The First Day of Job – How it should be?


Securing a job in the market place is nothing less than an achievement for struggling job seekers. A lot of preparation goes in the process of obtaining a job that starts from student life. Well, the journey does not stop here. The new & one of the most impactful chapters of life begins with the commencement of job life. So, definitely, there should also be some code of conduct or rules to follow to be a successful job holder. Now, let’s see how the beginning day should be like at workplace.

1. Walk with Confidence:

It is a great feeling to be able to work in an organization which had been a dream in the student life. At the same time, it makes the new recruit nervous also. All the eyes of the incumbents will be upon the new hire to be judged for their talking style, working pattern & overall personality. This is the time when confidence should lead the new employee. A sudden meet with diversified people in the workplace can be a cause to be judged as an average fellow. So the new person must talk, greet & work with others with full confidence. This confident attitude will make a difference.
by Abu Md. Abdullah

2. Meet the Departmental Folks

It is crucial to be proactive in meeting all the related employees on the first day. There should be a positive orientation with the people to work with for a long time. Meeting them first & knowing by names create a positive impact about the new employee. End of the day it is the people who are the driving force for success or failure for any organization, so it is imperative to maintain a healthy term with them.

3. Show Professionalism

The dress to wear, the language to speak, the examples to use should all be professional in workplace. There might be an instant click with someone, there will be similarity in choices & hobbies, still the new hire must keep it in mind that it’s office, not a place to hangout with friends! The workplace is complex as many people will not be the true well wishers but they will always approach with a welcoming nature. Back biting & grouping are some common features in organizations. So the new employee must be careful regarding this.

4. Be more of a Listener

People love to talk & share about their problems, dreams & achievements. But also people do not like those who talk much. It is really essential to be more of a listener than speaker. It is an effective strategy to mix with all with a limit, listen to the things people share & not sharing it to other colleagues. Conflict starts from it.

by Abu Md. Abdullah

5. Maintain the Time Frame

As the first few days are like the test for new recruit, it is mandatory to practice punctuality. In office, there is time for everything, work, prayer & lunch break, arrival & departure. The new employee must be well versed with this timing. It is an indicator of a smart employee to get busy, finish all the assigned tasks, arrive & leave office on time.

These are some techniques to begin the first day of job. It takes just a bit of awareness & practice to apply these steps to be the good employee from day one. It says the first impression is the last impression, so the new employee must undertake this extra effort to be a successful one in future.

Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
Assistant Professor 
Faculty of Business Administration 
Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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