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Bangladesh is making huge progress since the internet is introduced. With the growth of information technology, IT Consultancy firm were established to provide a wide range of services to the business industries around the country. IT consultancy services are advisory services that assist companies in evaluating various technology strategies and aligning their technology strategy with their business or process strategies. These services provide strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning to customers’ IT efforts. Strategic planning covers consultancy services that assist customers in assessing their IT requirements and developing system implementation plans. Architecture planning involves consulting services that combine strategic plans and knowledge of new technologies to develop the logical design of the system and supporting infrastructure to satisfy the needs of the client. Services that examine the operational efficiency and capability of a client’s IT infrastructure are included in operational assessment/benchmarking. Services targeted at advising clients on the rollout and testing of new solution installations are included in implementation planning. We have gathered here some of the top IT consultant Companies in Bangladesh.

Interesting fact about the Top 10 IT and Software Consultancy Firms in Bangladesh

01. Simply put, the core difference between software and IT companies is that software companies create, change or maintain useful products. IT companies ensure that all systems, devices and software work together to help people get things done.

02. There are around 4500+ software and ICT companies registered in Bangladesh as of today with over 300,000 local ICT specialists and software developers employed by these companies.

03. In the fiscal year (FY) 2016–17, Bangladesh ICT sector registered export earnings worth US$0.8 billion from the global market and US$1.54 billion from the domestic market span – thereby making around one percent contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP).

List of Top 10 IT and Software Consultancy Firms in Bangladesh

S.NONameNet Worth
01Computer Services Ltd. 1987 
02Toggi Services Limited2018
03Square Cloud1958
04BRACNet Limited1996 
05AGNI Systems Limited1995
06Data Edge Limited2002
07Pridesys IT Limited2013 
08Kode Island 
09BJIT  2001
10Divine IT Limited2005

Since 1987, Computer Services Ltd has been successful in providing reliable it consultancy services and support to each one of its clients. It is a well-established Information and Communication Technology service company in Bangladesh with a large client base.

It provides technology strategy, implementation, business transformation, and operational solutions for clients managing the business and technology complexities of the digital economy. It helps its clients in eliminating boundaries and collaborating in new ways to establish their customers’ trust and confidence. Having partnered with a number of global companies like EMC, RSA, VMWARE, Dell, Printronix, CISCO, Bull, Fujitsu, Oracle, Aros, ADC Krone, Mitel, Safenet, Entrust, etc and have already seated in the leading position.

Corporate Address:
12B Ataturk Tower, 22 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka-1213
Tel: +88 02 9890719, Fax: +88 02 9891132 | Email:

Toggi Services Ltd (TSL) is an enterprise of Bashundhara Group. It is one of the leading innovative IT consultancy providers in Bangladesh. It has focused on the enhancement of the nation’s technological transformation for decades by providing high-quality services, best-in-class products, and ends to end customer support.

They have managed to build a partnership with some of the top tech companies in the world such as Microsoft, Trend Micro, Redhat, VMWare, Cisco, Palo Alto, Dell, and SAP Bangladesh, as a fast-growing developing country forwarding toward the vision they made to build a Digitally Transformed Country By 2021. Toggi Services Ltd as a trusted partner wants to bring out all the potential improvements in the technology sector to ensure the country’s sustainable development.

Corporate Address: 
Gulshan Centre Point, House# 23-26, Road# 90,
Level -15, Gulshan – 2, Dhaka-1212
Email: | Hotline: +8809612128888

Square Informatix Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It gives cloud service from a number of data centers and network points of presence around the country. Square Informatix Ltd. is offering industry-leading, ready-to-use cloud services underpinned by Bangladesh’s largest and most reliable IT infrastructure and IT consultancy firm. Square Cloud’s products and services include bare metal and virtual servers, virtual networking, storage, private cloud solutions, and more.

Square Cloud’s service is locally run – including STATE-OF-THE-ART data centers – and supported by a team of certified and experienced cloud specialists, all delivered through friendly customer service.

Corporate Address:
Square Center (11th Floor), 48, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +8802-8833047 – 56, IP Phone: 09613707070 – Ext 2057

Founded in 1996 as BRAC’s IT/ISP wing, which later formed as a Joint Venture company with US investors gNet/DEFTA Partners in 2005. It is Bangladesh’s premier one-stop IT Consultancy (Information & Communication Technology) solution, provider.

Presently, BRACNet is providing its broadband internet and intranet (data) services to 64 districts of the country. Serving tens of thousands of residential customers directly or indirectly and numerous rural people through its cybercafé franchises, called E-huts. BRACNet is working relentlessly to that end as the internet is only one component of a larger ecosystem that must be built and nurtured in order to turn the country into an ICT powerhouse.

Corporate Address:
Navana Yusuf Infinity 16, Mohakhali C/A,
Dhaka-1212.Tel : 41022034, 41022035 , 41022036.

Agni Systems Ltd. started ISP service in 1995. It was only dial-up service was offered and later ADSL and wireless broadband were added to it. In 2003 the company was converted to a publicly listed firm. It has access to well over twenty pops in the city and operates a branch office in Chittagong.

Agni Systems has around 6,500 dial-up subscribers (prepaid), 1500 post-paid dial-up subscribers, around 300 DSL/FTTH broadband subscribers, and over 100 wireless broadband subscribers. Ther services offer Dial-up internet access, up to 56 kbps connectivity High bandwidth internet access Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband – Shared and dedicated Wireless – dedicated wireless broadband using licensed frequency FTTH (active Ethernet PPPoE connection) Dedicated connectivity between Dhaka and Chittagong Domain name registration and hosting Website and virtual domain hosting Web design and hosting solutions Network design, installation, and administration services Server co-location services.

Corporate Address:
TMC Building (4th Floor), 52 New Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880-2-8322785-88, 9602000001-3 Fax: +880-2-9345460
Hotline: 09602000006, 09602000028 | E-mail:

For the last one & half-decade, Data Edge is operating as one of the leading IT consultancy firm, System Integration Development companies in Bangladesh. Data Edge is serving the Banking & Non-Banking Financial Institutions (FIs) Telecoms, Local conglomerates, Multinational Companies, Government ICT sector, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality Industry & Education sector with their highly skilled and experienced employees.

Data Edge provides Business Intelligence (BI) and iRMS Solutions, Digital Certificate & PKI, Enterprise Server & Storage optimization, ATM, POS, HSM, Payment Card, Security, Network & Infrastructure optimization, Enterprise Resource Planning, Identity Management Systems, Core Banking, EMV card personalization, Data Center & Disaster Recovery solution, Unified Communication, Threat management, Fiber & Twisted pair cabling & Surround applications, Mission-critical projects, Large scale technology projects & IT Service Management.

Corporate Address:
House No: 3 Road No: 34, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212,
Bangladesh G.P.O. Box: 2929 |Email:

Pridesys IT Limited stands as a prominent IT leader in Bangladesh, specializing in the provision of secure, scalable, and on-demand application systems and data access solutions. Their guiding motto, “Innovate, Integrate, and Differentiate,” underscores their commitment to enhancing the business performance of clients worldwide. In addition to these services, they extend their expertise to IT Enabled Services (ITES), including call center operations and e-commerce portals.

Pridesys is resolutely dedicated to serving clients in both the business and public sectors, regardless of their size. Their comprehensive approach encompasses strategic planning and the full spectrum of technology solution implementation and administration. Grounded in their longstanding core values, Pridesys brings profound industry insight and unwavering professional ethics to every client engagement. Through their commitment to innovation, integration, and differentiation, they continue to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking robust IT solutions and services in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Head Office :  Level-6, 8 20/21 Garden Road,  Kawran bazar. Dhaka, Bangladesh Dhaka-1215

Kode Island is driven by a vision of empowering businesses to excel on a global scale through technology. At its core, the company is on a mission to innovate and provide state-of-the-art website solutions, E-commerce platforms, and digital marketing strategies that foster sustainability and growth for businesses. Recognizing the distinct needs of each client, Kode Island actively engages in collaborative partnerships to deliver unparalleled value through their IT Consultancy Services.

Central to Kode Island’s success is their dedicated team, comprising highly skilled advisors, website developers, digital marketing experts, and seasoned executives. This collective expertise enables them to consistently push the boundaries and exceed their clients’ expectations. Their commitment to continuous improvement drives the evolution of their products and services, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of technological advancements and remain steadfast in their support of businesses aiming to thrive in a global market.

House: 12 – 6th Floor, Road-19, Nikunjo-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh

BJIT is a prominent multinational software development and IT consultancy firm, a collaborative endeavor between Japanese and Bangladeshi partners. This dynamic company plays a pivotal role in aiding a diverse clientele, including enterprises, SMEs, and startups, in the creation, enhancement, and scalability of internal business software and software products. With over two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, BJIT has earned its reputation as a global leader. The company proudly holds CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 certifications, reflecting their dedication to quality and best practices. One of BJIT’s distinguishing features is its workforce of more than 750 highly skilled software developers who cater to clients from various locations across four countries. The core development center is strategically based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, signifying the central hub for their operations.

BJIT’s extensive experience and expertise have positioned them as a trusted partner for businesses seeking software solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. With a global reach and a commitment to quality, BJIT continues to empower enterprises to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Their track record and international certifications underscore their dedication to providing cutting-edge IT services and software development, making them a significant player in the industry.

Address: H-2275, 2279, Pachkhula, Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Divine IT Limited stands as a pivotal force in the realm of IT advancement and consultancy within Bangladesh, known for its specialization in ERP, EAM, SCM, and Unified Messaging Solutions. With a sterling reputation, Divine IT Limited is the foremost contributor to the country’s IT landscape. Their core focus centers on delivering cutting-edge business automation services characterized by exceptional quality, unwavering expertise, stellar performance, and a commitment to objectivity. Founded on the fundamental tenets of “Customer-Commitment-Technology,” Divine IT Limited has emerged as a trusted partner for clients seeking comprehensive solutions. Their diverse portfolio of services encompasses installation and integration support, the development of tailor-made applications, the creation of business-to-business interfaces and applications, and the optimization of applications through custom modeling techniques.

The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is exemplified by their unwavering commitment to understanding and meeting client needs. Divine IT Limited’s technological prowess and forward-thinking approach make them a formidable presence in the field of IT consultancy. Their focus on innovation and quality ensures that they continue to be a driving force behind the digital transformation of businesses across Bangladesh.

Head Office: F. Haque Tower, Level 7, 107 Bir Uttam C. R Datta Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh 

Note: These are not Official Ranking From Any Established Authority. Business Haunt Picked Them Randomly and Placed them on the Base of Popularity and Internet Source.

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