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Bangladesh is a charming country in South Asia that is filled with captivating tourist destinations. The locals here are friendly and welcoming to travelers, and they go out of their way to provide assistance. Moreover, the cost of exploring Bangladesh’s natural beauty is very affordable. In this article, we will provide you with information about the top 10 places to visit in Bangladesh. First on the list is Cox’s Bazar, which is the longest unbroken sea beach in the world. It is an excellent place to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

Next is the Sundarbans, which is a mangrove forest located in the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers. It is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and other wildlife. Third is the Srimangal tea garden, which is the largest tea garden in Bangladesh. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea. Fourth on the list is the Lalbagh Fort, an ancient Mughal fort in Dhaka that is rich in history and architectural beauty. Other top places to visit in Bangladesh include the Paharpur Buddhist Monastery, Rangamati Hill District, Saint Martin’s Island, Chittagong, Puthia Temple Complex, and Kuakata Beach. These tourist destinations are a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Interesting fact about the Top 10 Places You Can Visit in Bangladesh

01. It is the most visited tourist destination in Bangladesh. Every year millions of foreigner and local visitors visit the beach to enjoy their holidays. 

02. Saint Martin Island. The Saint Martin’s Island is one of the most visited tourist’s spots in Bangladesh. 

03. Bangladesh is famous for its colorful festivals, flavorful cuisine with strong spices, and incredible nature, including the largest mangrove forest in the world – Sundarbans National Park. Bangladesh is a country that sits at the tip of southern Asia.

04. Jaflong is a hill station and popular tourist destination in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

05. Saka Haphong is the Tripura tribal name which is the highest peak of Bangladesh. The peak is at an altitude of 2,539 m (8,330 ft), as recorded in 2006 by English adventurer Ginge Fullen. Saka Haphong is located at 21°47′19″N 92°36′31″E in the Mowdok mountain range on the border with Myanmar.

List of Top 10 Places You Can Visit in Bangladesh

1. Cox’s Bazar

When it comes to traveling to Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations. The locals consider it to be the top attraction for tourists, and it’s not hard to see why. This beautiful place is surrounded by endless blue waters in the front and dense forests in the back, making it a breathtaking sight for travelers. It is the longest sea beach in the world, stretching 120km in length and located 150 km south of Chittagong. The beach is named after Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company.

Cox’s Bazar has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, swim in the sea, sunbathe, or surf. The beach has its own charm and popularity for bathing, sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. In the evenings, the beauty of the sunset behind the vast sea is truly mesmerizing. It’s no wonder that Cox’s Bazar is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists to spend quality time for travel.

How to Travel to Cox’s Bazar?

If you’re planning to visit Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, there are different modes of transportation to get there. From the capital city of Dhaka, you can either take a road trip or a quick flight to reach this beautiful beach destination.

By road, you can take a nonstop AC or non-AC bus from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. The bus journey usually takes 10-12 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. However, traveling by road can be a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Bangladesh.

If you’re pressed for time, you can take a domestic flight from Dhaka or Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar. Nonstop flights are available, and the journey takes only an hour. This is a convenient option, especially for travelers who want to save time and reach their destination quickly.

Overall, whichever mode of transportation you choose, a trip to Cox’s Bazar is definitely worth it. With its pristine beaches, lush green forests, and stunning sunsets, this place is a must-visit destination in Bangladesh. So pack your bags, and get ready for an exciting adventure in Cox’s Bazar!

2. The Sundarbans

If you’re looking for a unique eco-tourism destination, the Sundarbans is a must-visit place in Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name Sundarbans means beautiful forest and it’s mainly famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also home to Chitra deer, saltwater crocodiles, various species of birds, and a variety of animals and birds. Located about 80km into the Bangladeshi and Indian mainland from the coast of the Bay of Bengal, 60% of the total forest is located in Bangladesh. If vibrant nature rocks your mind, then the Sundarbans is one of the best places to seduce your mind.

To get to the Sundarbans, you can take a boat ride from Khulna or Mongla. It’s also accessible by road from Dhaka. While exploring the forest, you can take a boat ride to witness the unique flora and fauna of this region. The Sundarbans are not only known for their natural beauty but also for their cultural heritage. You can visit the local villages and observe the daily life of the people living in and around the forest. The friendly and hospitable nature of the locals will make your visit more memorable.

How to Travel to Sundarbans?

To travel to the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, you need to go to Khulna, which is the gateway to the Sundarbans. You can reach Khulna by air, road or steamer. The best way to reach Khulna is by steamer as it allows you to enjoy the picturesque panorama of rural Bengal. However, if you are short on time, you can also travel by road or air.

Once you reach Khulna, the only means of transport to visit the Sundarbans is by water. You can hire private motor launches and speedboats to visit the forest. These boats will take you deep into the forest to explore its natural beauty and wildlife. You can also hire local guides who are familiar with the area and can provide you with valuable information about the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans.

It is important to note that the Sundarbans are a protected area and you will need to obtain permission from the forest department to enter the forest. You can obtain the necessary permits from the forest department office in Khulna or from the local tour operators who organize tours to the Sundarbans.

3. The St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s Island, also known as Narikel Jinjira, is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Stretching 6km in length and 1km in width, this picturesque island boasts clear blue waters and a serene atmosphere that offers unparalleled beauty, making it the perfect destination to unwind and relax. Visitors can explore the island by bicycle, taking in the sounds of the sea and enjoying the starry night sky.

The best time to visit St. Martin’s Island is from November to March when the weather is mild and perfect for exploring the island. During this time, visitors can enjoy the island’s scenic beauty, including its coral reefs and crystal clear waters. To reach the island, visitors can take a boat from Teknaf, a town located at the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. With its breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere, St. Martin’s Island is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bangladesh.

How to Travel to Saint Martin’s Island?

To travel to Saint Martin’s Island in Bangladesh, you need to first reach Cox’s Bazar, which is the nearest major city. From there, you can take a bus or a private car to Teknaf, which is about 85 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar. Alternatively, you can take a flight from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and then travel to Teknaf.

Once you reach Teknaf, you can take a speedboat or a local ferry to Saint Martin’s Island. The speedboat is the faster option, taking around 1-2 hours to reach the island, while the local ferry takes around 3-4 hours. The ferry also provides an opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding areas.

Once you reach Saint Martin’s Island, you can explore the island on foot or by renting a bicycle. There are several hotels and guesthouses on the island where you can stay overnight and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of this beautiful coral island.

4. Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley, situated among the hills of the Kasalong range of mountains, is an emerging tourist spot in Bangladesh. Located at an altitude of about 1800 feet above sea level, Sajek is a union in the north of Chittagong Hill Tracts. It’s under Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati hill district, situated 67 kilometers (42 mi) northeast of Khagrachari town and 95 kilometers (59 mi) north of Rangamati city. The border between Bangladesh and Mizoram of India is 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) east of Sajek. The beauty of Sajek is indescribable, with its mountains, forests, small rivers, and mountain roads. The friendly and helpful local people add to the charm of the place, and the Bangladesh Army ensures the safety and security of the area.

Sajek’s scenic beauty can be best experienced on its mountain roads. The view of the side hills while driving uphill or downhill is breathtaking. The sunrise on the clouds in the morning and the sunset in the mountains in the evening are both mesmerizing. The best time to visit Sajek is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. To reach Sajek, visitors can take a bus or hire a car from Chittagong, and then travel through the hilly roads to reach the valley.

How to Travel to Sajek Valley Island?

Sajek Valley is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh, known for its stunning natural beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. Here’s how you can travel to Sajek Valley,

By Road, The easiest way to reach Sajek Valley is by road. You can take a bus from Dhaka to Khagrachhari and then take a local bus or jeep to Sajek Valley. The total distance from Dhaka to Sajek is around 320 km, and it takes around 10 hours to reach the valley.

By Air, If you want to reach Sajek Valley quickly, you can take a flight from Dhaka to Chittagong, and then take a bus or hire a car to Sajek Valley. The total distance from Chittagong to Sajek Valley is around 180 km, and it takes around 6-7 hours to reach the valley.

Private Car, You can also hire a private car from Dhaka or Chittagong to reach Sajek Valley. This option is more expensive than the other two, but it’s also more comfortable and convenient.

Once you reach Sajek Valley, you can explore the valley on foot or hire a local guide to show you around. Make sure to bring warm clothes as the temperature in the valley can drop significantly at night.

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5. Jaflong

Jaflong, located in the border area of Sylhet, Bangladesh, offers a breathtaking experience for tourists. Situated in the Piain River Basin, Jaflong boasts hilly cliffs, a stunning waterfall, and the Dauki River that originates in the hills of the Daoki region of India. Visitors can witness the magnificent mountain ranges on the Indian border while standing on the Bangladesh border of Jaflong. The area surrounding Jaflong, including Tamabil and Lalkhan, attracts numerous visitors due to its natural beauty. The suspension bridge of Dauki Port in India is another attraction for tourists, as is the spiraling Dauki River. The Daoki River’s clear water is also a major attraction of Jaflong.

The rainy season and winter offer a different experience of Jaflong’s beauty. During the monsoon season, the rainforests and rapids are a sight to behold, while the view of the clouds from the top of the hill is stunning. The area’s famous festival attracts many visitors, making it a popular destination. To reach Jaflong, visitors can travel to Sylhet and then take a bus or car to Jaflong. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who want to witness the captivating natural beauty of Bangladesh.

How to Travel to Sajek Valley Island?

To travel to Jaflong, you can take a bus or a private car from Sylhet City, which is about 60 km away. The journey takes about 2 hours. You can also take a shared jeep or microbus from Sylhet to Jaflong. Alternatively, you can hire a local guide or a tour operator to arrange your trip to Jaflong.

If you are traveling from Dhaka, you can take a direct flight to Sylhet Osmani International Airport and then take a bus or car to Jaflong. You can also take a direct bus from Dhaka to Sylhet and then proceed to Jaflong.

Once you reach Jaflong, you can explore the area on foot. You can also hire a local guide to take you around the attractions, including the Jaflong Zero Point, the tea gardens, the Khasia Village, and the Tamabil-Dawki border crossing. To fully experience the beauty of Jaflong, it is recommended to visit during the monsoon season when the waterfalls and rapids are at their best.

6. Kuakata

Kuakata, located in southwestern Bangladesh, is a popular tourist destination renowned for its picturesque beach. Often referred to as the “Daughter of the Sea,” Kuakata boasts a stunning 18 km-long shoreline. It is the only beach in Bangladesh where you can witness both sunrise and sunset. Visitors to Kuakata can also marvel at the 36-foot-tall golden Buddhist statue, as well as another Buddhist statue situated by the sea embankment. Shutki Palli, Fatra’s Char, Red Crab Island, and the charming Mayami Gangamati Char are among the other popular attractions in Kuakata. The Mayami Gangamati Char is named after the standing sunrise and sunset and is a sight to behold. Whether you want to relax by the beach or explore the various attractions, Kuakata is an excellent destination for tourists to visit in Bangladesh.

How to Travel to Kuakata?

To travel to Kuakata, you can take a bus or a private car from Dhaka, which is about 320 km away from Kuakata. The journey takes around 10-12 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. You can also take a flight from Dhaka to Barisal, which is the nearest airport to Kuakata, and then take a car or bus to reach there.

Alternatively, you can take a launch or steamer from Dhaka or Barisal to reach Patuakhali, which is the nearest waterway to Kuakata. From there, you can take a car or bus to reach Kuakata.

Once you reach Kuakata, you can explore the beach on foot or by renting a bicycle or a motorbike. There are also local boats available for hire to take a ride in the sea and explore nearby islands.

It is recommended to plan your trip to Kuakata during the winter season (November to February) when the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm.

7. Sonargaon

Sonargaon, situated in the Narayanganj district, is a historic town that showcases the rural memories of Bengal. The town served as the first capital of Bengal in the 15th century, established by Isha Khan, the leader of Bar Bhuiyan. One can visit the Folk and Crafts Foundation Museum, which showcases traditional handicrafts and folk art. The museum provides a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Panam Nagar, another significant attraction, is a historic neighborhood that reflects the architecture and lifestyle of the wealthy Hindu merchants during the British colonial era. The Goaldi Mosque is another prominent landmark that dates back to the 16th century. The mosque features intricate terracotta ornamentation on its walls.

The Gias Uddin Azam Shah Shrine is a mausoleum of the Sultan of Bengal who ruled during the 14th century. Visitors can explore the historical significance of the site and learn about the life and reign of the Sultan.

Sonargaon is an excellent place to visit for those interested in history, culture, and architecture. The town offers a unique blend of past and present, and visitors can enjoy the serenity of rural Bengal while exploring the rich heritage of the region.

How to Travel to Sonargaon?

To travel to Sonargaon, you can first reach the capital city of Dhaka, which is well-connected to other major cities of Bangladesh by air, road, and rail. From Dhaka, you can hire a private car or take a local bus to reach Sonargaon, which is approximately 27 kilometers away from the city. The journey from Dhaka to Sonargaon takes about an hour and a half, depending on traffic conditions.

Alternatively, you can also take a train from Dhaka to Narayanganj, which is the nearest railway station to Sonargaon. From Narayanganj, you can take a local bus or hire a taxi to reach Sonargaon, which is located about 10 kilometers away.

Once you reach Sonargaon, you can explore the historical sites on foot or by hiring a local guide who can provide you with more information about the ancient town and its rich cultural heritage.

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8. Ahsan Monjil

Ahsan Manzil, also known as the Pink Palace, is a magnificent mansion located on the bank of the Buriganga River in the Kumartuli area of old Dhaka, Bangladesh. It served as the residence of the Nawabs of Dhaka and the Sadar Kachari of the Zamindari. Today, it is a museum showcasing the grandeur of the Nawabi era. The construction of Ahsan Manzil began in 1859 AD and was completed in 1872 AD under the supervision of Nawab Abdul Gani, who named it after his son, Khwaja Ahsanullah. The palace played a significant role in the history of Bangladesh, as it hosted a meeting in 1906 that led to the establishment of the All-India Muslim League.

The Ahsan Manzil has undergone several renovations throughout its history, with the most recent one being completed recently. It now houses a total of 23 galleries displaying the artifacts and relics of the Nawabi era. As a museum, it is managed by the Bangladesh National Museum and attracts a significant number of tourists every year. Visitors can witness the intricate architecture and design of the palace, along with the unique lifestyle and culture of the Nawabs.

How to Travel to Ahsan Monjil?

To travel to Ahsan Manzil, you can take a taxi, ride-sharing service, or a rickshaw from anywhere in Dhaka city. It is located in the Kumartuli area of Islampur in Old Dhaka, near the river Buriganga. You can also take a riverboat ride from Sadarghat Launch Terminal to reach Ahsan Manzil. The terminal is located nearby and is easily accessible by public transportation or taxi. If you are coming from outside Dhaka, you can take a bus or train to reach the city and then follow the above-mentioned transportation options to reach Ahsan Manzil. The nearest airport is Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi or ride-sharing service to reach Ahsan Manzil. The palace is open to visitors every day from 9 am to 5 pm except for Thursday when it remains closed.

9. Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort, also called Aurangabad Fort, is an incomplete Mughal fort built in the 17th century, located in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. This magnificent fort was constructed in 1678 AD by Prince Muhammad Azam, the son of Emperor Aurangzeb. Unfortunately, due to the untimely death of his beloved daughter and the ensuing war, the construction was left incomplete. Later, the fort was rebuilt and modified by Shaista Khan, the then-Mughal Governor of Bengal. The fort stands as an iconic symbol of Mughal architecture in Bangladesh.

Lalbagh Fort is a popular tourist destination in Dhaka and attracts history enthusiasts from all around the world. The fort’s architecture is a mix of Mughal and Turkish styles and includes many prominent structures like the Tomb of Pori Bibi, the Audience Hall, the Mosque, and the Hammam. Visitors can also explore the beautiful gardens surrounding the fort, which adds to its charm. The fort complex is open for visitors from 9 am to 6 pm every day except for Sunday. Lalbagh Fort is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in Bangladesh’s rich cultural heritage and Mughal history.

How to Travel to Lalbagh Fort?

Lalbagh Fort is located in the Old Dhaka area of Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka. Here are a few ways you can travel to Lalbagh Fort:

By Taxi, You can hire a taxi from anywhere in Dhaka and ask the driver to take you to Lalbagh Fort. Taxis are readily available in Dhaka, and the journey should take around 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

By Public Transport, You can take a local bus or a rickshaw from any part of Dhaka and ask to be dropped off at Lalbagh Fort. However, public transport in Dhaka can be crowded and chaotic, so be prepared for a potentially uncomfortable journey.

By Walking, If you’re staying in the Old Dhaka area, you can walk to Lalbagh Fort. It’s a short distance from the main bazaar and the Dhaka University campus.

Whichever mode of transport you choose, make sure to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings, as Dhaka can be quite chaotic and overwhelming for first-time visitors.

10. Bangladesh National Zoo

The Bangladesh National Zoo, located in Mirpur, Dhaka, is a popular tourist destination and a beloved attraction for locals. Spanning over 75.53 hectares of land, the zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals of 165 different species. Established in 1974, it receives around 10,000 visitors every day, with an even higher influx on weekends and holidays. The star attraction of the zoo is undoubtedly the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, but the zoo also boasts an impressive collection of birds, animals, and wildlife of both local and foreign origin. Visitors can see Lions, elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, deer, giraffes, black bears, and hippos, as well as many species of monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons, and more. Bird enthusiasts can explore several bird shades and see a diverse range of local and foreign birds. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply looking for a fun day out with family and friends, a visit to the Bangladesh National Zoo promises an unforgettable experience.

How to Travel to Lalbagh Fort?

The Bangladesh National Zoo is located in the Mirpur area of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Here are a few ways you can get there:

By Taxi, You can hire a taxi from anywhere in Dhaka and ask the driver to take you to Bangladesh National Zoo in Mirpur. Taxis are readily available in Dhaka, and the journey should take around 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

By Public Transport, You can take a local bus or a rickshaw from any part of Dhaka and ask to be dropped off at the Bangladesh National Zoo. However, public transport in Dhaka can be crowded and chaotic, so be prepared for a potentially uncomfortable journey.

By Metro Rail, You can take the Metro Rail from any station in Dhaka and get off at the Mirpur station. From there, you can take a rickshaw or a short walk to the zoo.

Whichever mode of transport you choose, be mindful of your belongings and surroundings, as Dhaka can be quite chaotic and overwhelming for first-time visitors. It’s best to plan your trip during the weekdays to avoid the crowds that visit on weekends and holidays.

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