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top 10 e learning and educational website in bangladesh

With the advancement of technology and the availability of it to the people, online learning has become a learning reality for everybody. Whether a student or a professional may be in need of some specific and special education that is not always possible to attain physically. There are various online educational websites and e-learning platforms, working with authenticity & introducing creativity in learning.

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10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

The following best Top Favorite Educational sites in Bangladesh can help you to get immediate and demanded news.

1. Robi 10 Minute School

10 Minute School is one of the popular and latest online learning platforms in Bangladesh created in 2015 by Internet entrepreneur Ayman Sadik. This website covers academic classes from – 1 to 12 classes, modules are divided into JSC, SSC, HSC, University Admission, University Courses  Skill Development, Professional Courses, etc according to the entire academic syllabus of Bangladesh

Smart Book: 914+ | Blog: 1234+ | Quiz: 49540+ | Video Tutorial: 17440+

Students can watch chapter and topic-wise pre-recorded lecture videos, attempt quiz and even attend live classes on Facebook. The best part of this is it is completely free.

Almost 150000 students are attending the classes regularly. It is now being sponsored by Telco giant ROBI and is being endorsed by numerous public figures.


02. Study

Study is an online-based unique website. Its huge collection of regularly updated questions helps the students to test themselves. This site is centering the competitive exam preparation. Students can find any previous questions of the state competitive exams like BCS, Bank Job, etc. Side by side, Students can sit for model tests for each of the modules.

Students: 114918+ | Questions: 114852+ | Job Tests: 223+ | Online viewer: 3071+

Students can also enter this site through Facebook id, find many academic write-ups, questions, and related to different topics that will surely help you shape up your learning more flawlessly.


    03. Shikkhok.Com is one of the oldest online educational sites in Bangladesh created in 2012 by Dr. Ragib Hasan, a computer science professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.’s project dreams to provide free online education and high-quality courses in the Bengali language to rural and disadvantaged students in Bangladesh and India. This platform is best for Science and Engineering Students and researchers.

    video tutorial: 50+ | Blog: 11000+

    Tutorial on: Freelance corner, Mobile application development, Computer science and technology, Engineering, Language, and even subjects from SSC and HSC level. brings educators and researchers together from all over the world to create free-of-cost content in the Bengali language on both basic and advanced topics, to serve as an open, free, and cheaper alternative to traditional educational institutions.


     04. Shikkhok Batayon

    This website is a project of the government of Bangladesh that aims to bring the digitalization of education of our country into a reality. This online portal is mainly enriched with PPT presentation slide contents explaining different terms and topics of school-level academic studies.

    On this site, there are three mainstream study contents (General, Madrasa, & Technical) are available there. These contents are prepared and uploaded by different teachers of different schools and madrasas around the country. The site is completely free to use for all.

    Content: 269854+ | Model content: 953+ | Members: 421895+

    From lower to higher school, students can get all academic and skill development classes here managed by the Ministry of Education (Bangladesh). Students can also call that website student and teacher community for any academic inquiry.


    05. Amar Pathshala

    Amar Pathshala is one of the popular educational portals. Amar Pathshala spread educational information like admission circulars and results, Career guides, job circulars, the video tutorial for the students to get an education properly. They also give the lesson for BCS and other job preparation and on foreign language also. This site covers all classes (1-12)subjects, professional and skill development courses, all in one place.

    Video tutorials: 12000+ | Quiz: 1500+

    This site is completely free of cost from any corner of the world to get knowledge from primary level to higher-level study.


    06. Repto Education Center

    Repto Education center is considered as a desi version of Udemy. On this site experts prepare video courses and upload them then students enroll in these courses and get certified. This site takes High-Quality Online Courses from the Best Online Instructors of Bangladesh & Develop students Skills.

    Students: 132734+ | Course: 132+ |eTeachers: 545+

    These courses can be of both types – paid and free. Courses can be like- Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic design, Photography, English language, MS Office, Database, Entrepreneurship, etc.


    07. lekha Pora BD

    lekha pora BD is the well-known educational website in Bangladesh founded by Al Mamun Munna. This site is the first academic study site in Bangla Community in Bangla blog site.

    Lekhapora BD  provides all kinds of information in Bangladesh like admission test information, result information, syllabus, suggestion, routine, textbook, job circular, and many more. ‘Lekhaporabd’’s purpose is to create a community of students at all levels.

    Follower: 88480+ | Contents : 6800+

    This website is trying to ensure that education and information services can be provided smoothly and try to solve all required problems about the study of BD students.


    08. Srijonshil

    Srijonshil is a popular Bangla educational website that helps people learn, understand and apply the Srijonshil system. Srijonshil is one of the best Elearning websites. It has a vast collection of visual lessons that help a student to learn lessons practically.

    Video Tutorial: 3000+ | EBOOK: 1000+

    Srijonshil is the fastest growing E-learning website in Bangladesh. and this website serves students the proper knowledge of creativity that you should learn.



    Ghankosh is the first Bangla educational website in Bangladesh that provides an online study room facility. This site has a store of Bangla educational elements readers can download quickly and free from it. This site is an online study room that includes primary level to higher level class Syllabus, skill development course, and current news.

    Viewer : 4800+ | Consents: 6500+

    With their online study room and the store of downloading different types of educational elements, Readers can get information about textbooks and the current world.



    Educationpedia of Bangladesh( is a big educational portal of Bangladeshi people created in 2011 BY Nazmul Hasan Apu.In global traffic rank of this site is 566,746 in the world. It is a domain having an org extension.

    This site has a lot of content for any students to get prepared for university admission tests, BCS, IBA, BUET, Medical, and all kinds of job preparation.

    video tutorial: 1000+ | Quiz: 32000+

    Furthermore, edpdbd is monetizing from Google Adsense. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse.


    Some other popular and useful websites in Bangladesh are:

    • Teachingbd24
    • PRE- TEST BD
    • Khan Academy Bangla
    • Bangladesh Result BD
    • Learners BD
    • Mukto path
    • Amader school etc.

    Contributor: Susmita Podder| Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

    Note: These are not Official Ranking From Any Established Authority. Business Haunt Picked Them Randomly and Placed on the Base of Popularity and Internet Source.

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