Top 10 Popular Nepali Brands in Nepal


Nowadays, most people have trust concerns. They rarely trust new people or new things. We mostly trust objects or people we’ve known for a long time. As a result, when it comes to selecting brands, we Nepalese have always preferred international brands in Nepal over Nepalese businesses.It’s because these worldwide businesses have been around for a long time and have names. We are wary of new brands, especially those from Nepal. However, there are several prominent Nepali brands that we still trust more than other worldwide brands. So, lets know about Top 10 Popular Nepali Brands in Nepal.

As a result, we have chosen the names of some prominent Nepali brands that are not only popular in Nepal but also in other nations. All of them are “Made in Nepal” brands that Nepalese may be proud of.We compiled this list by including the names of several brands. We have included the names of popular clothing brands, food and beverage brands, technological brands, and other businesses. We hope you enjoy reading through this list.

List of Top 10 Popular Nepali Brands in Nepal

01. Goldstar Shoes

Most Nepalese are now familiar with Goldstar Shoes. Goldstar was founded in the mid-1970s as Modern Slipper Industry Pvt.Ltd & Kiran Shoes Manufacturer. Goldstar was founded in 1990 with the intention of providing mid-priced shoes.Goldstar is a strong brand constructed with real materials and cutting-edge technologies. Goldstar shoes are available not only in Nepal, but also in India. They have recently established their stores in nations such as the United States and Qatar, and they are progressively gaining appeal in western countries as well.

02. Wai Wai Noodles

Wai Wai Noodles is the most popular Nepalese brand outside of Nepal. Wai Wai is a Thai instant noodle brand that was founded in 1972. Thai Preserved Food Factory Co.In Nepal, the Chaudhary Group introduced Wai Wai noodles in 1985. CG initially developed four plants in Nepal and six factories in India to make and distribute Wai Wai. People have loved Wai Wai since its inception. It’s come a long way since then.Every year, more than 2.3 billion packets of Wai Wai Noodles are produced and supplied in 32 countries, including Bangladesh, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and others.

03. Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom/NTC is not only the largest firm in Nepal, but it is also the largest brand in Nepal. Nepal Telecom is the company that pioneered Nepal’s telecommunications industry. NTC had a monopoly in the telecommunications industry until 2003, when UTL began to supply telecom services.There was a time when people had to wait in line to purchase an NTC SIM card. Later, various telecommunications providers, like Ncell, formerly known as Mero Mobile, entered this industry.However, none of these could prevent NTC from becoming the most powerful brand in Nepal. While most telecommunications firms, such as UTL, have failed to thrive in this industry, NTC remains at the top. Nepal Telecom has around 20 million active customers.

04. Ncell

Ncell is a telecommunications and mobile service provider that was founded and debuted as “Mero Mobile” in 2005. It was once known as Mero Mobile until being renamed as Ncell by its parent firm in March 2010.Later, in April 2016, it was renamed Ncell Axiata after Ncell was acquired by Malaysian telecommunications company Axiata Group. If NTC offered telecommunication services to Nepal, Ncell is the company or brand that popularized telecommunication services among Nepalese.They began to give the service that NTC lacked in the beginning throughout the country. Ncell has quickly established itself as one of Nepal’s leading brands.

05. Shikhar Shoes

Shikhar Shoes is a name that every Nepalese has heard about. Shikhar Shoes has been the largest footwear brand in Nepal since its founding in 2052 BS. The industry was founded in 2052 as a proprietorship enterprise with its corporate office and factory in Ranibari-3, Kathmandu, and has since been changed into a Pvt.Ltd company with its corporate office and factory in Goldhunga-3.During its early years, the company only made men’s leather shoes. However, they are currently manufacturing entire men’s and women’s sandals and shoes. Shikhar Shoes is the most popular Nepali footwear brand in terms of goodwill, image, and sales in the country.The company produces about 1500 pairs of shoes each day and has the capacity to produce 5000 pairs per day. Despite the presence of other Nepali footwear businesses, Shikhar Shoes remains the most well-known.

06. Logo-Made In Nepal

Logo-Made In Nepal is a well-known apparel company in Nepal. Logo Industries, a collection of enterprises that has been in the fashion business in the Middle East and Europe for 23 years, founded LOGO-Made In Nepal in 1997.Since its inception in 1997, Logo Industries Nepal has served as a production base for the European market, producing over 4000 clothes per day and employing over 500 people. Due to political instability and an unstable government, all Logo Industries activities in Nepal ceased in 2003, and the production unit relocated entirely to Dubai, UAE.After several years of anticipation, they re-started their production in Nepal as Logo Fashion Industries (Pvt.) Ltd with new ideas and concepts and our many years of experience, when the business environment and political situation in Nepal improved and there were more business opportunities.

07. Hattichhap Chappal

How many of you recall the catchphrase “Hathi Baliyo Ki Hathi Chhap Chappal”? If you are Nepalese, you have most likely heard this slogan. This is a well-known tagline among users of this brand. Hathichhap slippers and sandals are known for their design and durability.This slipper brand’s popularity is unrivaled. Hattichhap Chappal is another Universal Group brand that owns Goldstar shoes. Universal Group began creating Hawaii slippers called Hathi in the early 1980s, and this brand is currently available throughout the country.Hattichhap Chappal has been a slipper pioneer for over three decades. Until date, they have manufactured a variety of EVA sandals and Hawaii slippers.

08. Kantipur(Daily)

Kantipur Daily is a prominent Nepali newspaper that has also become one of the top Nepali brands. Kantipur Daily, owned by the Kantipur Media Group, is one of Nepal’s most widely read daily newspapers, with approximately 453,000 copies printed every day. Shyam Goenka founded it and it was first published on 7th Falgun, 2049 BS.

09. Surya Cigarette

Surya Cigarette is likely Nepal’s most popular and best-selling cigarette. Surya Cigarette has been made for over 25 years by Surya Nepal Pvt.Ltd. For its goods, the company has the greatest distribution network in the country, reaching over 5000 wholesalers and over 10,000 retailers. Surya Cigarette became one of the most popular Nepali brands as a result of this. Surya Cigarettes are exported to nations such as Indonesia and Singapore.

10. Ruslan Vodka

Ruslan is a prominent Nepali brand since it is the most popular vodka among Nepalese. Ruslan is a Nepali alcoholic beverage brand founded in 1973 AD by Jawalakhel Group Of Industries founders Vijay Shah and Maggie Shah.Ruslan has established a kind of tradition as Nepal’s favorite vodka since its inception in 1973. Other brands exist in this sector, but none have been able to compete with Ruslan. With over 85% of the vodka market share in Nepal, Ruslan has maintained a significant advantage over its competitors.Ruslan continues to bring happiness and enjoyment into the lives of millions by adhering to the greatest quality standards. It is enjoyed by millions of people not only in Nepal, but also in Germany, Japan, and other nations.

These are our top ten Nepali brands that are produced and manufactured in Nepal and have the “Made in Nepal” designation. Because it is our personal choice, your opinion may differ, and another brand may rank higher in your opinion. So, please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section, and if you like reading this post, please share it with others.

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