What are the Viva-Voce Courtesy a Candidate needed to be Maintained?

The word “Viva” is very common nowadays. For every competitive exam, we have to face the viva voce section. To pass a viva a candidate must not only possess an understanding of the subject but must also be able to convey this to the examiners that you are the best for the position. For this, good subject knowledge along with maintaining viva etiquette is very important. Without maintaining a proper etiquette, one person can’t create a good impression in front of the examiners. Viva etiquette mainly divided into three sections. Let’s see that three section.

Viva-Voce Preparation and Courtesy

Dress Up

Dress code is very important for a viva. Full formal dress up plays a vital role in viva.

For a man, it’s better to wear a light color shirt with a dark color formal suit. The length of the tie should be the equal position of your belt. Skinny persons should use slender size tie where healthy persons can use a coarse size tie. Another important thing is matching belt with matching shoes. The color of your belt and tie should be matched. The black color is more preferable for viva.

For a woman, she should avoid flashy colored, glittery or shiny dress. The dress color may be light as if it can’t distract examiners attention. A woman can wear saree or kamij. Its always better to avoid excessive makeup and jewelry. A woman should be looked simple.

Body Language

Body language is another noticeable part in viva board. Controlling your body (including your eyes and your clothes) is all part of presenting your message to the examiners. Maintaining eye contact is very important. For the duration of the viva look at the person, you’re talking to. If two persons ask questions at the same time, firstly you should answer the first person’s question then you should answer the next. Your hands should keep in low, no higher than your chest and move them naturally to express yourself. Sitting up straight is seen as a sign of intelligence, confidence, and credibility, so a candidate should follow it. Your genuine smile has the power to immediately create a more positive environment. So candidate should smile when speaking.


Along with a better subject knowledge interviewer looking for a confident person for the right position. So facing viva with a confident attitude can create a positive impression for the candidate. In every viva board, a psychologist is present there. He just judges the psychological behavior of the candidate. A candidate should answer his question with confidence. With this, the interviewers judge the confident level of his.

If anyone read the article, he can understand what etiquettes he should follow in a viva board. By the above article, a candidate can create a positive impression in front of the interviewers. That’s can help him to get the right position. 

Contributor: Afrin Alam | Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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