13 Common Mistakes of a High School & University Student


University is a very important part of a student. It’s the last stage before one person entering into his career life. So everyone should very careful about this stage bt university students do some common career mistakes which may have created a bad effect on his future life. Let’s see which was those career mistakes,

13 Mistakes of a High School & University Student

The CV (Curriculum Vitae) is the most essential thing for a career . One person can’t go to many offices or corporate sectors where his CV can go. That means CV is an official representative of a person. But students make common mistakes here. They make their CV by copying others. For this, if the candidate has any new skill it is unknown to the employer. Here the candidate lost a big opportunity for copying others’ CVs.

2. Do not spread Networking

Networking plays a vital role in getting a job. University students have more than 4 years to spreading their networking in the job sector by attending many case competitions or attending many seminars bt they have a mistake here. Students didn’t concern about this. As a result, they suffer in the long run.

3. Not Developing Skills

In the present world, the person who has skills can get a job easily. So, how much a student increase his professional skills, he can get a job early. Every student should give more time to his skill development. But in reality, students passed their university time without improving himself, as a result, they do not find the job they were dreamed of.

4. Lackings in Business Etiquette

For a business graduate student, you have to know about proper business etiquette but most of the university students didn’t pay attention to their varsity life. As a result, they face many problems in the workplace. They may face many embarrassing situations, after that, they want to learn about the business.

5. Think Ordinarily

In this competitive world, companies, agencies look for the person who can think out of the box. At present most of the laborious work done by the machine. For this job, employers look for an analytical thinker, who can give innovative ideas .so as a university student everyone should practice it.

6. Not Attending Internship

By internship, one can get the practical knowledge about the workplace. In our university, we all learn about theoretical knowledge but we don’t how to use those think in practical life. An internship can give us the scope where we can get practical knowledge. But maximum university students didn’t interested in this topic. But its really a great scope to take experience which can help a student in his career.

7. Less Communication Skill

Communication skill plays a vital role in career life. How to talk to people, how to manage your subordinates, how to deals with other companies, how to maintain a good relationship with a dealer or vendor, those are the basic skills for an employee and these skills should be practiced in university life. But university students make a big mistake here.

8. Not Focus in English

Having a better skill in English helps you everywhere. For getting a good job with an attractive salary, you have to be an expert in this language. But our university students didn’t focus on it. They didn’t try to improve their English skill. As a result, they face trouble in their career life.

9. Poor Time Management Skill

Every person should learn a proper time management system. But our educational institutions didn’t give us the instruction on how to manage time. Having poor time management skills can create depression. For this many employees can’t focus on their work and day by day they become frustrated. So University students should focus on proper time management.

10. Not Budgeting

University takes more than 4 years from us. It’s a huge time. If any student trying to save money every month, after those 4 years he can gather a big amount. By this, he can start a business or can go for higher education. It really a lot in this stage bt any student is not concerned about that and it’s a big mistake.

11. Afraid to take Risk

“NO RISK NO GAIN”. It’s actually true. University students become afraid of taking a risk but it is the best time for a person to take the risk. In this stage, how much a person can take the risk, he will be more successful in the future. He can gather the real experience that can help him to get the right path in Career. If a student wants to be an entrepreneur, he should start his business in his student life. After completing his graduation, his business already in a growth stage and then he can continue his business professionally.

12. Poor Stress Management

One of the important skills as a student is stress management. In a job life every day you have to deal with many types of stress. If he didn’t know how to manage stress then he will be frustrated. So in university life, you have to learn how to improve your stress management capacity. The better you grasp it, the expert you are.

13. Poor Long Term Planning

It’s a big and very common career mistake as a university student. Maximum students didn’t have a long term future plan. They didn’t think about the future seriously. But it’s the best time where you can plan your life and your life will go to the path. So every students should more concentrate in this issue.

If a university student can overtake all those career mistakes he can get a better life , can face less trouble in career and will be successful early .

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