Top 10 Most Popular Websites in Nepal


The internet is a vast realm filled with a myriad of web pages and websites, each catering to a diverse array of topics and interests. In today’s digital age, Nepal has also embraced the online world with a multitude of websites emerging on various subjects. So, let’s know about the top 10 most popular websites in Nepal. These Nepali websites cover an expansive range of themes, spanning from news and technology to entertainment, sports, health, electronics, and much more. To provide a glimpse into the digital landscape of Nepal, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most popular Nepali websites based on their Alexa ratings and overall popularity within the country. It’s important to note that these websites may not solely be in the Nepali language; rather, they are websites originating from Nepal, offering content in various languages and catering to diverse audiences.

This list encompasses a wide spectrum of website types, showcasing the versatility of Nepal’s online presence. Whether you’re seeking news, information, entertainment, or resources, these popular Nepali websites have something to offer for everyone navigating the digital realm in Nepal. So, without further ado, let’s explore the top 10 most popular websites in Nepal.

Interesting fact of the Top 10 most popular websites in Nepal

01. There are more than forty thousand commercial websites in Nepal, and the number is expected to keep growing with time.

List of the Top 10 most popular websites in Nepal

01CDS & Clearing Ltd 31st March 2011
04SamacharKendraJune 30, 2010
05Ratopati 2013
06Reporters Nepal2001
07Hamropatro 2010
08Daraz Nepal2016
09E-Sewa Nepal2009
10DC Nepal2006

CDS & Clearing Ltd. is the official website of the same name corporation. Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) promotes it to provide centralized depository, clearing, and settlement services in Nepal. This corporation was founded on March 31, 2011, with the primary goal of acting as a central repository for diverse instruments, particularly securities in dematerialized form. This organization is in charge of the safeguarding, depositing, and withdrawing of securities certificates, as well as the transfer of ownership/rights to the aforementioned instruments. The business will conduct depository services in accordance with the Securities Board of Nepal’s (SEBON) securities rules. CDSC is a totally owned subsidiary of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE), which was founded on the 7th of Poush 2067.

Onlinekhabar stands as Nepal’s most popular website, recognized not only as the foremost Nepali website but also as the leading online news platform in the nation. Its widespread popularity is evident by its ubiquitous presence on the devices of Nepalese individuals. OnlineKhabar caters to diverse audiences with a wide array of national and international news, presenting content in both English and Nepali languages. Its inception as a Nepali news startup took place on November 1, 2006, followed by the introduction of its English edition on February 1, 2016.

With an extensive network spanning over 70 countries, the website boasts over 700,000 unique daily visitors and more than 2.5 million daily page views. Onlinekhabar has emerged as Nepal’s premier online platform in terms of investment, network reach, and readership, further solidifying its position as a digital news leader.

Following Onlinekhabar, eKantipur holds the position as Nepal’s second most popular website. It serves as both an online news platform in Nepal and the official website for Nepal’s widely-read newspaper, Kantipur Daily. eKantipur is dedicated to delivering daily updates on both national and international news, encompassing a diverse range of topics, including breaking news and in-depth coverage. Moreover, the website features an array of social narratives, blogs, personal reflections, and more, offering a multifaceted reading experience for its visitors.

As a prominent online news source in Nepal, eKantipur plays a pivotal role in keeping the public well-informed about current events and developments, making it a valuable resource for those seeking the latest news and insights across various domains. With its extensive coverage and engaging content, eKantipur continues to be a preferred choice among readers in Nepal.

Samacharkendra is a renowned Nepali website and stands as one of the country’s premier online news portals. Operated by Imandar Media Pvt. Ltd., it has been a reliable source of news and information since its establishment on June 30, 2010. The platform offers comprehensive coverage of a wide array of national and international topics, providing insights, opinions, interviews with notable Nepalese figures, and an assortment of blogs covering literature and lifestyle.

With a commitment to delivering timely and diverse content, Samacharkendra serves as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking up-to-date information and a deeper understanding of current events. Its continuous efforts to provide quality news and engaging features have solidified its reputation as a trusted source in Nepal’s digital media landscape. Samacharkendra remains a popular choice among readers seeking a comprehensive and insightful perspective on various subjects.

Ratopati stands as one of Nepal’s leading online news websites and holds a prominent position among the country’s most popular Nepali websites. As is customary with Nepalese news portals, Ratopati offers a wide range of news and information that caters to a diverse audience. In addition to comprehensive news coverage, the platform delivers a wealth of content about Nepal and its people, including articles, blogs, interviews, and opinions.

What sets Ratopati apart is its commitment to accessibility, offering its services in three distinct language editions: English, Nepali, and Hindi. This multi-language approach enables Ratopati to reach a broader readership, both domestically and internationally, enhancing its appeal and influence as a reliable source of information and insights. With its dedication to providing news and content in multiple languages, Ratopati continues to serve as a valuable resource for those seeking a well-rounded view of Nepal’s news and culture.

Reporters Nepal is the online platform affiliated with the Nepali Journalists Association, also recognized as Reporters Club Nepal. Founded by the renowned Nepali journalist Rishi Dhamala, this organization has established itself as a prominent figure in Nepal’s journalism landscape. Reporters Nepal operates as one of the premier news websites in the country, offering up-to-the-minute updates and breaking news on national and global events. It caters to a diverse audience by presenting content in both English and Nepali, ensuring that its news and information reach a broader readership. With its commitment to providing timely and comprehensive coverage, Reporters Nepal plays a vital role in delivering accurate and current news to the public, contributing significantly to the media landscape of Nepal.

Hamropatro, the official website of the widely popular Nepali mobile app Hamro Patro, is poised to potentially become one of the most visited Nepali websites on the internet in the coming years. Developed by Shankar Raj Uprety and initially launched as a calendar app in 2010, Hamro Patro has gained immense popularity for its comprehensive features. While it primarily serves as a calendar app, Hamro Patro goes above and beyond by offering a diverse range of content and services. Users can access crucial information such as key dates, festivals, and events, along with news updates, exam routines, zodiac signs, radio, podcasts, foreign exchange rates, local food prices, blogs, gold-silver rates, and online newspapers and magazines. With its multifaceted approach to providing valuable information, Hamro Patro has solidified its place in the digital landscape of Nepal.

Daraz Nepal stands as the premier eCommerce platform in Nepal, offering an extensive array of products that surpasses the offerings of other online shopping websites in the country. With a wide-ranging inventory, Daraz Nepal caters to a diverse range of consumer needs, including electronic devices and accessories, home appliances, health and beauty products, men’s and women’s fashion, sports equipment, automobiles and motorcycles, and much more.

Founded in 2012 by Muneer Maayr and Farees Shah in Pakistan, Daraz has since expanded its operations to serve several South Asian countries. In addition to Nepal, it operates in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. With its commitment to providing a comprehensive online marketplace, Daraz Nepal has become a go-to destination for consumers seeking convenience and a vast selection of products through eCommerce.

ESewa Nepal serves as the official website for Nepal’s leading digital wallet platform, enabling users to seamlessly conduct both online and offline transactions, transfer funds across banks, and access a range of financial services. This website offers the convenience of topping up mobile phone balances, settling postpaid, landline, and ADSL bills, purchasing bus and airline tickets, securing movie tickets, executing interbank fund transfers, paying school and college fees, and handling internet bills, among other functionalities.

Established in 2009, ESewa has played a pivotal role in advancing Nepal’s digital landscape. With its comprehensive suite of services and a user-friendly interface, it has become an integral part of the country’s digital evolution, providing individuals with the means to manage their finances and conduct various transactions conveniently and securely.

DC Nepal is an online news portal that offers breaking news and information on a variety of national and worldwide themes. This website is offered in two languages: English and Nepali. DC Nepal is one of the few Nepalese news websites that provides news and information categorized by Nepalese provinces. On this page, you may discover news about any province of Nepal in a different category.

We hope you enjoy this list of the top ten Nepali websites. This list does not contain any blogging websites. Because this is a list based on Alexa rankings and website popularity, some of you may agree with our list while others may not. We will, however, continue to update this list as the popularity of websites in Nepal changes. If you know of any additional Nepali websites that should be added to this list, please let us know in the comments section. We hope you find this post interesting and informative.

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