Top 5 Winning Habits You Must Nurture in Student Life


Student life is the one, where a person learns the most either in classrooms or outside it. The educational institutions have a different vibe & set up where students are equipped with different sorts of books, exercises, playgrounds & learning. Once students come out of this life completing it successfully, they are in a transitional period as they prepare to join professional life. There are good students & average students but all of them need success & independence. Scoring good points is not enough to be a shining star in the job field or business to pursue later. So at the university level, what are some important habits that can make a student successful in professional life? Here is the answer:

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Top 5 Habits That Can Make You Winner

Saving Money Every Month

You as a student can belong to a rich or poor background. You currently might not be in need of money but soon after the study will be over, you will need money to survive yourself & without an income source most of the students find it difficult to run themselves. The family is there, they are there for support, still, it is advised to save some money in the student life to use later until a job or business or livelihood is ensured as it does not look & feel good to ask for money to parents when you are grown up.

Visiting Offices & Observing Things & People

When there is a chance to complete some assignments or term papers or a research report, it is crucial to look around the office system to identify the followings –

  • How office works are structured
  • What people are wearing
  • How employees are communicating
  • What skills they are demonstrating

Identifying these things will help the students to create a vision about office life that will make them confident to join job life.

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    Increasing Connectivity with People

    No matter how good or excellent you are as a student, if you fall short of people skill, you will be lagging behind in the future. Academic credentials will help you up to a certain extent, after that it’s your social skill, people convincing & management skill which will be beneficial for you as the end of the day, you will have to process the need of different people at the job place, so it is advised to mix with different people, to know how to talk to them, how to bring the best work from them & to be acquainted with different work pattern of people. Student life offers a great chance to be with students coming from varied backgrounds, teachers with different bodies of knowledge, resource persons & trainers of different workshops that are conducted at university through career office & clubs.

    Scheduling Future Activities

    Students are advised to prepare a schedule for their future activities. When they are in the final year, it is really important to plan the future calendar wise. That is to say, they need to schedule a month with some probable activities to do. For example, if their final examinations are over in April, they should make a plan when in the first week of May they are going to apply for jobs of select companies & for that they need to arrange cover letter with cv. They need to plan date wise.


      Student life is the time when life offers a lot more scope to learn but unfortunately many can not avail of this. “Will do it later” attitude just ruins people. Actually this “later” is never ensured & even if it comes, there are other cumulative pending tasks too to complete “later” if one is habituated to keep it pending. It is a winning habit to not let go of any opportunity to learn something new. For example, many of the students avoid the chance to be the host of any program arranged by any specific club out of shyness or hesitation. But the one who accepts it & performs grows out of that hesitation & becomes confident big-time that will help him or her to face any program where he or she would have to present or speak in front of a lot of people in a job or business life.

      These are some habits if nurtured well, students will get benefited in occupational life for sure. There comes a time, when we say in job life – “wish I would have tried it earlier in my student life! Life would be easy today!” Or “wish I would know this earlier!” so, these are some practical tips that will make students confident & perform better than others standing out in the crowd in the future.

      Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
      Assistant Professor 
      Faculty of Business Administration 
      Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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