Tips to Apply for an Internship Program

At the very beginning of your career/at the dawn of your career, you have to have an internship experience as it is much more important than anything else. That’s because it can help you to become fundamentally skilled which make you ready for the particular field.

Here we find out some important points that will help to apply in better internship program.

Things to Remember for an Internship

1. Having a updated resume:

As a starter, you have to keep your resume up to date. So before applying to any internship, you have to be sure enough that your resume is quite updated according to your relevant skills and experience. A good resume is not only make you noticed in front of others but also realize what you are deep inside yourself.

2. Finding out the right internship :

Having finished your resume, you have to decide the particular internship you want which will be according to your comfort. So, its you who has to know yourself better than anyone else in order that your decision goes to the right way of your career.

3. Being aware of the timeline :

While applying to a internship timing is must. Because if you don’t follow the timeline of your particular sector, you won’t be able to keep yourself updated or even miss the deadlines of your application.

4. Keep several option for yourself :

Well, you should keep your options open up for yourself, of course, it will be overwhelming but considering the fact of the present competitive world. I think it will be a good decision and that will only happen when your resume is completely ready to represent yourself.

5. Having preparation for the interview:

When you have finished your application process then there comes a time of preparing yourself. While preparing, you have to research on frequently asked questions in an interview in order to represent yourself convincingly to the board.

Internship Registration Application Sample


The Director,
School of Business,
Your University Name and Address.

Subject: Prayer for Internship Registration Application.

Dear Sir,

With humble respect beg to state that I am a student of BBA Department, majoring in Human Resources Management or others. I have completed my 136 credits last semester. This semester (Spring 2018) I want to do my internship project.

Therefore, I pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grand my application for internship registration and oblige thereby.

Sincerely Yours
Your Name
Your I.D

Contributor: Sanzida Ferdous; Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University.

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