Top 10 Furniture Brands in Bangladesh


A good furniture brand should be chosen since it emphasizes attractive design and attention to detail, which guarantees that buyers will receive durable furnishings. The greatest furniture manufacturers also offer a varied selection of goods to suit different tastes and fashions.From affordable options to upscale designs, there is something for everyone. So, let’s know about Top 10 Furniture Brands in Bangladesh.Additionally, these businesses frequently place a high priority on customer happiness, offering exceptional after-sales support and guaranteeing a trouble-free purchasing experience. These businesses are an excellent alternative for consumers who value environmentally conscious consumption because many of them are concerned with environmental friendliness and sustainability.

It can be difficult to choose a furniture brand. The issue of look and style comes first because everyone has different preferences. Finally, there is the issue of quality, which might be difficult to judge without actually seeing the things.Price is also a significant consideration because customers have a variety of budgets and want to get the most value for their money. The final factor is trust, since consumers prefer to do business with businesses that have a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service and post-purchase support. Considering all of these factors can make it challenging to select a furniture company.

List of top 10 Furniture Brands in Bangladesh

01. Hatil Furniture

In Bangladesh, Hatil Furniture is a well-known manufacturer of furniture. It was founded in 1989. The company is well known for producing modern-style, high-quality furniture for homes and businesses. Beds, dining tables, sofas, and other furniture are available at Hatil Furniture in a large assortment.

To create their products, they make use of premium materials including veneer, engineered wood, and solid wood. With numerous retail locations spread out around the nation, it has a large presence in the local market. Due to its high standards of quality, creativity, and client pleasure, it is one of the most favored furniture businesses in Bangladesh.

02. OTOBI Furniture

Otobi is a well-known furniture company in Bangladesh that was founded in 1975. The business creates stylish, high-quality goods for offices and households. It offers a wide range of products, including sofas, beds, workstations, chairs, and more. Their goods are consistently beautiful and durable. It has a wide network of showrooms and retail establishments.

Regal has three factories in Narayangonj to meet the demand for its goods both locally and internationally. The production process is observed by engineers, knowledgeable workers, and even architects. The company uses carefully selected raw materials and cutting-edge technology in production to provide the best quality for its products. In an effort to attract more customers, Regal has now launched its own e-commerce website.

03. Navana Furniture

Since its founding as a subsidiary of the Navana Group in 2002, Navana Furniture has put the requirements and happiness of its clients first. Navana Furniture seeks to promote a modern way of life that is full of joy, happiness, and limitless opportunities through its goods. It offers a wide variety of products that are of excellent quality, have lovely and practical designs, and are affordably priced to fulfill the various needs of clients.

Navana Furniture has five showrooms nationwide, 80 franchise dealers, and services over 80,000 retail consumers as well as 170 corporate clients. Additionally, it boasts a striking e-commerce website that showcases products via augmented reality. The brand consistently has steady yearly growth and generates a yearly revenue of about BDT 63 crore. At the Dhaka International Trade Fair in 2022, it received the Best Furniture Pavilion Award.

04. Akhtar Furnishers

In 1976, K.M. Akhtaruzzaman opened the first showroom for Akhter Furnishers. Akhtar gained fame as a premium furniture company fast due to the exceptional caliber of its products and cutting-edge design. Additionally, Akhtar was awarded the coveted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification in 2001 due to the exceptional quality of its products. The corporation is likewise dedicated to properly enforcing environmental conservation principles in the management of its industrial operations and other business practices.

Over 35 showrooms and 100 dealers operate under the Akhtar Furnishers brand in Bangladesh. The 140,000 square foot factory of Akhtar produces more than 160 different types of home and office furniture. Through its non-profit organization, Akhtar Foundation Ltd., Akhtar also aids in social development. The institute offers a range of technical training programs to the nation’s poor citizens.

05. Partex Furniture

Partex Furniture Industries Limited was founded in 1999 and is a division of the Partex Star Group. The firm has been striving since its inception to provide top-notch goods while also embracing advancements in production and business methods. 35 showrooms for Partex Furniture are located around the nation. Along with Malaysia and India, it also exports furniture to the UAE.

Additionally, it ships its products across Bangladesh via its e-commerce website. Although Partex Furniture currently holds a dominant position in the medical furniture market, its items for the home and office are also in high demand.

06. Regal Furniture

Regal Furniture is a relatively new player in the market. Regal, a furniture brand introduced by RFL in 2013, soon gained popularity for its extensive selection of conventional, contemporary, and specialized product lines. Regal serves more than 50,000 clients each month through its more than 500 locations around the nation. In Bangladesh’s furniture market, it now enjoys a 4% market share.

Regal has set up three plants in Narayangonj to satisfy both domestic and international demand for its goods. Skilled laborers, talented engineers, and even architects manage the production process. The company guarantees the greatest quality for its products through the careful selection of raw materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies in production. Regal has also developed its own e-commerce website in an effort to expand the audience for its products.

07. Brothers Furniture

Brothers Furniture takes great satisfaction in providing top-notch hardwood furniture in both Victorian and contemporary styles. Brothers Furniture services the regional and international markets with more than three decades of expertise. It guarantees to provide products of acceptable quality and artisanship with top-notch customer service at the lowest possible cost.

In Bangladesh, Brothers Furniture has approximately 35 showrooms. By conducting business online and actively participating in the export of Bangladeshi furniture, it is also expanding its horizons. Brothers Furniture was awarded the esteemed Forest Stewardship Council certification in recognition of its business methods and operations that guarantee environmental, social, and economic advantages. The company was also given the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate. 

08. HI-TECH Lifestyle & Furniture

Established in 2008, HI-TECH Lifestyle & Furniture is a well-known furniture brand in Bangladesh. It gained notoriety very fast. It offers modern furniture of the highest caliber with a focus on clean lines. Furniture for the home, workspaces, hotels, enterprises, and cultural centers is part of its diverse product offering.Nine HI-TECH branches can be found in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, there are a number of superstores in addition to showrooms in Sylhet, Chattogram, and Narayanganj. Additionally, it runs a store in Malaysia.

09. ISHO

ISHO is the fastest-growing furniture brand in Bangladesh, having been established in 2017 by Rayana Hossain. The company started off small online but is now using locally produced goods to reach new markets abroad. Because of its distinctive, minimalistic, and contemporary design philosophy, the company has consistently been named as the most preferred furniture manufacturer for urban lifestyles. In 2019, ISHO ISHO debuted its first physical location in Baridhara. It launched Bangladesh’s first-ever experience center in 2022. Customers may get a hands-on look at ISHO products at this experience center in Dhanmondi to help them decide what to buy. At Uttara, ISHO also offers another experience center. 

In 48 cities presently, ISHO ships its goods. A financial and strategic investment agreement was also inked by the furniture company in 2021 with Eco Via in order to implement more environmentally friendly procedures throughout its business. Jaipur Rugs, a well-known manufacturer of upscale, hand-made rugs and carpets, and ISHO joined forces in 2022.

10. GRID Furniture

They are well aware that purchasing furniture of a high caliber, particularly for an office, is currently too expensive. Each individual has a spending limit. These days, it’s really difficult to find high-end furniture at an affordable price. It’s no longer necessary to stress about money. As a result, they provide you with GRID Furniture! GRID offers you high quality at a reasonable price. They make sure to provide your home and office a stylish, high-end appeal at an affordable price. Our major goal is to provide you with excellent service, and we want to leave you with a lovely memory of GRID.

They began their journey in January 2021. They are aware that a positive environment makes you feel good, and that a stimulating setting is necessary to be active and energized at work. Because of this, GRID offers you total refreshment that has an elegant appearance.GRID Furniture is creating the furniture of the future.They create smart, high-quality items that are long-lasting. Over 3,000 consumers own GRID goods, and we’re currently one of the nation’s fastest-growing furniture brands.At GRID, we strive to create a work atmosphere where everyone may flourish and where all views are heard and considered in what we do. Our varied group of individuals works together across all teams, from entry-level to leadership positions, to modify and enhance how consumers use, maintain, and enjoy furniture.

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