How to Make Your Everyday Better?

We face many problems in our daily workday. We try to work hard to finish our regular tasks, but sometimes it feels like a heavy stone is over our head. No matter how hard we try, we only fall behind our schedule and unable to keep pace most of the time. Here are some productivity hacks for you, to make your everyday work life better and find a balance in it.

Six Productivity hacks for Your Perfect Workday

1) To-Do List vs Accomplishment List

We all have too much to do and want to do everything fast and quick which is not a clever thing. Because of this, we end up just doing things all day but not accomplishing anything at the end of the day. Then we feel defeated by our to-do list.

Here is a Trick. Instead of just a to-do list of tasks, choose three accomplishments that would be significant for your personal and work day which will fulfill you personally and professionally.

If you have meaningful things to aim towards, you can make a big difference in your every life.

2) Check Email Instead of Social Media

Every morning you might start your day by checking your social media profile or inbox. Believe me, it’s a bad thing to start your day with. Start your day by checking your email or work circle messages.

If you have any query, questions regarding your daily work with others, don’t wait for orders, just send the email first, ask what you need to know. It helps you relief from the pressure and makes easy to accomplish your works.

3) Eating a Live Frog:

Disgusting, Right! But it’s the best thing to do. There is a saying, “If the first thing one can do in the morning, is to eat a live frog, he or she can go through the rest of the day knowing the worst behind.” – Mark Twain.

Sometimes we all end up having tasks that we don’t want to do, whether they are going to take a lot of brain power or a long time. Getting those task done and out of the way at the start of your day can make your workday much better. Because it clears up the rest of your day for the tasks that you really want to work on.

4) Start Each Day with a Work-List:

A work-list can give your workday a structure, and an even better way to score some quick motivation. Every time when you cross a task off of your work list, you’ll have a great feeling of getting real work done. Because, the visualization of your completed works make you confident and satisfication over yourself.

But keep in mind that you put only those works on your list which you are capable of doing on that particular day. Because moving items to the next day’s list can be extremely deflating.

5 ) Manage Your Time with Technology:

There are countless apps and websites through which you can manage your time. Best thing is to use your smartphone with a smart reminder app such as Any.Do which is one of the best To-do and Reminder app available in play store. It gives you a reminder and ensures you complete your tasks within the time limit. As a result, there is no chance you will misuse your time or keep any work incomplete.

6) Be Very Careful about Your Sleep:

One of the most important productivity tools you’ll ever need is sleeping. Because, when you are well rested, your body and mind work unitedly. Strat going to your bed before 12:00 am and get up from your bed before 7:00 am. This is the best time for your sleep. And a key to having a tireless, fresh and energetic day.

It’s proven. Cause when you disturb your sleep, you disturb your brain. And when you disturb your brain, it gives you a very bad day.

Remember, you do not work when you are exhausted. The work you are trying to complete desperately, trying to keep your eyelids open, will always need to be overhauled the next day.

Contributor: Mustari Rahman | Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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