5 Secrets of Office Life that Nobody Going to Tell You!

When we are students, we dream about office life, we see people in formal attire conducting meetings, sitting in a posh room, discussing issues from files & returning from office, riding expensive cars, going for trips to other countries with lavish setup & all! But that is not it! This perception changes big time once we enter into that dream world. Once we become jobholders, that preconceived vision & images start to fade & get replaced by new practical scenes & new reality. What are those facts that people fail to understand earlier? Let’s find out –

5 Truth About Job Life You Need to Know

1. People have double face

The secret you come across gradually with the passage of time is that people have a double face that is to say – conflicting ideologies. You will find people talking about the negative sides of personal lobbying & its role in obtaining some advantages in office. But with time, you will also find the fact that internally the people bashing personal lobbying also opt for this to avail their own benefits. In other instances, they will criticize others left right center but they will remain poised & happy & praise that person on the face!

2. Your success will make others sad

On a superficial level, people will wish the best for you, will inspire you at times, but when you will get rewarded for genuine performance those colleagues will get sad. They will say ‘Congratulations!’ but they will not mean it actually. In reality, they will feel sad & will start to find faults within you. The moral of the story is, people will never be happy with your glory & success; it will make them sad because they could not achieve it.

3. You won’t get friends

Friendship is something you just can’t expect in the workplace! If it happens then you are extremely lucky! In the workplace, you will encounter a few people who will act like your well-wisher but the point is they won’t be friends actually! Most of the people just use others. When they use or manipulate others or want some advantage from others, they become friendly. But this is something not done for the sake of friendship, rather it is done to fulfill some need. People actually think of only self-interest in the workplace & they start to care for others & act friendly only when they need company.

4. Immediate authority can save you or fire you

You could be an average performer but if you somehow can manage your immediate boss or superior, you are safe & vice versa. Before joining the job, you will have listened to a lot of things about bossing, rude boss, good boss & the like but the truth is that it’s your immediate boss if he or she is happy over your effort & performance; you are in a good position in a company & the same way, if your immediate boss or departmental head wants you to suffer or fire you from a job, you are in danger!

5. Biasness prevails in each level

Organizations will be found boasting of their fair play in their value-adding activities. But the real truth that will be revealed will be surprising. It will be found that rules & regulations do not levy equally for everyone. If you got personal connection with higher authority, you can get away with some irregularities or you can avail some advantages that others will never be able to avail because they don’t have that bond or connection. It is kind of an open secret now!

Surprised much? Don’t be! These are some most observed hidden facts in maximum organizations. Office life is not that bad also! The main objective is never to make you discouraged, rather make you alert to the probable conditions so that you don’t get surprised shockingly saying wish I could know this earlier!

Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
Assistant Professor 
Faculty of Business Administration 
Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Email: abdullah@easternuni.edu.bd

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