Post-Pandemic Business Planning in Bangladesh – COVID 19

The economy of the world is on the verge of demolition because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many people lost their jobs. The lower and the middle-class people of our country are affected most by this issue. We are suffering or will soon suffer from the food crisis, liquidity crisis, unemployment, transportation problems, remittance shortage, cutting down of salaries, the shutdown of industries or small companies, and many more. And what is coming after the pandemic is beyond our imagination?

So we should get ready to face the situation and start ahead planning from this very moment. Here we are suggesting some business ideas that are still surviving and are most likely to stand out after the Pandemic situation also.

    Agro Business

    People need food to survive. And Bangladesh has primarily an agrarian economy. No matter what happens, the demand for food can never be lessened. So meeting the food demand has always been the key objective. We can see nowadays many organic food companies are starting because people are getting more self-conscious and trying to be as healthy as possible. Some agro-business ideas which may be highly demanded after the pandemic are:

    • Vermicomposting Organic Fertilizer Production
    • Fertilizer Distribution Business
    • Poultry Farming
    • BeeKeeping Business
    • Fish Farming
    • Basket Weaving
    • Dried Flower Business
    • Dairy Farming
    • Fruits and Vegetable Farming
    • Seed supply business
    • Agriculture business

    Medicine Shops

    The people of Bangladesh are like born doctors. And the only medicine they can think of is paracetamol. Feeling a headache? Paracetamol is the answer. Stomach ache? Arthritis pain? Fever? Toothache? No problem, we have paracetamol and many more common medicines are taken without the consultation of doctors. It maybe is funny to hear, but this is the true scenario.

    As a result later in their life their health deteriorates and they need to visit the doctors often. So medicine shops are evergreen in Bangladesh.

    But to run a pharmacy business there are some obligations that must be followed. First of all, you will have to have permission from the Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. And then you will also have to obtain a drug license.

    E-commerce Site

    The E-commerce site is on the rise nowadays. It’s getting popular day by day. Only a year ago we only knew about some e-commerce sites like Wish, Aliexpress, etc. which were not available for the sellers of our country and it needs a lot of time to get products from these e-commerce sites.

    Study shows that retail e-commerce is growing at 72% a month. At present more than 35,000 individuals and above 25,000 small and medium enterprises are a part of e-commerce. There are many Bangladeshi e-commerce sites like,,, etc. where many small sellers are getting the opportunity for selling their products and the buyers can also get their desired products within a short time. And in the future, it is estimated that the demand for e-commerce sites will skyrocket.

    Handicraft Business

    In this lockdown situation, we are seeing many people who are trying to run a business sitting at home producing handmade crafts. Though it will be impossible to grow big once this lockdown is over but with proper strategy and proper market analysis it will be possible. Handcraft shops like Aarong, Jatra is doing a monopoly for a long time since the demand for handmade things is always high. It is possible to raise the demand for deshi handmade things and change the economy.

    According to the Bangladesh Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporters Association- BANGLACRAFT, during the fiscal year 2017-18 BANGLACRAFT’s members exported 93203603.25 US dollar handicraft goods from Bangladesh. It is good news for the people who are interested in the handicraft business and can also source out these products without much difficulty.


    Freelancers and freelancing can open a new door to you. Skills like writing articles, graphic designs, video editing, graphics design, data entry, website design, website development, copywriting, etc get huge demand in the freelancing websites. There are many popular websites where freelancers can get jobs according to their skills. Among them, the most famous websites are,,, and many more.

    Freelancers can earn a huge amount of money according to their skills. But it requires a lot of your time so if you are willing to build your career in freelancing prepare yourself first for the challenge.

    Travelling Agency

    Bangladesh is a country full of natural beauty. We have read or heard this many times but if you have only visited the places yourself, you will understand that this saying is not a lie. Even the simple village is too pretty to look at. Even the largest sea beach, Cox’s Bazar sea beach is situated in Bangladesh. Other tourist zones like Saint Martin, Bandarban, Sajek, Sylhet tea gardens, etc. are also very attractive and visited by tourists all over the world.

    Besides a huge number of people want to travel to different countries and most of them rely on travel agencies to avoid any complications while traveling abroad.

    So if you are ready for adventure and willing to make it your career and travel at the same time you can start your own traveling agency.

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