Top 10 Garments Industry in Bangladesh


The garment industry is a major contributor to any nation’s economy. The garment industry in Bangladesh contributes significantly to the national economy in a similar manner. Every day, more people in Bangladesh are buying clothes, which is driving up demand. Bangladesh’s garment industry, which produces ready-to-wear clothing, is the country’s largest manufacturing sector. So, let’s know about Top 10 Garments Industry in Bangladesh.The bulk of Bangladesh’s GDP came from the ready-to-wear industry.The garment industry, which exported goods worth over $27.9 billion in the 2019–20 fiscal year, is currently Bangladesh’s top export earner, according to the BGMEA. Bangladesh has the second-largest ready-to-wear apparel sector in the world. They export an enormous amount of merchandise manufactured of ready-made clothing.Today, I’m going to talk to you about the “Top 10 Garments Industry in Bangladesh” in 2022, which will be the top-producing clothing sector in our nation.

List of top 10 Garments Industry in Bangladesh

01. Beximco (Textiles & Apparels Division)

In Bangladesh, Beximco is another well-known, top-tier apparel manufacturer. Their clothing industry is starting to gain popularity. A factory for this clothing manufacturer was established in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Dhanmondi, Bangladesh, respectively, in 1997. This corporation is owned in a joint venture company structure. In addition to other things, they manufacture stylish goods for women.

02. Ha-Meem Group

The Ha-Meem Group is the biggest industry in the nation. The 26 garment factories in Bangladesh are being maintained nationwide. This sector of the economy makes clothes, and it is privately owned. They are also in charge of another business. They make a significant sum of money each year. There are 50,000 employees working for this company at the moment.

03. Opex Sinha Group

The Opex Sinha Group manufactures its high-quality goods and offers its services on both domestic and international markets. They are heavily exporting their ready-to-wear clothing to markets around the world. They are located in Bangladesh’s Kanchpur and Dhaka.

04. Standard Group

The largest production facility for Standard Group Garments was located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1984. They are also Dhaka’s largest and most influential manufacturing sector, overseeing eleven garment manufacturers. There are currently 40,000 people employed in the clothing sector. The sister company of this Standard Group is Asia.

05. Viyellatex Limited

Established in 1996, Viyellantex Limited is a top manufacturing firm in Bangladesh that focuses on exports. This sector’s ownership structure is a private corporation. This clothing industry is offering fabrication services and a powerhouse. For their clients, they offer house printing and printed t-shirt facilitation services. For this industry, there are eight groups of clothing. The corporate headquarters of this sector of the textile industry were established in 2000 and are located on Airport Road in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

06. Square Fashions Limited

Another reputable, well-known major manufacturing sector in Bangladesh is Square Fashions Limited. They are a unit of the Square Group of Companies, which manufactures a variety of textile and other clothing-related items.They offer their services not only in Bangladesh but also everywhere else in the world. This manufacturing business’s aim and vision are to satisfy consumer demand. The headquarters of this clothing manufacturer are located in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

07. DBL Group

The DBL Group is one of Bangladesh’s top manufacturers of apparel and textiles. In the nation, they are also recognized as a knitwear manufacturer. There are currently 35,000 workers working for this company.

They are offering the global market with their manufacturing goods. The company headquarters are in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka, Kawran Bazar. They are well known for having excellent clothes manufacturing facilities.

08. Epyllion Group

The Epyllion Group is Bangladesh’s largest manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing. Knitwear and clothing are the products of these Garments Companies.They sell their manufactured goods both domestically in Bangladesh and abroad in markets such as those in Europe, Australia, and the USA. The apparel industry is divided into four segments.

09. Fakir Group

Another top manufacturer of apparel with an export focus in Bangladesh is Fakir Group. They offer a variety of services, such as knit clothing, level designing, and garment production. The clothing factory of this business is situated in Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

10. Asian Apparels Limited

In addition to being a top manufacturer of clothing, Asian Apparels Limited is located in Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They must offer their customers washing services in addition to sixteenth clothing services. This manufacturing sector employs 30,000 people that are actively working.

This industry is the first to produce knitwear in the nations. They manufacture a variety of services, such as knitting, accessories, printing, dying, spinning, and others. The globalization of this manufacturing sector’s facilities is its primary goal. Additionally, they are winning numerous prizes for their work.

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