Top 10 Organic Brands in Bangladesh


In recent years, the demand for organic products has seen a significant surge in Bangladesh as consumers increasingly prioritize healthier and more sustainable choices. As a result, numerous organic brands have emerged, offering a wide array of organic food, skincare, and lifestyle products. So, let’s know about Top 10 Organic Brands in Bangladesh. These organic brands in Bangladesh are committed to promoting eco-friendly agriculture, free from harmful pesticides and synthetic chemicals. From fresh fruits and vegetables to organic dairy products, spices, and even handmade crafts, each brand caters to various consumer preferences and needs.

Through their dedication to organic farming practices, these brands play a crucial role in supporting local farmers and preserving the environment. By choosing organic, consumers contribute to a more sustainable and greener future for Bangladesh.Whether you’re seeking chemical-free beauty products, ethically sourced dairy, or organic pantry staples, these organic brands offer reliable options for health-conscious individuals looking to make responsible choices for themselves and the planet.Explore the diverse offerings of these organic brands and embark on a journey of wellness and sustainability as you join the growing movement towards a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle in Bangladesh!

Interesting fact of Top 10 Organic Brands in Bangladesh

01. The most commonly purchased organic foods are fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat.

02. Organic farmers and food producers grow and produce food without using synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

03. Products labeled “organic” must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). 

04. Look for the word “organic” on vegetables or pieces of fruit, or on the sign above the organic produce display

05.  The 3 types of organic foods are organic dairy, meat, fish, and seafood.

List of Top 10 Organic Brands in Bangladesh

01Dhaka Dough 
02Green Harvest2016
06Khaas Food2015 
08My Organic BD2017
09RiBANA Organic2015
10Krishi Shwapno2019

Dhaka Dough is mainly a product name, and the company name is also a product name base. Dhaka Dough is an organic food product. So, let’s know about the company and how they became an organic food brand in Bangladesh.After all, they’ve been friends for a long time. They’ve traveled together, worked together, and discussed taking on another adventure and this time it’s all about nutritious meals. They have had access to the community and have lived a fully organic lifestyle since birth. That is why, in their fast-paced city existence, they strive to provide the best product and culinary experience possible. Even if they have access to cutting-edge technology and experience, they value a standardized grasp of our house. Living on the world’s largest delta means that your produce matures to its full potential organically. As a result, they place a premium on environmental competency in their manufacturing. They are simply easing the stress on their farmers as a result of the market economy and the invasion of significant industrial influence on agriculture. Even if a product is made organically, whether the agricultural seed is GMO or recently developed is critical. They select non-GMO, responsibly produced foods from small-scale growers and farmers who produce for their personal consumption and sell the rest to the local market.

Green Harvest is primarily a product name, while Organic Online BD is a corporate name. The business sells its goods online. So, let’s get to know the company. Organic Online BD gets these fresh and chemical-free items from various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout Bangladesh that are advised and controlled by the well-known PKSF. We evaluate these products in our lab after collecting them from the sources and pack them properly and politely. Then we provide it off to the clients. We have our own test laboratory and showroom, which you are welcome to visit and see for yourself. We can guarantee the quality of the product and service. Our primary goal is your satisfaction. These are the few reasons why you should choose us without hesitation.

Naturals is an organic food manufacturer. Because they produced organic food, this company became an organic brand. So, let’s know a little bit about the company.They’re all naturals. And they are here to inspire and care for people by utilizing nature’s force and purity. Naturals embraces and celebrates nature’s blessings. They source the best, protect the pure, and collect natural treasures to help everyone live a happier, healthier, and better life; with a sense of “moral satisfaction” – that they’ve done good for people and the earth. Naturals stands for the protection of both life and nature.

Khusboo is primarily a product name, while Agro Organica is a corporate name.Let’s know a little bit about the company.Agro Organica, a Bangladeshi public limited company incorporated with the RJSC of the GOB, began its agro-business adventure in 2015, focusing on agro contract farming, trade, processing, and manufacturing for local and worldwide consumers. Running a well-structured facility in the BSCIC industrial area in the Sherpur district of Mymenshing Division; a sophisticated central warehouse in Dhaka; and a corporate head office at 65 Elephant Road, Dhaka, with approximately 200 human resources to serve the global population.

The fundamental concept is to promote food security by reducing post-harvest losses, diversifying products, and improving connectivity with the greatest value to the grower by ensuring end-user satisfaction in terms of quality and price. For the first time, Bangladesh has assured the maximum food value as well as the medicinal benefit of traditional daily consumable agro products with the protection of the right food value while maintaining modern quality packaging. Typically, Agro Organica PLC is represented by the brand “Khusboo” with about 100 product variations.Khusboo’s products have reached the markets of 64 districts in Bangladesh and a few foreign nations, and the company is expanding globally. Actually, Agro Organica has made its imprint in the history of scent, color, and quality through the greenway movement with processed agro and organic products. As a result, “Khusboo” is capable of making a contribution to society and the world.

Karkuma is primarily a product name, while Organic Nutrition Limited is a corporate name.Let’s know a little bit about the company.Organic Nutrition Limited is a specialist organization committed to the research, development, processing, and marketing of organic, non-GMO, functional food/health food products in Bangladesh and around the world.Organic Nutrition Limited began its journey in 2016. Initially, the corporation focused mostly on research and development. These scientific operations were carried out by a group of highly experienced food scientists, microbiologists, and nutritionists. We will launch our first developed functional food in late 2020. Since then, Organic Nutrition Ltd. has produced a number of food products that aid in the maintenance and maintenance of good health. Our motivation is to serve people by boosting their health and well-being via the use of safe and effective functional food items that have been scientifically proven.

Khaas Food is a Bangladeshi e-commerce website with a chain of brick-and-mortar stores selling safe and clean goods. Safe and pure food is unquestionably a concern for both present and future generations in a country of more than 160 million people, which is where our food platform comes in. We want to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle by delivering nutritious food, prompt delivery, and an enjoyable purchasing experience. We want to make our customers happy by assuring a healthy life.

Khaas Food began its journey in 2015. Khaas Food has worked hard from the outset to bring safe and pure food to the doorsteps of city people through a rigorous process. Aside from that, it has raised public awareness about food adulteration, food safety, and good eating habits. Since Khaas Food wishes to provide a healthy Bangladesh with a sound body and mind, as well as to make people happy.Khaas Food now sells over 100 goods and offers home delivery in Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, and Sylhet. People can contact Khaas Food via their website (, Facebook (, and phone numbers. Khaas Food has served over 35 thousand unique customers to date. People can pick up their purchases from its warehouses and retail locations. Khaas Food is now aiming to get its products to every district in Bangladesh. Khaas Food aspires to be Bangladesh’s Whole Foods.

AKORR is primarily a product name, while Keya Group Agro processing unit is a corporate name.Let’s know a little bit about the company. Discover the best of both worlds with AKORR, your go-to conventional and organic food brand. Embracing the finest flavors nature has to offer, we deliver a diverse range of delectable treats that cater to every palate.In our conventional line, we ensure that taste and quality are never compromised. Handpicked from trusted sources, our ingredients undergo a rigorous selection process to guarantee the utmost freshness and flavor in every bite. Indulge in an array of savory snacks and mouthwatering delights that satisfy your cravings and leave you craving for more.

For the health-conscious food enthusiasts, AKORR’s organic selection is a dream come true. Grown in harmony with nature, our organic ingredients are free from harmful chemicals and additives, preserving the true essence of Mother Earth’s bounty. From wholesome snacks to guilt-free treats, savor the goodness of food that nurtures your body and soul.At AKORR, we are committed to sustainability, ensuring that our packaging and practices reflect our love for the environment. Join us on a journey of taste and wellness, as we bring you conventional and organic delights that leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and promote a healthier lifestyle. Elevate your dining experience with AKORR today!

My Organic is a 360-degree Green Beauty wellbeing eCommerce for Authentic Natural Super Foods & Organic Products, as well as custom services such as clinical nutrition, wellness, yoga, aesthetical dermatology, counseling psychology, and so on.It’s a holistic approach to living a beautiful life, has started their business with the goal of connecting people with mother nature and ensuring healthy conscious living. This is the first Green Beauty Wellbeing eCommerce in Dhaka, Bangladesh that can serve customers from all over the world!In Bangladesh, a balanced diet causes 26% of early death! It’s not that we can’t afford healthy food; rather, they don’t know which foods to eat in what amounts based on our specific needs. 16.8% of people are dealing with mental health difficulties such as Reproductive Health, which is socially taboo!

These foods and crops are extremely harmful to human health and cause a variety of dangerous ailments such as cancer and diabetes. This is also harming Mother Nature. We are simply taking poison disguised as food.Their service providers are highly qualified in their respective fields, with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience. They want you to be Healed and Healthy in your body, mind, and spirit.To live a healthy natural life and safeguard their future generations, they must instantly establish a trend of consuming organic food and leading a unique life, which is why My Organic Bd is always by your side to help you make it happen.

‘RiBANA Organic,’ a developing Bangladeshi brand offering 100% organic and handmade skin and hair care items such as natural soaps and oils. It was founded in 2015. It was also chosen by UNDP for the YouthCo: Lab initiative in 2019. As the company gets organic ingredients from farmers and rural women, the team benefits around 500 farmers and rural women.’RiBANA Organic’ is well-known for its organic skin and hair care products, which are produced entirely of natural components and have no adverse effects. Furthermore, unlike most companies, ”RiBANA Organic” ensures that glycerin is not taken from the soaps that provide consumers with soothing and nourishing skin. Furthermore, ”RiBANA Organic” does not include any color/scent/chemicals in its products. ”RiBANA Organic”‘s skin and hair care products are less prone to produce allergic reactions, inflammations, or irritations because they are free of harsh chemicals. If an allergic reaction occurs when using organic products, it is most often due to a natural ingredient (neem, saffron, milk, etc.) that is easier to identify.

Using natural,” RiBANA Organic”’s skin and hair care products, however, ensures that you are getting the true nutritional advantages from its ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil, neem, goat’s milk, and saffron, which are known to soothe, nourish, hydrate, and promote smooth skin. Although the results may be slower for certain people, the products are mild on your skin and will not hurt you in the long term.Furthermore, when you purchase ”RiBANA Organic” skin and hair care products, you are purchasing cruelty-free skin and hair care products while also supporting the industry’s move to eliminate animal testing.

Krishi Shwapno is a technology-driven AgriTech platform that offers a one-stop shop for small and marginal farmers as well as consumers.” Its agricultural supply chain technology and urban climate resilience Future Farming Technology is a one-stop integrated solution platform for agriculture, ecology, and the environment. Where we secure fair prices for farmers, safe food for customers, food traceability, and urban farming in conjunction with healthy living.”Krishi Shwapno” is Bangladesh’s first B2B & B2C (Block Chain) technology-based Agri. Supply Chain platform, providing farmers with end-to-end agricultural services, as well as a ONE-STOP solution platform for farmers and consumers.

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