Skills That A Business Undergraduate Must Have 


The world of business is challenging, fast-progressed, and constantly deriving. From finance to food, engineering to entertainment, every company needs people with business intelligence. Whether someone is interested in working for a large company, managing a business, or becoming an executive, he/she needs to know how to prosper in a competitive business landscape. 

A business undergraduate needs to keep one thing in his/her mind that his/her decision matters the most for his/her working company. What policy he/she makes will develop the company or decrease the income of the company. So he/she must need some skills when he/she completes his/her studies. 


Presentation Skills:

 Present world’s business depends a lot on presentation. A presentation is a technique of communicating a topic to an audience. It is typically a demonstration, inauguration, lecture, or discussion meant to inform, influence, inspire, motivate, or build goodwill or to present a new idea or product. If someone is expert at giving a killer presentation, he/she will surely prosper in his/her life. So a business undergraduate must obtain the ability to give presentations. 


Build A Strong Communication Skill:

 Communication is the prerequisite of conducting a business. Every business-related person has to communicate with each other. Field workers have to communicate with the customers and submit the results to the authority. Then the authority rechecks those results and submits those to the higher authority. So communication is the part and parcel of business. Those students who are having a degree in business studies must obtain the ability to communicate. 


Analytical And Critical Thinking Ability:

 Analytical thinking is the mental technique of breaking down complicated information or comprehensive data into crucial parts or basic principles. Critical thinking is the mental technique of carefully evaluating information and determining how to illustrate it to make a sound judgment. Using these two techniques a manager manages the company, makes decisions, and even makes new rules. So every business undergraduate must need to obtain these two abilities. 


Problem Solving Skills:

 A business always faces a lot of problems. Problem-solving skills help anyone determine the source of a problem and find an impressive solution. Although problem-solving is often classified as a separate skill, other related skills assist this ability. Problem-solving skills are crucial in every career at every level. As a result, impressive problem solving may also involve industry or job-specific technical skills. A business undergraduate must obtain the ability to find out where or what is the problem and find the best solution. 


Decision Making:

 Decision-making skills show anyone’s expertise in choosing between two or more alternatives. He/she can make decisions once he/she processes all the information accessible to him/her and speaks with the right points of contact involved in a certain condition. Overall, it is crucial to identify processes that help he/her make the right decision on behalf of the company and make a combined effort to uncover biases that may affect the outcome of it. So gaining the skills of the decision-making process are very important to business undergraduate students.  



Logical Thinking

 Logical thinking is the act of evaluating a situation and coming up with a practical solution. Logical thinking skills are influential because they can help anyone reason through crucial decisions, solve problems, develop creative ideas, and set goals—all of which are necessary for developing anyone’s career. Whether he/she has just entered the workforce or wants to go forward in his/her career, he will come beyond challenges daily that require logical reasoning skills. The stronger his/her logical thinking skills are, the more easily he/she will be able to come up with solutions and plans that benefit he/her and his/her workplace. So every business undergraduate must gain the ability to think logically. 


Besides all of these, a business undergraduate must understand the economic fluctuations and other external changes that may affect the business very badly. He/she must obtain the skills to interpret and use financial data. Self-motivation is very important. When anyone makes a decision he/she may feel embarrassed. So he/she needs to motivate him/her. A business undergraduate must obtain all of these skills to gain success in life.


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Written By, 

Md. Istiak Ahmed

Faculty Of Business Studies 10th Batch

Department Of Management

Session: 2019-2020

Mawlana Bhashani Science And Technology University, Santosh, Tangail.




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