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How to Start Your Own Event Management Company?

June 23, 2020 No Comments 7 Min Read
event management company

Events and occasions, we simply cannot bypass them as they touch almost all aspects of our social existence. Like during academic years – there are school events (annual day functions, inter & intra-school contests, sports day celebrations) followed by college & university level festivals.

In the sphere of work, we see there are annual general meetings, exhibitions, marketing, campaigns, conferences, product launches & brand development activities. Other events like the fashion show cultural programs, talent hunt show, etc which play an important role in our life.


Event management is a multifaceted activity. Major constituents of this profile include creativity, meticulous planning, relationship management, advertising, marketing & much more. The very basic qualification to get into the realm of event management is to be a graduate in any discipline.

There is Event Management Post-Graduate Certificate program which provides comprehensive training, builds professional competencies and develops project management techniques for a multi-faceted event industry.

Skills You Will Need at Event Management

  • Public relations: To manage clients you need to have good communication skills with public relation management capabilities.
  • Creativity: From the germ of the concept to manage an occasion to its final delivery event management requires creativity.
  • Marketing skills: To sell your idea to your clients and in order to make their events more memorable marketing skills is a must.
  • Analytical ability: You must have the knack to solve all sorts of problems & even have to deal with unforeseen issues handling an event.
  • Organizational skills: You have to plan carefully for each task and organize them for self & for the entire team.
  • Networking skills: To communicate with the people & subordinates you have to expand your personal networking and keep consistency.
  • Management skills: Ability to manage subordinates, clients, time, budgeting risks, situation, stress & so on is the most crucial part.

Wanna make Your Career in it, ThenStart Early

You can start off in this direction by organizing school & college events such as quiz contests, cultural fests, annual day functions or sports events. In university, different types of festival occur regularly. You can start by participating in those event management team.


Where to start as an event planner?

  • Start by, developing some innovative ideas.
  • Configure your customers & their needs.
  • Make sure delivering events on time & within budgets.
  • Always ensuring on-time bookings & supplies.
  • Communicating, maintaining & developing your client relationships.
  • Carefully Manage your supplier relationships.
  • Use a Good Marketing Strategy for the events.
  • Leading your teams like brothers.
  • Must Ensure excellent customer service & quality.

    Some Knowledge required to do the above,

    • A little bit knowledge of organizing events like birthday, school functions etc.
    • Creativity & knowledge of major types of events is required for the planning of different events.
    • You can also start by making the database of various events where different kinds of facilities are available.
    • Also, make a list of all people who provide services for events organized in open areas. For example, a list of food & utensils on rent & food supplier etc.

    Where will Your Investment Go?

    • Moderate investment is required to start this business.
    • Normally taking an advance amount of the event planning but sometimes you have to spend money from your own pocket. n the end you are paid for every expense that you make for event & it involves mostly profit.
    • You have to check for AV (Audio Video Equipment)You can buy your own or take them on rent.
    • You can start this business from your own home or take an office on rent or purchase.
    • If you want to organize bigger events like luxury marriages, film launch parties or official parties, you will have to arrange for a big space.

      You Event Management Business Utilities

      • You can earn very handsomely by starting this business from your home or office.
      • In the beginning, you have to decide the category of events that you can plan the best.
      • It is better to start from a small like birthday party as a small function because you will be solely responsible for any mishap.
      • After some experience, you can start taking big events.

      Contributor: Marjuk Rashid (2017) | Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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