Top 10 Companies in Canada


Canada, the second-largest country in the world and is famous for its maple syrup as well as for Justine Trudo the president of Canada. Its economy mainly depends upon America and bring the 12th largest exporter countries in the world, there are some top biggest Canadian companies running the major wheels of the Canadian economy. Here we have gathered the top 10 biggest Canadian companies you should know about.

Top 10 Companies in Canada – Biggest in Market Capital

1. Royal Bank of Canada

It is the largest bank in Canada by market capitalization. The Royal Bank of Canada – RBC – is a multinational banking and financial services corporation. Founded in 1882. RBC is engaged in commercial banking, investment banking and insurance throughout Canada. Having 80,000 clients, it has developed branches in the United States as well as in seventeen Caribbean countries. Its market capitalization is  C$ 156 Billion.

2. Toronto-Dominion Bank

Toronto Dominion Bank is operating as TD Bank Group, more commonly known as TD. The Toronto–Dominion Bank is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Toronto. After the merger of two banks founded in the 19th century, TD Bank has become one of the largest banks in Canada, also very present in the Eastern United States. Today it has market Capitalization of C$ 131 Billion.

3. Enbridge

A multinational energy company focusing on the transportation, distribution, and generation of energy. It was named to the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Energy Leaders in 2018. Enbridge primarily operating their business in Canada and the United States, Enbridge notably operates the longest crude oil and liquid hydrocarbons pipeline transportation system in North America and the largest natural gas distribution network, servicing Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and New York State. It’s Market Capital is around C$ 87.7 Billion.

4. Canadian National Railway Company

Established in 1919, Canadian National Railway Corporation is the backbone of the Canadian Economy, more simply known as CN. CN is a freight railway company serving Canada and the Midwestern and Southern United States. This company has made approximately 24,000 railroaders transportation which worth more than C$250 billion annually. CN has successfully developed its network of freight transport for raw materials, intermediate and finished goods beyond the rail to trucking and shipping. Today, it has a Market Capital of around C$ 85.8 Billion.

5. Bank of Nova Scotia

Founded in 1832, Bank of Nova Scotia is one of the most successful multinational banks in Canada. It has opened branches in more than fifty countries such as Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and parts of Asia. Having more than 100,000 employees and assets of over $1 trillion, it trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange Today, Nova Scotia has a Market Capital of around C$ 81.8 Billion.

6. Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is an alternative asset management company engaged in real estate, renewable power, infrastructure, and private equity. It has 2000 assets across 30 countries and 5 continents. Brookfield Asset Management has also opened offices besides Canada, in New York City, London, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney. Today BAM has approx Market Capital of C$ 66.9 Billion.

7. TC Energy

TC Energy Corporation is an energy company that transports more than 25% of North American natural gas demand, in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. For more than 65 years, TC Energy is operating natural gas and liquids pipelines and power generation plants. TC Energy’s gas pipelines are the company’s largest segment of operation. Today, TCE’s  Market Capital is around C$ 59.7 Billion.

8. Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal is the oldest financial institution in Canada and founded in 1817. This bank is operating its commercial banking as the Bank of Montreal in Canada. The company is also engaged in the United States, especially in the Chicago area, where it operates as BMO Harris Bank. BMO also conducts activities of corporate banking and wealth management in Canada. Today, BMO’s  Market Capital is around C$ 58.8 Billion.

9. Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy is a multinational energy company. This company is specialized in producing synthetic crude from oil sands. It founded in 1919 and today it is the world-leading producer of bitumen, also producing, refining and retailing conventional oil, heavy crude oil, and natural gas. Today, has a Market Capital of around C$ 57.7 Billion.

10. Shopify

Shopify, founded in 2004, is an e-commerce platform which offers services like digital marketing, online payment, shipping and customer engagement tools to its customer. It has successfully served around 800,000 businesses around the world. It made starting an eCommerce business so easy that you just need a great product and the rest will be done through Shopify easily. Today, – Market Capital is around C$ 57.2 Billion

Note: These are not Official Ranking From Any Established Authority. Business Haunt Picked Them Randomly and Placed on the Base of Popularity and Internet Source.

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