Top 10 Restaurants in Dhaka


Many prominent eateries may be found in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. This lively metropolis has it everything, from major fast-food chain restaurants to roadside food booths. People in Dhaka have very active lives and spend the majority of their time away from home. Let’s know about Top 10 Restaurants in Dhaka. And, in the midst of their hectic schedules, Dhaka’s famed restaurants play an important part in elevating their spirits with delectable cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere.Bangladesh, as I usually repeat, is an underappreciated tourism destination. Despite its abundance of magnificent tourist attractions, this country falls short of attracting a large number of travelers.However, visitors to the nation have always enjoyed Bangladeshi cuisine. And all credit goes to the hardworking restaurant owners who serve the best foods on their menu.

Almost every well-known restaurant in Dhaka has something unique to offer. Some have stunning interiors, others have stunning exteriors, and still others offer cuisines that will keep you coming back for more.Some restaurants also provide personalized menus with unique cuisine that you won’t discover in any other restaurant. You may already be impatient to learn about the most popular restaurants in Dhaka, so I won’t put you to the test again. 

List of Top 10 Restaurants in Dhaka

01. Chef’s Table Courtside

Chef’s Table Courtside is a Dhaka food court. It is well-known for its peace and calm. At the site, there is a mini-park, a football court, a play zone for children, and a dining area. Around 35 popular food chains serve meals here, including Pizza Guy, CRISP, El Dorado, Chittagong Bulls, and others. The meal is excellent, but the price is a little excessive. However, because of its tranquil surroundings, it is a wonderful site to visit. You can come here with your friends and family to have parties and take pictures.


  • United City, Madani Avenue (Near United International University) 1212 Dhaka

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday | 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Friday – Saturday | 08:00 am – 11:00 pm

02. TakeOut

TakeOut is a well-known Dhaka restaurant known primarily for its burgers. This establishment delivers excellent fast meals. Their burgers range in price from 245 BDT to 450 BDT. And I believe it serves tasty burgers at a reasonable price. TakeOut has six locations in Dhaka.


  • TakeOut Banani: Abedin tower (1st Floor),35 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213
  • TakeOut Uttara: PohorDanga (3rd floor),17 Sonargaon Janapath,Secto-13,Uttara Model Town,Dhaka 1230
  • TakeOut Dhanmondi: 736 Rangs KB Square, Level -3, Road-9/A, Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
  • TakeOut Ramna: Punak Complex,26/1(opposite to holy family hospital), Level-1, shaheed captain Monsur Ali Sharani, Ramna, Dhaka 1205
  • TakeOut Mirpur: Sagufta RM centre,Level-G,Plot-16 and 17,Section-7,Mirpur 11,Dhaka 1216
  • Jamuna future Park: Jamuna Future Park (L-5),Centre Court,Shop-5A-004,KA-244,Kuril,Progoti Shoroni,Vatara,Dhaka-1229

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday | 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday | 09:00 am – 10:00 pm

03. Kabab Factory

Kabab Factory, well-known for its barbeque meals, serves some of the greatest kebabs in town. To begin, they have a variety of soups and salads on their menu. The main draw on their menu, however, is their Reshmi Kabab, Bihari Kabab, and Afghan Kabab. This restaurant also boasts a lovely atmosphere and a pleasant seating area.


  • House 14, Lake Drive Road Sector 7 Uttara, Dhaka

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday | 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

04. Baton Rouge Restaurants

Baton Rouge is a buffet-style restaurant with 101 dishes and seating for around 450 people. As a result, you can safely infer that it has a huge seating space. It serves both local and international cuisines. Reservations can be made for seminars, workshops, private/corporate meetings, and conferences.


Gulshan Pink City Shopping Centre, 7th Floor, 15 Gulshan Ave, Dhaka-1212

I couldn’t locate any information regarding Baton Rouge’s hours of operation. But I’m providing you their phone number so you can call them and find out when they’re open. 

Contact Number: +880 18228 33877

05. The Green Lounge

The Green Lounge is not only a well-known restaurant in Dhaka, but it is also the city’s largest rooftop restaurant. If you’re searching for a unique eating experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life, The Green Lounge is the place to be. The restaurant has a lovely environment adorned with plants and bamboo that will provide you with a relaxing experience. It offers a barbecue and a multi-cuisine buffet. 


  • 18th Floor, Rupayan Trade Center 114 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Banglamotor, Dhaka

Opening Hours:

  • Everyday | 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

06. The Atrium Restaurant

The Atrium Restaurant, one of Dhaka’s most well-known restaurants, has been serving wonderful Thai and Indian cuisine to its guests for more than a generation. It boasts a tranquil lawn and décor that provide an unforgettable dining experience. They feature four buffet options, the cheapest of which starts at 800 BDT. You can also personalize the menu by including or excluding things. 


  • 50 & 52 Pragati Avenue, J Block, Baridhara, Dhaka

Opening Hours:

  • Everyday | 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Everyday | 6:00 pm – 10.30 pm

07. Pizza Guy

Pizza Guy is a fantastic pizza restaurant in Dhaka that serves a wide range of pizza. They have four branches located throughout Dhaka. So, I believe it is an excellent choice for satisfying your pizza needs.


  • Chef’s Table, Level 2, Road 90, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212
  • Chef’s Table, Rd No. 11A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205
  • Chef’s Table Courtside, United City, Madani Avenue (Near United International University), Dhaka-1212
  • House 1113, Road 17, Block I Bashundhara Residential Area Bashundhara, Dhaka-1229
  • Level 7, Mirpur DOHS Shopping Complex, Mirpur DOHS, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday – Thursday | 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Friday | 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm

08. Herfy Bangladesh

Herfy is a major Saudi fast-food restaurant brand with locations all over the world. It also has a presence in Bangladesh. So, Herfy Bangladesh is a well-known fast-food establishment in Dhaka. On the menu, there are approximately 17 different varieties of burgers, wraps, salads, chicken wings, rice dinners, ice creams, shakes, cocktails, and mocktails. They feature four distinctive burgers that you won’t find in any other restaurant in Bangladesh: Angus Burger, Super Angus, Turkish Burger, and Super Fish Fillet. Herfy Bangladesh has five locations in Dhaka.


  • Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 1 Gulshan Avenue, Road-1, House-1, GL Bhaban, Dhaka-1212
  • 52, Ground Floor, Tower, Plot, 52 Rd No. 11, Dhaka-1213
  • 29 Gausul Azam Avenue, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
  • Plot – 2, Ground Floor, Road – 11, 11 Block #C, Dhaka-1216
  • Plot No: 38/2, Road No. 16 (New), 27 (Old), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday – Wednesday | 12:00 pm – 01:00 am
  • Thursday – Friday | 12:00 pm – 02:00 am

09. Barcode Cafe

Barcode Cafe is the ideal destination for foodies looking for a delicious selection of cuisines and a relaxing ambiance. Among Dhaka’s prominent restaurants, Barcode Cafe is one of my favorites. It offers about everything a great restaurant should. And believe me when I say that the food at this place is excellent. Grilled Squid Calamari, Fried Squid Calamari Rings, Jumbo Prawn Tempura, Honey Prawn, Garlic Prawn, and many other fascinating dishes are available as starters at Barcode Cafe. And the restaurant that serves such delectable appetizers is certainly a must-visit for every foodie.If I started identifying every dish on this restaurant’s menu, I’d probably need a whole day. So all I can tell is that Barcode Cafe serves pizza, spaghetti, salad, chicken meal, seafood meal, beef meal, as well as a variety of personal specialties and beverages.


  • Road 21, House 55/B, Block-B, Banani, Dhaka-1212

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday – Monday | 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Friday | 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

10. Xindian Restaurant

Xindian Restaurant is a high-end Chinese eatery in Dhaka. It is one of the nine X-group restaurant chains. It is also one of Dhaka’s oldest well-known restaurants, having opened in 2003. Thai, Chinese, and cultural cuisines are available. This restaurant also accepts reservations for private functions. 


  • House 55, 55/A, Road 16 (new), 27 (old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

Opening Hours:

  • Everyday | 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 06:00 pm – 10:30 pm
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