting-edge models with exceptional features. Unquestionably, this brand has been capturing the hearts of millions of consumers since its inception. Sony is reputable for its high-quality and dependable products. Sony TVs typically come with a few extra features, excellent picture quality, and excellent color accuracy.

It is wise to advise that you should buy their high-end and midrange versions. Among all the inexpensive models, these are the best. I’m forced to deny that purchasing one from this brand will cost a little bit more money. Good things are, however, almost always very pricey. From this brand, you may purchase the Sony A90 OLED, Sony X95J, Sony X80J, and other most recent models.

04. LG

Another trustworthy TV brand in the world is LG. Not only in Bangladesh, but also in other nations around the world, it is well-liked. They produce a variety of electrical goods, including TVs, monitors, vacuums, and household appliances.However, Lucky GoldStar was the brand’s original name. LG is the abbreviation for it. One of the innovators of high-quality, big-screen televisions is this brand. It is advised that you purchase from its OLED portfolio because of the lower prices.

05. Samsung

One of the most well-known and effective TV brands in Bangladesh is without a doubt Samsung. This South Korean company got its origins in 1938. This corporation was concerned in the supply of food and grocery products at the time rather than the development of technological devices.

However, it began producing electronics in 1960, including telephones, monitors, refrigerators, TVs, and so on. New variants that are brighter than the preceding QLEDs are now being introduced. It lately made us aware of their brand-new mini-LED technology. Neo QLED is the name of the revolutionary LED technology. Its technology is used by Samsung. An intuitive user interface is constantly available. I favor purchasing Samsung QN90A QLEDs.

06. Hisense

Hisense is quite well-liked in Bangladesh. It is a brand that is affordable. Even the most expensive Hisense TVs are not that expensive due to their relatively cheap cost.So, if you’re seeking for a popular brand TV but have a limited spending limit, Hisense is a top recommendation. Due to their superior picture quality, the Hisense U7G, U6G, and U8G are some of the types that are preferred.

07. Singer

One of the most popular brands in Bangladesh is Singer. If you’re seeking a high-quality TV model at a standard price, the Singer SLE55E2SMTV 55″ is the model that you should choose. The color temperature of these TVs can be changed.Additionally, it boasts a dynamic noise reduction technology and outstanding picture effects. However, customers have begun to notice all of this brand’s most recent models. Singer sells high-quality TVs for a very fair price.

08. Minister

Another well-known brand in Bangladesh is Minister. Even though all of the Minister’s products are excellent, you may find them for less money. Today, this brand has made significant progress.Smart TVs for ministers look fantastic. Additionally, their performance is excellent. M-32 Smart Glorious LED TV is available to purchase. This model runs an Android 8.0 OS. It has some unique functions, such as Internet browsing, GLNA, home sharing, etc. However, it just costs 21,000 BDT.

09. Vizio

One of the most well-known brands in Bangladesh is Vizio. It is an American corporation that specializes in producing items for home theaters. Vizio TVs are usually distinctive for a particular reason. One is that they just make TVs and soundbars; they don’t make any other items.Without a doubt, Vizio TVs guarantee good picture quality most of the time, but their system has significant flaws. Both the Vizio V5 Series and P Series Quantum X 2020 are highly suggested.

10. TCL

TCL is well known for its inexpensive and cost-effective TVs. It began its adventure in 1980 by making audio cassettes. However, they are now producing a variety of electronic goods, including TVs, household appliances, and cellphones.TCL TVs are reliable and of decent quality. Due to their high contrast, the TVs of this type typically display excellent performance wherever they are used. However, I really enjoy this brand because of its affordable pricing and reliable operating system.

Last Words

In Bangladesh, the brands described below are far more dependable and well-liked. But the issue of whether TV brand names matter arises! Both yes and no are the responses.A TV from a reputable brand will typically perform well. However, it’s also true that every brand has a few standout models. So, in my opinion, you should either support them independently or pick a business from the list we’ve provided.

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