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A pharmaceutical company not only discovers new medicines but also develops those medicines and sells them at a good price in the market. There are many pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh that are providing a lot of facilities for the workers. The medicines manufactured by these companies are world-class. So the employees are really qualified and talented. In this regard, a pharmaceutical company offers different types of jobs with handsome salaries. An employee can get involved in many work like:

1. Discovery Research

A pharmaceutical company discovers new types of medicines. In this case, the company needs specialists. These specialists are :

  • Biologist: Molecular Biologists, Biochemists, Biotechnologists, Biomedical Scientists
  • Chemist: Medicinal Chemists, Combichem specialists, Computer Assistant Medicine Designer, Protein Chemists and Analytical Chemists
  • Pharmacologist: Pharmacokineticists, Pharmacometricians, Toxicologists, Bio-Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology Experts.

And a lot of representatives, Bio-engineers, Data Analysts, Patent lawyers can work in this case. A well-trained and expert in one of these fields with creative mindset can be successful in discovery research.

2. Clinical Development

Clinical development which is known as Drug Development is a special term that means the entire process of bringing a new medicine to the market. This is a long term process with different phases where human subjects are involved. Small scale phase 1 is the starting point of this which gradually grows up to phase 4. Phase 4 passing medicine is only able to come to the market. From phase 1 to phase 4 all departments are involved. While one department is busy in testing for phase 1, the other departments may be getting ready for the tests of phase 2, 3, or phase 4 etc. After completing phase 4 the management will get some medical representatives who will help in marketing those medicines. So pharmaceutical site not only the job field of the specialists mentioned in discovery researchers but also a great job field for the management specialists.

3. Non-Clinical Development

While clinical development is involving human as the subject of any research, non-clinical development is a research where human are not the subject of the research. So it is clear that non-clinical development actually work with those medicines which are already in the market. The chemical structure, toxicity of any ingredient etc are checked in the process. If any structural or material changes are checked here. All the specialists of clinical development especially chemists and toxicologists with bio-engineers and pharmacokineticists are needed in this sector. Those persons who are really expert and have a lot of experiences in doing the development of medicines and really creative are allowed to work in the non-clinical development of those medicines.

4. Quality Management

After completing the clinical and non-clinical development, the work of quality management arises. They don’t check the real quality of the medicines. They actually check the process of the work. They check the report of the medicines which has come from all the development trials and is ready to go to the market. They check the process, green chemistry etc. They also check the recommended best practices as like good laboratory practice, good clinical practice, good manufacturing practice and good pharmacovigilance practice. The quality management professionals are as like scientists. If anyone choose to be a quality management professional he/she needs to complete graduation/post-graduation from quality management and have some experiences in this field.

5. Commercialization

After clinical and non-clinical development with the best certificate of the quality management any medicine is ready to sell in the market. But there is not only one pharmaceutical company in our country. At the same time a lot of company will launch the same type of medicine. Then comes the work of commercial site of a pharmaceutical company. This site will create awareness why people should use the product of the pharmaceutical company. This site also determine the price of the medicine. So it is an important site for any pharmaceutical company. A person graduated/post-graduated in business administration, management and marketing has the best chance to be a worker as a commercial officer.

6. Management

There is no business which is successful without the managers. Every pharmaceutical company has a governing body. Actually the structure and work of a pharmaceutical company is really complex. So well trained managers are needed to conduct all the work. They check how the workers are working, what the risk of the company is and how the company can overcome the possible risks. As it is really an important part of a pharmaceutical company, the persons who are working as managers have to be expert in their work. They have to complete at least post-graduation in management and have a lot of experience.

If a person is young and want to work in a pharmaceutical company he/she has to gather the best experience as fast as he can. There are many multinational pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh which provides training session for the young persons. One can gather experience by working with them.

Finally one thing to say that a pharmaceutical company works for mankind and also provide the best salary. So working with these type of companies is really prestigious and profitable.


Written by

Md. Istiak Ahmed
Faculty Of Business Studies, 10th Batch
Department Of Management
Session: 2019-2020 Mawlana Bhashani Science And Technology University, Santosh, Tangail

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