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The tea industry is one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh. At this time, Bangladesh has some top tea manufacturer industries. Whose are exporting the tea in the world? In the past, Bangladesh has a long story about the tea industry but we are briefing it to save your precious time.

The journey of the tea industry started in 1834 when the country called Bangladesh was not born. That’s the time the country was called Bengal. At that time, Robert Bruce first discovered tea plants in Assam’s Sylhet district. In 1840, tea cultivation also started in Chittagong with a few plants imported from China, and some plants of China origin developed in the Calcutta Botanical Garden. After a long time, in 1854 Bangladesh’s first tea garden was established at Malnichhara in Sylhet. So, at this time Bangladesh has 166 commercial tea estates and these tea industry-related tea manufacturer company accounts for 1% of the national GDP. So, here we show you the top 5 tea manufacturer industries or companies in Bangladesh who are top ranking tea manufacturer companies in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Tea Companies in Bangladesh

1. Ispahanis

Isfahan is one of the oldest and top-ranking tea manufacturers in Bangladesh. This industry has been involved in business in South Asia since 1820. Mirza Mohammed Ispahani founded this industry. He established the office in Calcutta in 1900 which name was M.M. Ispahani & Sons. After 47 years, the industry Head Office was moved to Chittagong, where it stands today, and two more districts. At present, the Ispahani Group is known as one of the most successful and respected businesses in Bangladesh. Ispahani is capturing approximately 50% of the national branded tea market and 80% of the branded tea-bag market. Currently, the Ispahani Group is sponsoring the National Cricket League as well as various cricket, football, golf, and tennis competitions.

Address: Ispahani Building, Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong-4100
Phone: +880-31-716153-6 (PABX) | Email:

2. Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd

Kazi & Kazi Tea is the only organic tea grower in Bangladesh. The company started its journey in 2000. In 2006, the company entered the local market and in same the year, it was considered one of the most valuable teas in the Chittagong Tea Auction. Kazi and Kazi’s tea collect key ingredients from their own gardens. The company’s garden is located at Tetulia in the northeastern district of Panchagarh, Bangladesh. At this time, Kazi & Kazi tea is currently available internationally under the Teatulia brand. However, the market in Bangladesh is under the KKT brand. The company exports various varieties of tea worldwide.

Address: House 44, Road 27 (Old), 16 (New) Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
Phone: +880-2-9138246-52, 01708803251 | Fax: +880-2-9113756

3. HRC

HRC is the most popular brand name in the tea sector of Bangladesh. The company started the journey in 1991. Currently, The company makes 13 different blends of Tea in 36 different pack sizes (SKU).At the same company approx. around 20% of the blended packet tea market share. The HRC averaged 20.42% of the country’s total annual exports. HRC tea is the best blend in the country and ensures the highest quality of the product.

Address: Dhaka HRC PRODUCTS LTD 14-17/A, Sangshad Avenue Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh
Tel: +88-02- 8124534 , 9131763 , 58152690 | FAX: 02- 8118902

4. National Tea Company Limited

National Tea Company Limited started the company in 1978. This is the first public tea company in Bangladesh. The company is working on a Joint venture between the Government and the General Public.

NTC is one of the major tea-producing companies in Bangladesh. Every year, this company’s tea production is about 5.20 million kg. NTC sells tea through Chittagong Auction Market. The company has 12,500 permanent laborers, 400 subordinate staff, and 60 executives working in the company.

Address: “BGIC Tower” (7th Floor) 34, Topkhana Road Dhaka-1000 Post Box: 2803
Phones: 9575256, 9569509 | Fax: 88-02-9576395
Email: | Web:

5. Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

Duncan Brothers were founded 150 years ago by two brothers. Their names are Walter and William. They came from Glasgow. In 1859, they set up their cotton business in Calcutta. After a few years, They realized that their cotton business was declining and then they shifted their business to the tea sector. The company first planted tea in 1890 on 2,350 hectares of land. Then it is increasing 20,000 hectares in 1923. Duncan Brothers Produce 12-13 million kgs of tea per year in 16 gardens and there are 18,500 people working here. The company produces good quality tea and maintains it also because tea is produced in extremely hygienic conditions with little or no emission or effluents. For this reason, Duncan Brothers always produce top-quality teas.

Address: Camellia House 22, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Telephone: 88-02-58611720-2, 88-02-9661397-8 | Fax: 88-02-58613576

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