Job Interview Preparation: Steps You Will Regret Not Knowing (Part II)

How to Create a Good Impression at Job Interview

Job interview is that meeting, which determines someone’s future. The first time a job interview is a memorable experience that stays with us forever either in a good way or as a frustrating memory. I have written Part I of it already. Today I am going to share another five effective steps which are in Part II. Please, follow this article to ensure a happy job interview experience.

How to Create a Good Impression in a Job Interview?

1. Focusing on freshness of appearance

A lot of effort goes into studying the subject & post related materials after getting the call & then reaching out to the place on time also creates stress. While doing this, one thing sometimes gets sidelined, that is the final look or the freshness of look or appearance that to carry to the interview room. Each candidate supposedly gets well prepared to reach out to the interview on time but on the road with traffic & heat of the weather (in summer) the freshness of look gets spoiled & this thing is completely overlooked in the hurry of reaching on time. So the candidate must check on the look & freshness of appearance before entering into a session. The tidy look matters.

    2. Sharing a happy & welcoming vibe

    If an interviewee is restrained & tensed big time it spoils the possibility. The candidate must share a vibe at the introduction which should be –

    • Welcoming
    • Positive &
    • Confident

    Sometimes, there is a heady feeling associated with the process of listening to questions & answering back to them. There is a fear of not being able to answer it properly which in turn may disqualify the candidate. Candidate should keep it in mind that “I am a human so I shall make mistakes & it is fine to make mistake but I have to learn from it.” When the candidate will be confident enough to answer questions with a positive & welcoming vibe it will create a feeling of reliability about being a future employee in the minds of interviewers too.

    3. Showing “I can do it” attitude

    Interviewers want to see candidates come out victorious answering all the difficult questions successfully. There should be smartness in answering tough questions. If someone shows I am not sure whether I can do it or not attitude as the answer to a question or situation, interviewers will more likely disqualify that person for not being approachable. To show & prove I can do it attitude, the candidate must good knowledge about the post applied for & the challenges attached to that job.

    4. Maintaining professional behavior

    The board of interviewers is the successful professionals in their work arena, so while talking to them the candidates must maintain a professional tone of behavior. The gesture, posture & word selection should be formal while communicating yet agile. Certain things to be careful at are –

    • Not to forget to exchange greetings first.
    • Using proper pronunciation completely avoiding any local tone,
    • Not showing any disrespect even if triggered, because sometimes that is a part of the test too.
    • Saying thank you genuinely after the session. Such mannerism puts extra point for the candidate.

    5. Feeling free to ask for any relevant question

    Sometimes candidates think that it is unwise to ask any question because an interview is supposed to be a session where interviewers will ask questions & interviewees will answer those, so if any interviewee asks anything, it might not be taken well hence may disqualify the candidate. But this is wrong, rather after the interview session, if the interviewee strongly feels curious to know about any working pattern or any related thing he or she has the right to ask about it. It will only make a good impression because the board will consider it as an indication of sincerity for the job.

    So, if these things can be taken care of & proper preparation with the right mindset can be developed, a job interview might become a chance to impress a board of experienced people who are looking for smart & professional job seekers.

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