Top 10 Popular Jewelry Brand in Bangladesh


Everyone’s natural tendency is to display themselves attractively. People enhance their appearance by wearing jewellery. People also wish to adorn themselves with gold ornaments in order to display themselves in a nice and stylish manner.So, let’s know about Top 10 Popular Jewelry Brand in Bangladesh.People have been using jewelry to improve their appearance for thousands of years. Many adornment shops have been constructed in our county in response to human requirements. Our country has a plethora of jewelry designs and brands. Lets know about Top 10 Popular Jewelry Brand in Bangladesh.

List of top 10 jewelry brands in Bangladesh

01. Sultana Jewellers Ltd

It is a reputable brand because of its imaginative, top-notch, and inventive designs. There are numerous original compilations. Their products’ quality is excellent, and the price is reasonable for the buyers. It enhanced the elegance of our memorable moments and made us happy with its distinctive aesthetics selection.

02. Malabar Gold and Diamond

Malabar Gold and Diamond is a reputable retailer of diamond jewelry. An Indian jewelry company owns it. Along with Bangladesh, where its Dhaka branch is headquartered, they have numerous additional locations in other nations. Malabar’s aristocratic and avant-garde designs for both gold and diamond jewelry are highly known around the world. There are gatherings of all different kinds of customers.

03. Amin Jewellers for Gold & Diamond

Since its inception, Amin Jewellers has had tremendous success. In 1966, it was founded. People in Bangladesh see Amin jewelry as a trusted and enthralling brand of jewelry.Women are incredibly enamored with it due to its clarity and attractive aesthetics. Additionally, in this case, the priority is placed on standard quality and consumer want. They still enjoy the same level of popularity today.

04. Al-Amin Jewellers

In Bangladesh, it is a 2000-founded old-gold jewelry company. With cutting-edge designs, they offered the best and most beautiful gold ornaments. Everywhere in the globe is familiar with this brand. Al Amin’s brand is well-known for its agility. Nevertheless, customers can easily obtain the required design.

05. Ripon Store Imitation Jewelry

In 1984, the Ripon store’s journey began. Here, buyers can very easily get the design they want. Customers can purchase the ornaments they like at a very low cost. One of the most well-known names among middle-class individuals is Ripon Store.

06. Gitanjali Jewellers

one of Bangladesh’s most well-known jewelry manufacturers. They began their trip with wholesale. Gitanjali was the first company to sell diamond jewelry in Bangladesh. They were the leading diamond jewelry suppliers to prestigious businesses. They offer jewelry at a low price and offer extremely good services. Everyone has a great deal of faith in Gitanjali.

07. PLC Jewellers

One of Bangladesh’s most well-known brands of fake jewelry. They have a wide variety of distinctive jewelry designs and superb craftsmanship. You may order online with confidence because it is so simple.

08. Venus Jewellers Bangladesh

These are highly well-liked for bridal designs. Their shop’s major offering is jewelry for weddings. Additionally excellent are their offerings. Customers can obtain their unique designs here. They employ their own artisans to create a variety of wedding jewelry. They are so well-known because of this.

09. Diamond World

One of the priciest jewellery is a diamond. One of the biggest businesses in our nation that deals with diamonds is the diamond world. Rich people frequently congregate. There are various elegant and cutting-edge jewelry designs in the world of diamonds.

10. Apan Jewellers

Jewelry from Apan Jewellers includes both gold and diamonds. It has the most impressive combo of any brand in Bangladesh. They produce ornaments with distinctive designs that are affordable for everyday usage. They attract young girls in particular extremely strongly. For the everyday use of young girls, they also produce a lot of new ornaments. They are renowned for expertly running their store.

Final Statements

Amin Jewellers is one of the most well-known brands because of its superior services and consistent quality. because it is possible to purchase both gold and diamond jewelry in the same location. And for its elegant and distinctive designs. However, Diamond World is a well-known and well-known brand when it comes to purchasing diamond jewelry. These ornaments make the folks look even more beautiful.

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