How does Periscope work on Twitter?


Twitter bought the live video streaming startup Periscope in 2015. Users of Periscope can stream live video from their mobile devices, and viewers can watch it in real time and engage with the broadcaster by leaving comments and like their content. This post will go through the advantages of utilizing Periscope for live video broadcasting on Twitter and how it works on Twitter. You can share your live broadcasts with your Twitter followers by linking your Periscope and Twitter accounts. Simply choose the option to share on Twitter before starting your broadcast, and your followers will receive an email with a link to your live stream. By using Periscope on Twitter, you can broaden your audience and boost engagement while also getting useful metrics to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your broadcasts.

A bigger audience, improved analytics, and more engagement through real-time interaction are all advantages of using Periscope on Twitter. It is advised that you advertise your stream beforehand, interact with your viewers while it is live, utilize pertinent hashtags, and post highlights of your broadcast once it has finished in order to get the most out of your broadcasts on Twitter.

How does Periscope work on Twitter?

1. Connecting Periscope to Twitter

You must first link your Periscope account to your Twitter account in order to utilize Periscope on Twitter. You must download the Periscope app and register for a Periscope account in order to do this. Once you’ve done that, choose “Connect to Twitter” from the Periscope settings menu. Your Periscope account will be linked to your Twitter account after you input your Twitter login details on the subsequent screen.

2. Sharing a Periscope Broadcast on Twitter

You can start sharing your live broadcasts on Twitter as soon as Periscope and Twitter are linked. You have the option to share a Periscope broadcast on Twitter as well. Before beginning the broadcast, you must tick the “Share on Twitter” option in order to accomplish this. Your Twitter followers will be notified that you are live and can access your live stream by clicking the link in the tweet.

Benefits of Using Periscope on Twitter

There are several benefits to using Periscope on Twitter for live video streaming. Some of these benefits include:

1. Increased Reach

You can potentially reach a significantly wider audience than you would if you only used Periscope by sharing your Periscope show on Twitter. This is due to the fact that your Twitter followers will be notified when you are live and will be able to easily click the link to watch your broadcast. If you want to draw in more viewers to your live stream or if you have a larger following on Twitter than Periscope, this function can be quite helpful.

By sharing on Twitter, you may also take advantage of hashtags’ ability to boost exposure and draw in new viewers. By include pertinent hashtags in your tweet, you can improve the likelihood that people will find your stream when they conduct a Twitter search.

2. Increased Engagement

Viewers can interact with your live broadcast in real-time thanks to Twitter integration with Periscope. There is a chance for feedback and communication with the broadcaster because viewers can like and comment on the program. The audience can have a more engaging and involved experience by having the option to post questions and comments.

Building a closer connection with your audience can also be facilitated by engaging with them during the broadcast. Responding to questions and comments during the broadcast shows your audience that you are willing to interact with them and listen, which can assist to build viewer loyalty and foster engagement.

3. Improved Analytics

With the help of Periscope’s insightful statistics, broadcasters may learn more about their audience and effectiveness. These metrics display the audience size, average viewing time, and number of comments and likes for the broadcast. Broadcasters are also able to observe how many people clicked on the link in the tweet and watched the program by connecting Periscope with Twitter.

You can improve your broadcasts by using the analytics you have access to to better understand how your audience interacts with your content. You can examine the statistics to learn what kind of material your audience prefers and what needs work. For instance, you might need to make changes if you observe a sharp decline in viewing during a particular segment of your program.

Tips for Using Periscope on Twitter

Here are some tips for using Periscope on Twitter to maximize your reach and engagement:

1. Promote Your Broadcast in Advance

It’s crucial to advertise your broadcast in advance if you want to boost the amount of people who watch your Periscope broadcast on Twitter. This can be accomplished by tweeting about your show and informing your fans of its time and date.

2. Engage with Your Audience

Engage with your audience as much as you can when you’re broadcasting on Periscope. Real-time responses to comments and inquiries are required. You can provide your audience a more interesting and participatory experience by doing this.

3. Use Hashtags

You can boost the visibility of your Periscope broadcast on Twitter by incorporating pertinent hashtags into your message. By doing this, you enhance the chance that visitors looking for particular events or topics linked to your broadcast will find you.

4. Share Highlights

You can tweet highlights of your Periscope show after it has concluded. This can inspire viewers who missed your broadcast to watch the entire one on Periscope and help promote it to those who did.

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