5 Habits that Can Make You an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur is the ultimate dream for so many of us. The person, who can – think creative, bear a risk to start a business with uniqueness & do it with passion, is called an entrepreneur. It is observed that sometimes the desire to be a successful entrepreneur is there in a person rooted from very early in life & in some other cases; it is a sudden kick from the environment. The difficulty of obtaining a suitable job & sustaining later on with inadequate income stimulate people to kick start a business venture. But not all can become accomplished entrepreneurs. What are the factors or reasons that make an impact? Is there any habitual connection of a person with becoming an entrepreneur? Let’s get into it.

habits of successful people

Habits that Can Make You an Entrepreneur

1. Flexibility

Many of us don’t like to manage the change & complain about it; on the other hand, some are there to go ahead with the change. They get pride in this ability to do things as per the changing situation leaving all inertia behind. This adaptability is a great quality. In business, it helps in making a rapid decision in any given situation especially when thing does not go as per plan.

2. High level of People Orientation

People orientation leads to mix & mingle with most of the diverse people. It is a fine art which is not easy to achieve. This art helps in understanding the psychology of masses. In business, this quality has a high demand. The more an individual is uncomplicated to be with others the more it is helpful in dealing with human resource. End of the day it is the human factor that has to be faced & managed both in terms of employees & customers in a business.

3. Ability to Think Out of the Box

In our acquaintances, there are people, who tend to think differently than other organically. They don’t follow the set pattern of thinking to be one in the crowd to be accepted in the social norms. Their pattern is unique. This uniqueness can yield to the unique idea of business. When others think of following the trend, they create a trend.

4. Analyzing Cause & Effect

Some people are there who are not by far satisfied with any given result of fact. They like to scrutinize the whole backdrop of any event.  This tendency can help in identifying the reasons for success and failure of business to take action.

5. Giving Precise Finishing

Many of us do things & don’t get noticed while others perform & people are bound to observe the precision. This quality can help in developing a product or service with more amiability. This quality to put the best attempt for an error-free finishing result will attach value in creating a loyal group of customer.

In our lives, sometimes we are uninformed of our latent qualities & lead an average life as we fail to explore & utilize it. This can be changed if we take a closer look within ourselves. Being an entrepreneur will not be a dream anymore if we become aware & capitalize on these qualities.

Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
Assistant Professor 
Faculty of Business Administration 
Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Email: abdullah@easternuni.edu.bd

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  1. Congrats.. It was immense pleasure to get such kind of very useful materials regarding Entrepreneurship. Really learnt a lot.. Thank you Sir.. There is no end of learning. I enjoyed & bagged useful knowledge from five segments & hopefully will help me going forward.

    I am very much grateful humbled. Thank you Sir once again.

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