5 Things You Must Do as a BBA Student


With the increase of privatization & globalization, the obvious outcome is the rapid increase of business activities & influx of mushrooming of business organizations. Then predicting the future youngsters in flock opt for studying BBA followed by MBA & then after a certain time, more than required graduates keep looking for a limited number of jobs. It’s a recognized fact that the number of jobs is always insufficient in comparison with the number of graduates at any given point in time. So, let’s see how BBA students can become worthy ones to be grabbed in the job market.

How You Can Excel as Business Students –

1. Use Web for Discussed Topics

Once the classes are over for the day, it is advised for students that they make a search habit of the contents discussed & learned on the web to find out various examples, uses, limitations & scope of the topics. For example, if “Employee Retention” is taught in the class, then apart from the incidents discussed in the text students should also search on web & collect additional info regarding the “Employee Retention Practice of Employees in Commercial Organizations” – which will only strengthen & validate the classroom learning with enhanced knowledge giving a competitive edge.

    2. Skim through the Business Page

    The daily newspapers that every home is supplied with contain a section on business activities of both national & international events. That current news is the source of practical knowledge regarding various issues that are covered in the syllabus. For example – each day, this business section has the news coverage on the product launching, opening of the new branch, change in the management practice, changes in the share price of different companies with the explanation which if followed by the BBA students will add value & make them competitive.

    3. Connect to the Senior Students & Alumni

    With the completion of each semester, students grow one notch higher in terms of knowledge, intelligence & vision. The passed out students who are already absorbed in the job market are the prime points to get updated about the present scenario of the job market for achieving professional success for the running students. Sometimes, there is hesitation or inertia to contact & this is what costs a BBA student much & makes a less informed candidate.

      4. Participate in the Workshops

      Universities today keep arranging a range of seminars, workshops & various talk shows as well as entrepreneurship fairs to promote club & extracurricular activities. This offers a great chance for the students to collect first-hand information about the running & impacting organizations from where the resource persons are invited to share their thoughts. This habit will make the BBA students more apt to fit in the job market as they start to follow the resource persons on their social media networks.

      5. Increase Interdepartmental Communication

      An opportunity is something that can come from any source, be it relevant or not. Sometimes, students studying Business Administration should also keep in touch with the students of other departments. Just because subject matters do not match does not mean there can’t be any contact. It is observed that students of other departments like Law or English are looking for business partners from business studies background to start a business, so regular contact with heterogeneous students will lead to opportunities for sure.

      Studying BBA is insightful & meaningful if these tips are followed. The main objective is to make study purposeful. Being sincere about time & the surrounding environment helps to make a good outcome of BBA life. It is not only about the study, but it is also about scanning the environment, looking for the change & preparing thyself to get involved in a business environment after completion of the study.

      Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
      Assistant Professor 
      Faculty of Business Administration 
      Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
      Email: abdullah@easternuni.edu.bd

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