Top 10 English Newspapers in Bangladesh


Newspapers, one of the world’s most enduring and revered forms of public communication, have witnessed a transformative shift from traditional print media to the digital realm. The rising popularity of online media has spurred a surge in people’s interest in accessing news and information through digital platforms. In this dynamic landscape, let’s explore the top 10 English newspapers in Bangladesh. Newspapers, known for their daily, weekly, and monthly publication schedules, often supplement their coverage with periodic news bulletins issued monthly or quarterly. Their comprehensive content spans a wide spectrum, encompassing topics such as entertainment, business, politics, sports, education, culture, and global current events.

Remarkably, Bangladesh now boasts a thriving landscape of 40 English newspapers actively disseminating news and information. The demand for English newspapers continues to grow, driven by a diverse readership eager to enhance their English language skills and expand their global awareness. By regularly perusing English newspapers, readers can not only stay informed but also foster linguistic proficiency, making it a valuable practice for personal and professional development. In an era of rapid digital evolution, these top English newspapers in Bangladesh remain instrumental in shaping public discourse and enriching the minds of readers across the nation.

Interesting facts about Top 10 English Newspapers in Bangladesh

01. The Daily Star is one of the most popular and widely used English language newspaper across Bangladesh.

02. Most popular English newspaper in Bangladesh – The Daily Star, Business Standard, Dhaka Tribune, Daily Sun, New Age, The Independent, The Daily Observer, Financial Express, New Nation, The Bangladesh Today, News Today, etc.

03. The Daily Prothom Alo. In terms of circulation, The Daily Prothom Alo is the largest newspaper in Bangladesh. It is published in the Bengali language and read by half a million people every day.

04. The Daily Star – Leading English Daily among Bangladesh Newspapers.

05. According to the National Media Survey 2021, in Bangladesh 18.3 per cent of persons 15 years old and older regularly read the newspaper. There are 129 newspapers and 122 magazines worth mention in the country. Of these, the number of Prothom Alo’s readers stands at around 5 million (50 lakh).

List of Top 10 English Newspapers in Bangladesh

01The Daily StarJanuary 14, 1991 
02The Financial Express1993
03The Independent March 24, 1995
04The Dhaka Tribune April 19, 2013
05The Daily ObserverFebruary 1, 2011
06The Bangladesh TodayJanuary 26, 2002
07The Daily SunOctober 24, 2010
08The Bangladesh Post2016
09The HolidayAugust 1, 1965
10The Dhaka Courier1984

The Daily Star is one of Bangladesh’s most popular and frequently read English-language newspapers. This journal was founded on January 14, 1991. Syed Mohammed Ali founded this journal. The Transcom group’s owner, Lutfor Rahman, purchased the majority of the shares in this publication. This prominent newspaper’s executor and exposure is Mahfuz Anam. He had previously served as a United Nations official. Rokeya Afzal Rahman is the Chairman of this newspaper.

This newspaper’s slogan is “Committed to People’s Right to Know.” Their goal is to inspire federal perspectives on the essence of democracy and how it may be sustained and managed. Before publishing a news report, the newspaper confirms its accuracy. They always strive to provide a report to the nation with courage and objectivity. The Daily Star has headquarters in Chittagong and Dhaka. This paper contains numerous sections such as Arts, Star Business, News, Opinion, Editorial, Star Sports, and Entertainment.

The Financial Express began operations as Bangladesh’s first financial English language daily. The publication began its journey in 1993. International Publications Limited is the owner of this publication. Tropicana Tower (4th floor), 45 Topkhana Road, GPO Box: 2526, Dhaka-1000 is the headquarters for this publication.

The Financial Express has the finest corporate social responsibility record in Bangladesh. That is why they partner with Standard Chartered Bank on an annual award program. Shah Hussain Imam is the primary executor of this paper. With remarkable dedication, our publication has earned the trust of the people of Bangladesh.

The Independent is one of Bangladesh’s most prominent English-language newspapers. On March 24, 1995, the newspaper began its journey in Bangladesh. Independent Publications Limited, a subsidiary of Beximco Group, owns this publication. M Shamsur Rahman is the executor and publisher of this news.

The headquarters of the Daily Independent are located in Beximco Media Complex, 149-150, Tejgaon, 1/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. It boasts a 32-page all-color system that no other newspaper in Bangladesh possesses. This publication also includes a weekly news report that includes Faith, Stethoscope, Young and Independent, The Weekend Independent Magazine, and Dhaka Live (daily).

The Dhaka Tribune is another well-known and reputable Daily English newspaper in Bangladesh. The publication began its journey on April 19, 2013. This newspaper is published by 2A Media Limited, which is part of the Gemcon Group. The executor is Zafar Sobhan, and the publisher is Kazi Anis Ahmed. This newspaper’s headquarters are at FR Tower, 8/C Panthapath, Sukrabad, Dhaka-1207.

The Dhaka Tribune publishes its daily in both print and online editions. This newspaper is easily accessible to both Bangladeshi and international readers. The Dhaka Tribune’s slogan is “work without fear, objectivity, or favor.” They always publish such news that benefits the people. As a result, they quickly become popular among the general public.

The Daily Observer is a well-known newspaper in Bangladesh. On February 1, 2011, it began its first journey. Hamidul Huq Choudhury founded this journal. The Observer Ltd. is the owner of this publication. The Bangladesh Observer’s headquarters are in Motijhil, Dhaka.

Following independence from British rule in 1949, the Bangladesh Observer began operations as The Pakistan Observer. As a newspaper in Pakistan, mainly East Pakistan, it utilized to present public opinion. After Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan in 1971, the Bangladesh Observer started operations.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, this newspaper ended publication in June 2010. Iqbal Sobhan was the final and smallest editor of the Bangladesh Observer, which resumed operations in 2011 as The Daily Observer.

Bangladesh Today is a popular and dependable national daily English-language newspaper in Bangladesh. On January 26, 2002, the publication began its journey. Md. Jobaer Alam is the executor and publisher of this publication. Bangladesh Today’s headquarters are in Dhaka. They distribute all of their copies from the headquarters.

Bangladesh Today is now accessible in paperback form throughout the country. This publication has always earned the trust of the people by presenting honest and unbiased information to the nation. It has been in business for 17 years and has several representatives throughout the country. The current convention number is 23000.

The Daily Sun is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known English-language newspapers. On October 24, 2010, the publication began its journey. East West Media Group Limited, a subsidiary of the Basundhara Group, owns this publication. This organization also controls Bangladesh Pratidin, Kaler Kantho, and the online news portal

East West Media Group Limited, Plot No: D, Basundhara R/A, Baridhara, Dhaka-1229, is the headquarters of the Daily Sun. Maynal Hossain Chowdhury is the newspaper’s chief exposure. This newspaper’s executor is Enamul Hoque Chowdhury. This company operates two news portals: one in English ( and one in Bangla (

The Bangladesh Post is another well-known and trustworthy Daily English newspaper in Bangladesh. It began its first journey in 2016. Sharif Shahab is the popular newspaper’s primary executor and exposer. The headquarters of Bangladesh Post are located in Tejgaon, Dhaka. Around 51 to 200 people are working diligently around the country to offer the nation with a neutral report.

They continue their journalistic efforts around the country, both online and in print. Their primary goal is to give accurate information in an unbiased manner. They are gaining popularity among the people of the country by providing reliable information.

The Holiday is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known weekly newspapers. They publish their news every Friday, which is a holiday in Bangladesh. On August 1, 1965, the newspaper began its journey. Holiday Publications Limited is the owner of this publication.

Enayetullah Khan founded this publication, and Sayed Kamaluddin is the editor. The headquarters of this newspaper are located at 30, Tejgoan Industrial Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It was a very reputable and well-known newspaper during Pakistan’s rule. However, it was illegal in Bangladesh after independence in 1975. They resumed their new voyage in the 1990s.

Dhaka Courier (often known as Courier) is one of Bangladesh’s most reputable and extensively used Daily English newsletters. The newsletter began its journey in 1984. Cosmos Group is the owner of this English magazine. Anatullah Khan is the original executor. Shayah S Khan is the current editor-in-chief of this publication.

Since its inception, the Dhaka Courier has been a very popular English Current Affairs Magazine in Bangladesh. In their magazine, they typically include pieces on global affairs, politics, travel, economics, literature, society, and the arts.

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