9 Skills a Job Interviewer Looks into a Freshers


A student must nurture the following 9 skills for his future job interviews as these skills will help the students to cope up with the competitions. The more the world is being modernized, the more it is being competitive to survive for the players in the field of business. A good employee will always try to dig deep into the business-world situations, will identify situational demands, and will shape his/her capabilities to best fit the business environment. Employers desire to capture the most efficient employees backed by core competitive capabilities for their jobs. Employers know that in the competitive business world; their company will not sustain in the long run if they don’t develop a talent pool of qualified employees.

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Skills a Job Interviewer Looks into a Candidate

1. Communication Skills

This skill includes your listening, writing & speaking skills. An employer will look closely at how smart you are in communicating with others. And for that, from the very beginning of your recruitment process, the recruiter will look over how you talked them over the phone, how is your CV/RESUME & Cover Letter & how you replied them in the interview. And this is why smart communication is the key to be successful in your career. Regular practicing bit by bit you can bring perfection to every part of communication skills.

    2. Flexibility/Adaptability

    Flexibility means how do you balance yourself when you are given multiple works at the same time in changing environment & management system. The recruiter will judge you throwing different questions and situations at a time to ensure that you have what they need. These days your job structure can change any time. Anyone who has flexibility & adaptability is likely to do well in their career. Participation in different voluntary works helps to increase a person’s adaptability.

    3. Analytical and Research Skills

    Your situation analysis power and problem research skills will determine how far you will go in your career. Whenever you are given any problem, don’t rush into giving answers. Understand the problems & imagine all the possible scenarios first. If you need more time then ask for it to research it. Being analytical & having research skills will distinguish you from other candidates. These days case competitions, workshops, debate competitions, etc are very much helpful to develop one’s analytical ability & research skills.

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    4. Decision Making & Problem-Solving Skills

    One of the most demanded skills these days is decision making & problem-solving skills. In a complex environment, you will fall in different difficult situations. An employer wants that person who is able to find a particular problem & give a solution to it. To improve this knowledge one must practice logical reasoning, he/she should keep practicing to participate in the decision-making situation & share his/her views on a particular issue.

    5. Ability to Plan, Organize & Prioritize works

    An employee who can plan his given task tactfully & maintain a timeline by prioritizing the work, are more likely to be selected by the employer. So, you have to know which task you should do first & which to leave for later according to plan. A person can start practicing it from his/her home while doing his regular multiple tasks.

    6. Leadership & Managerial Skills

    Managing people is one powerful skill. One who can manage & lead a group is highly desirable in the workplace these days. In most cases, leadership comes naturally but one can practice & learn by involving in different non-profit volunteering organizations. You will find different organization helping voluntarily to improve one’s leadership & managerial skills, you can join there and keep practicing to improve your skills.

    7. Creativity

    Being creative can help you in the long run. Using creativity & innovative ideas to solve your problems in the workplace can change the company & save its money & time. Some may think creativity only comes by birth, but the truth is creativity comes by practicing creative things such as painting, story writing, trying to make new things, etc.

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    8. Public Speaking

    In your career, you have to represent your company or organization to others in meetings or conferences regularly. It takes a lot of courage & confidence to speak in front of a crowd. Even though it comes naturally to some people, you can achieve it by practicing again & again. You can start by talking to yourself in front of the mirror and then in front of your family gathering, friend’s gathering, etc.

    9. Computer & Electronic Skills

    Every job requiring the basics of computer knowledge these days. Because it’s easier, profitable & trustable to maintain works through technology. The most common matter about computers/electronics is that we maintain our daily communication through it. You can do different courses available in the market for this.

    So, If someone desires to keep pace with this ongoing tough level of competition, s/he must reflect some competitive capabilities that make him/her distinct from others. As of late, employers also rigorously search for smart employees.

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