Top Reasons to Join the Banking Sector in Bangladesh and Why Not


A person who has established his career in the banking sector in Bangladesh
normally gets a higher acceptance in society. There are many Government and private banks in Bangladesh who gives a very lucrative salary. And offering young people more and more to work with them in order to contribute to the overall development of Bangladesh.

Top Reasons why Anybody Should Consider Banking as His Career

1. Challenges And Variety

It is sure that the banking sector is one of the most diverse sectors where people work as a bank officer or financial analyst or an accountant very proudly. They can also work as a specialist IT officer to a manager in a bank. All these posts in the banking sector are multifunctional and one can challenge their ability at work. People who are ambitious and always want to develop their competitiveness, strong personality, and overall diversification, the banking sector is all in one for them.

2. Scope For Individual Growth

As the environment of the banking sector is very competitive and it provides ample scope for the talented and dynamic individual. While working in a bank,
employees need to cooperate with various kinds of people. This really helps in growing the skills of communication, negotiation, adaptability, stress management of those employees. In a bank, they find a new environment that helps them in measuring new personal heights and improving job profiles for individuals.

3. Growth For National Economy

The banking sector is called the backbone of a country’s national economy. Working in the banking sector gives you an opportunity to contribute to the national economic growth for Bangladesh. And, it is true that working both for individual growth and for the country is best of all and the jobs in the banking sector give you this opportunity.

4. Countrywide Travelling

As a bank has different branches in different parts of the country as well as abroad. Working in a bank, the employees can have an opportunity to be transferred from one
place to another. They get to know different people and experiences different types of knowledge they required. While traveling abroad they also get to work with the foreign people where they present our countries generosity, cultures, and values too.

5. Handsome Salary

Young people find money as a source of growth and happiness. If a job provides
good money, they normally show their interest in that job. In banking, all the jobs provide a very good salary. Otherwise, all the reputed banks always want experts and don’t want employees to lose their interest in their job. So they pay as much as
a handsome salary is possible to the employees.

6. Job Security

Job in a bank is considered as a job of life. Bank provides different types of loans to the bank employees. There is almost a zero probability of losing the job in a bank because of downsizing or an overall bad economy flow. And, it is clear why the banking sector job is attractive to all.

    7. Field Of Creativity

    A job in the banking sector is very creative in different prospects. When more money being generated in newer and faster ways, the roles and responsibilities of the employees are being changed on a regular basis. With more money, banks need to
    change the rules and employees have to adapt those. So it is a field of variety where every employee needs to be creative to get success in their job as well as to the success of that bank.

    Overall it can say that jobs in the banking sector will satisfy every employee giving various opportunities. It provides self-development with challenges and gives a good salary.

    But nowadays people of Bangladesh are losing interest in the banking sector. The reasons are,

    1. Get Dismissed

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many private banks in Bangladesh as like AB Bank have reduced many employees. Because they have not enough money to pay the
    salary of the employee in the pandemic situation. People are taking it as a bad sign in the Banking Industry.

    2. Bankruptcy Of Bank

    Sometimes banks take a good amount of loans from the central bank of the country to increase their activities. If banks aren’t able to repay the loan, the central bank has no other choice than declare bankruptcy. As a result, the employee of that bank loses their job. In Bangladesh, many banks are on the way to be closed due to bankruptcy and many employees will surely lose their job.

    3. Non-European Standard Opportunity

    The employees of European banks have houses, cars that are provided by the bank. But in Bangladesh, there are no opportunities like this. Even a European bank will provide a high salary but a Bangladeshi bank don’t even the Bangladeshi bank’s employees have to work to the same thing as a European bank employee do. Lack of
    digitalization decrease the interest of young people to work in a bank in Bangladesh.

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