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BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) is a part of the recruitment process for first-class officers/gazette officers for the administration of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh by the Bangladesh Government. The procedure for selecting a candidate is complex. To be appointed as a BCS cadre, a candidate must pass many stages, including “Preliminary Examination,” “Written Examination,” “Viva Voce,” “Health Test,” and “Police Verification,” among others.

When it comes to doing government jobs in Bangladesh, BCS is the most appreciated and rewarded exam. Almost anyone can apply for being a government administrator by applying for BCS Exam. The civil service pattern we follow has come from the British Ruling Period between 1858 and 1947. Before, it was known as Central Superior Services of Pakistan, which became known as Bangladesh Civil Service after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

Preparation for BCS Examination in Bangladesh

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Every candidate has to go through the following exams for becoming a BCS cadre; it is also called BCS Examination. This examination is a screening test conducted on the following pattern:

BCS Preliminary Examination Marks Distribution

Bengali Language and Literature35
English Language and Literature35
Bangladesh Affairs30
International Affairs20
Geography, Environment and Disaster Management10
General Science15
General Science15
Computer and Information Technology15
Mathematical Reasoning15
Mental Ability15
Ethics, Values and Good governance10
Total 200
Duration: 2 hours | Marks: 200 | Question type: Objective

BCS Written Examination Examination Marks Distribution

General Bengali (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
General English (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
Bangladesh Affairs (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
International Affairs = 100 Marks
Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability = 100 Marks
General Science and Technology = 100 Marks

Viva-voce (interview) Marks Distribution

Candidates who pass the written phase successfully are qualified for the interview, commonly known as viva voce. The success rate in this rigorous phase is quite lower than in other phases. The current marks allocation for viva voce is 200.

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Final Selection

BPSC selects the candidates based on the aggregated marks written (obtained marks out of 900) and viva voce (obtained out of 200). 45% of the selection is made based on merit, and the rest 55% according to several quotas. BPSC recommends the selected qualified candidates to the Ministry of Public Administration.

The ministry publishes the Gazette of the selected candidates after rigorous inspection of a medical test by DGHS, Police verification, and NSI verification. Generally, the entire process from the advertisement to the final date of joining takes 1 year.

Contributor: Sabbir Ahmed | From Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University

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