Best Business Tools and Applications for Enterprise and Small Business


Today’s world is running by business. But every business is not big. Many businesses are small like antique dealers, art galleries, clothing boutiques, clothing lines, etc. These types of businesses could be run from home easily. 

Though it is called a small business, running a small business is as hard as big business. You have to make plans for different things like marketing, managing, and protection. You have to use different types of tools/apps to run your business. 



Building a website is very important for a business. You can say that it’s as basic as your investment in the business. WIX can help you by building a free website. Isn’t it amazing? WIX can help you build a mobile-friendly full-featured website that doesn’t break your budget. After using a free trial where you will find that your business will be successful, you can buy a paid version from HostGator Web Hosting. 


As a small business owner, you won’t agree to waste a lot from your investment in the security of your website. Because running a small business is like an expensive endeavor. So your business security needs to implement personal virtual private network (VPN) services. There are many VPNs but they show their service as pay-to-play. CyberGhost is the best free VPN service on the market. This great tool is simple, easy, and free.


There is no use in doing any business if your business gets hacked or attacked by a virus. Avast’s endpoint protection will help you in this case. This has a free trial and a paid version. At first use the free trial. If you get satisfied, then buy the paid version. 


Now you have a strong website. Then the term project management come. If you don’t have any idea about project management then use WRIKE’s project management solution. It is one of the best markets regardless of which tier you choose. The free version can support five users. It also includes an unlimited number of collaborators and 2 GB of free storage. With the free plan, you can manage tasks easily, share various types of files and monitor the group activities. 

Google Meet

Sometimes you have to make an urgent meeting. But your workers are not adjacent to you. Then you have to make an online meeting. Google meet is the best online meeting platform. 250 people can attend that meeting. You can also share screens. 

Zoho Recruit

You have everything for your business. But you still need at least one thing. That is employees. Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking tool that will find out your employees. This app gives you access to one recruiter. This app also gives you up to five open positions. You can find the best employees as your business needs. 


After finding out the best employee, you will need to track his/her progress by a human resources (HR) management tool. There are many of them on the market but the Deputy is the best. You just have to $1 for an employee per month. Deputy will not only allow to schedule employee shifts and make company announcements but also manage all the other tasks. 


Now you have a business as well as employees. Your business is also running well. So you need to record all the transactions. That means you have to use a record book for accounting. In this case Wave accounting will help you a lot. With the free version of this app, you will receive accounting and reports functionality. But if you pay $19 per month you will find out many things such as payments and automatic integration with direct deposit payroll. 


Businesses need social media where you will post about your products. But there are many large media. A small business doesn’t need a large social platform. You need a platform that is easy to use and you will directly get all the updates of customers’ sayings. So HootSuite has a free version which will be very beneficial for this trick. Using this free version you can not only manage multiple social networks and schedule posts but also interact with all of your followers. 

Zoho Docs

Though your business is small there will be a lot of documents. In this case, Zoho Docs must help you. Its free plan is available for up to 25 users that include 5 GB of storage per user. Using this app you can share unlimited files and folders, desktop sync, editing tools, user management. You can even integrate with dropbox and turn on two-factor authentication. 

Apptivo CRM

If you don’t have any connection with customers then your business will collapse soon. So you have to use an app. But the problem is customer relationship management (CRM) tools are often expensive, complex, and have a lot of features that you don’t even need. But Apptivo CRM offers the best free plan. By using this, you can not only gain access to detailed reporting and 500 MB of data but also project management features such as milestone tracking and project templates. 


If you want to start a small business then use these tools and apps in the best way. Your business surely gets successful.




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Written By, 

Md. Istiak Ahmed

Faculty Of Business Studies 10th Batch
Department Of Management
Session: 2019-2020
Mawlana Bhashani Science And Technology University, Santosh, Tangail.





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