How to Deal with Negative Facebook Reviews and Feedback?


Facebook reviews are the comments & opinions that the consumers or any other stakeholder make on the page of any business or brand that has the power to make the page popular & eligible enough to appear in the news feed section of the people who are liked with the page. Good or bad, reviews & recommendations about the business on the page create sheer brand awareness among users.

There is star rating too in the review section of a Facebook page that allows a user to select or put the number of stars based on his or her satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the product or service of the business. The more positive reviews are there including higher stars the more it is likely to increase the brand visibility by organic reach to more members of the page.

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The Positive Effects of Negative Facebook Reviews

Use of Facebook Reviews:

Facebook reviews are of great use for the brands & their prospect of business. For example, when a common man comes across the brand by searching or just by seeing the advertisement, the first thing he or she does it to go to the review section after seeing the product or service offering. If the reviews are good enough & mostly positive decorated with kind words, it sends a positive signal in the minds of the potential customers or the page viewers.

When the words found in the review section are soothing & satisfying enough the page is shared with friends or other allies to make a plan to purchase or make a contact with the brand. So the reviews do play a good role to uphold the business of the pages of brands.

Types of Reviews

Reviews can vary from poor to the excellent category depending on the feelings & thoughts to share of the reviewers. There are good reviews that can motivate you as a business owner which will make you perform more quality things to draw more customers & there are negative reviews too by the dissatisfied or angry customers who will make things tough for you as you will be afraid of losing potential customers who might go through the reviews first. Don’t worry; there are ways to bounce back to this problem.

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How to respond to the negative Reviews

Take the negative review as a source of improving your dream project or your business. It is said that a dissatisfied customer gives you scope to learn as he or she shows you things from other viewpoints which you might miss. So what to do with the negative comments so that it becomes a source of competitive advantage? Here are some tips:-

  • Read the reviews or check on the review section regularly, if you are too busy for that, assign someone for doing so.
  • When a review is there regarding any complaint or some misunderstood facts, try to recall it quickly & reply immediately.
  • Try to call or text or knock the person clarifying facts or being polite yet sticking to the rule of your business.
  •  If some unwanted event took place never think twice to invite the guest again for a sponsored package.
  • Never be rude to the reviewer, other people will be reading it, so they will judge you based on your writing, so be gentle & courteous which will not only make the reviewer feel valued but also will make potential customers inclined to your business.

    Importance of Reviews / negative ones for success

    It is the problem solving capability, your ability to give a prompt and solid feedback following company rules to the negative comments or reviews or complaints that will offer you more scope to business, how? When a commoner will read all of those he or she will be having a positive feeling about your business & would like to follow up! You never know, when a potential customer can turn into a loyal one bringing more followers.

    Most of the time, it has been observed that after a polite & solid reply to a negative review, the reviewer either removes his or her comment or writes a happy note, both of which are on the plus side of the business or the brand.

    So, Facebook reviews are something that holds a special weight in communicating the image, building reputation & being successful in the long run among the stakeholders. All you as the owners of the business need to be aware of the importance it carries & being considerate to any negative reviews & acknowledging the positive reviews too.

    Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
    Assistant Professor 
    Faculty of Business Administration 
    Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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