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We all know that America leads the whole world and it is a democracy. Therefore, elections are held there every four years. People all over the world want to know who will be the next president of the United States. On the other side, the UN or the United Nations is located in America. The United Nations is working in its way, but the United States has the highest opinion on any decision. The United States also provides the most funding to the United Nations. The United States is the largest contributor to the United Nations, providing 22 percent of the total UN budget in 2020. Some Bangladeshis are currently living in the United States, and some of them are involved in politics and other country’s people also. All the people in the world sit in front of the television to watch the whole process of their election. The election is held on 3 November 2020. So, we also describe the USA presidential election system in 2020.

1. How many electoral parties are there in the United States?

In the USA there are mainly two electoral parties: the Democratic and the Republican. The Democratic Party was founded 192 years ago or on January 8, 1828. On the other hand, the Republican Party was founded 166 years ago, or on March 20, 1854. The Democratic Party is the oldest in the USA. In 2020 these two parties’ presidential candidates are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The Republicans Presidential candidate was Donald Trump, who had expected to stay in power for another four years. The Democratic Presidential candidate was Joe Biden, who was known as an experienced politician and had served as Vice-President of Barack Obama for almost eight years. Both men were in their 70s — Mr. Trump will be 74 years old at the start of his second term as president and Mr. Biden will be 78 years old if he becomes president, and he will be the first-term president in history.

2. How is the winner decided?

In the United States, both candidates are elected through an Electoral College voting contest. And all the work of this election is conducted by the Federal Election Commission, which is called FEC for short. They divide each state by a certain number of Electoral College votes based on the partial population. And that’s a total of 538 numbers. If an electoral party wants to win, has more than 260 of them Must get Electoral College votes. This means voters decide who will be the next president in the United States.

3. What is the Electoral College?

America has made a new rule for elections. So that voters do not elect a president as opposed to directly elected members of the U.S. Congress. Primarily, this means that voters in every U.S. state vote for a slate of “voters.” Those who count and certify votes then promise to vote for the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. This system makes it very easy for a candidate to win popular votes across the country. But losing in the Electoral College happened five times in U.S. history. Donald Trump recently defeated Hillary Clinton despite receiving nearly three million fewer votes.

4. Who can vote or not and how can they do it?

People have the right to vote in presidential elections held every four years if they are U.S. citizens and 18 years of age or older. Voters are required to show identification documents to prove who they are before voting. That is why the state has implemented a lot of laws in this sector. The Republican Party always supports this Electoral College votes system. But on the side, Democratic Party can’t support this. Because doing so makes it almost impossible for poor, minority voters who can’t provide an ID like a driving license. This coronavirus epidemic has caused widespread controversy over how people will vote this year. Some politicians were calling for the widespread use of postal ballots. But President Trump said with very little evidence — that this could lead to more voter fraud.

5. Is the election just about who is the president?

No. However, all attention will be on the incumbent candidate for the current state post. And voters will choose a new member of Congress or state by filling out their ballots. Democrats already have control of the House. So that they can hold on to it when they get control of the Senate. If they have a majority in both chambers. They will be able to block or delay the current president’s plans to be re-elected. All 435 seats in the House are up for election this year. There are also 33 Senate seats.

6. When do people get the election results?

It is very difficult and very easy to give election results in the United States. It sometimes takes several days to count each vote. Once again, early in the morning, the next day, it is very easy to understand who will be the winner. In 2016, Donald Trump took to the stage in New York around three in the morning to deliver his victory speech in front of a crowd of cheerful supporters. After all, in 2000, when the exact results were not obtained after a few rounds of voting, the winner could not be confirmed until a month later the Supreme Court ruled.

7. When does the president take office?

If the new president wins the election, he will not immediately replace the incumbent president. Because the new leader has a fixed time to appoint and plan the cabinet ministers.
The new president was officially sworn in on January 20, which was held at the Capitol Building in Washington DC.
After the ceremony, the new president traveled to the White House to begin his four-year term.

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